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Internal Funds Awarded 2019

Awarded to ILWS Members and Adjuncts 2019

ILWS Honours Scholarships

ILWS is now supporting honours students who are supervised by ILWS members and conducting research projects that align with ILWS’s research themes. Eight ILWS-funded scholarships of $3000 stipend and up to $3000 operating were awarded to students conducting their research in 2019.

These students are:




Chi Wei Pulsed resource availability and avian responses in arid Australia Prof Dave Watson, SES
Georgina Gould-Hardwick

Parasitic plants as facilitators: the influence of Exocarpos aphyllus on insectivorous prey availability

Prof Dave Watson, SES 
Kristen Mallinson

Comparison of control techniques for the exotic plant Opuntia aurantiaca in a grassy woodland

Dr Jodi Price, SES
Leiann Vicars Pathways in and pathways out of criminality; an examination into a rural Indigenous community Philip Birch, Centre for Law and Justice
Matthew Kovacevic

Climate Refuge Index of the Murray Darling Basin produced from a 1x1 metre spatial resolution

A/Prof Andrew Hall, SES
Olive Lockett

A Place For Us’: Developing a Holistic Framework for Organising LGBTQI+ Pride Events in Rural Areas

Dr Clifford Lewis, SMM
Rebecca Finis

Spatial variability in observed changes in temporal climate variability

A/Prof Andrew Hall, SES
Thomas Munro

Effectiveness of seed enhancement technologies to protect seedlings from the effects of post-emergence herbicide

Dr Jodi Price, SES

Team Support Round 1

For team-based and integrated research activities


Additional staff


Awarded funds

Geoff Heard Skye Wassens, David Watson, Maggie Watson, 3 external collaborators Develop an ARC Linkage Grant 'An ark across the Tasman: using next generation sequencing to identify relic genetic diversity of threatened Australian frogs in New Zealand’ $10,000
Lalantha Serevirathna Max Finlayson, Andrea Goncher, Reza Mahinroosta, Miao Li Develop a project proposal for safe drinking water access for rural communities in Cambodia $12,000
Branka Krivokapic-Skoko John Hicks, Yapa Bandara. 4 external collaborators Research team building and collaboration CSU and Central Queensland Uni for project grant development $9496
Rosy Black Rachel Whitsed, Alex Knight, Ana Horta, Illena Young Host a workshop to develop funding application and write a paper on improving planning around age-friendly cities in North East Victoria. $6940
Dona Bridges Branka Krivokapic-Skoko, Larissa Bamberry Development of funding application for The embodiment and use of resilience by women in male-dominated occupations in trade industries.  $9152
Jen Bond Max Finlayson, Lee Baumgartner, Michael Vanderzee, John Conallin, 3 external (NAPREC) One journal article and workshop report $3080
Maggie Watson James Van Dyke, Shane Raidal, 1 external Thinking Outside the Nest Box—Conditioning Sugar Gliders to Leave Swift Parrot Eggs Off the Menu.   Travel $7400
Maggie Watson Peter Andrews, Shane Raidal, 1 external Thinking Outside the Picnic Box—Conditioning Dingoes to Leave Campsite Food Off the Menu. Travel $4200



Team Support Round 2

For team-based and integrated research activities


Additional staff


Awarded funds

Manohar Pawar Max Finlayson, Dominic O'Sullivan, Rosemary Black, Wesley Ward, Helen Masterman-Smith,
Richard Culas, Andrew Manning, Edward Maher, Ndungi Mungai,
2 day workshop researching the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals based on the Senate Inquiry report in the SDGs and its main recommendations. A joined authored review article will be an outcome of the workshop. $10,000
Lee Baumgartner Dale Nimmo, Maggie Watson, Katie Doyle, John Conallin, Jamie Turner, Vu Vi An, Dwi Atminarso, Jason Thiem, Craig Boys, Develop and host a week long series of networking and introductory activities including a 2 day research development workshop with South African Researchers from the University of Mpumalanga (UMP) and South African National Parks. Outcome to include 2 global perspective papers. $15,000
Peter Waterman Mark Morrison, Max Finlayson, David James, Kate Charters ILWS-SEGRA-Murray Darling Basin Research Forum Planning Workshop. $11,500
John Conallin Rob McInnes, Rebecca Tharme

Formalising a Greater Mekong partnership approach to increase collaboration for ILWS researchers on environmental flows.   To scope potential joint research projects with international partners and develop a theory of change for environmental flow institutionalisation and implementation in Myanmar

Nick Davidson Max Finlayson, Anne van Dam, Rob McInnes, Michael McCain, Gretchen Gettel, Rudolf de Groot, IHE postgraduate students

Wetland Management review and writing workshop to support implementation of the work of the IHE Professor of Wetland Wise Use through identification and review of key issues for attention to enhance support for the delivery of wetland wise use sensu the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

The 2019 workshop is designed to follow-up and build upon on issues identified in the successful October 2018 ILWS-funded writing workshop hosted by IHE, Delft, and identify further assessment issues. Outputs to include a number of journal papers.

Maree Bernoth Max Finlayson, Bridget Honan, Rodney Pope, Amander Miller Ambeber, Sneznana Stolic

Safe and secure domestic water outside rural townships. How is this achieved and what is the impact on older community members of insecure and unpredictable water access?  Team meetings to develop and prepare a report to SEGRA, 2019, review opportunities for grant applications and submit an abstract for the Australian Association of Gerontology national conference in November

Michael Mitchell Catherine Allen, Max Finlayson, Rik Thwaites, Jen Bond, Jay Punthakey

Workshop to explore framings for transdisciplinary research in complex contexts, in association with the visit of ACIAR project team members from Pakistan.

Luiz Silva Katie Doyle Unravelling the effects of wildfire on freshwater ecosystems in Australia and its impacts on social-environmental components. Develop workshop to establish multidisciplinary group, participate in symposium. $14,600
Branka Krivokapic-Skoko Donna Bridges, Larrissa Bamberry, Stacey Jenkins, Elizabeth Wulff

Publish a 15 page A4 colour booklet showcasing the industry consultations we carried out for our project Women in Regional Trades: Understanding Resilience

Wes Ward Jen Bond, Michael Vanderzee, Max Finlayson

Expand collaboration between ILWS and various NRM organisations operating in southern Australia, the North East Catchment Management Authority (NECMA) and the National Agricultural Production and Reconciliation Ecology Centre (NAPREC).

Total   $102,742

Member Support


Additional staff


Awarded funds

Anna Horta   Training Course in QGIS $600
Andrew Peters   Facilitating the establishment of The Australian Wildlife Health Institute, travel to attend workshop $1,500
Jehangir F Punthakey Michael Mitchell, Richard Culas, Max Finlayson, Catherine Allan Budget Support to develop a research project for Improving Groundwater and Salinity Management in Coastal Ecosystems of Northern Sri Lanka $9,000
Dale Nimmo   Engage Dr Joanna Potts, who is a world-expert in SECR on one of our datasets. $5,000
Gaye Bourke   Equipment purchase- Outboard motor for ILWS Punt $2,339
Lee Baumgartner Jarrod McPherson Project team member support $9,027
Melanie Massaro Hem Sagar Baral (Adjunct ILWS member, Head of the Nepal Branch of the Zoological Society London), and Rishi Barial, future
PhD student, who recently applied for an International Scholarship at CSU)
The aim of this project is to establish links to Nepalese conservation organisations in order to conduct biodiversity conservation related research in the future. $1,320
Mark Morrison Professor Kevin Boyle Writing journal articles, grant application writing for Soils CRC project and presentation of a seminar by Prof Boyle. $4,398
Richard McLellan   Equipment, FLIR One Pro thermal imaging device $600
Skye Wassens   Remote area first aid training $4,500
Michael Mitchell Catherine Allan Three day ‘turning activities and reports into quality journal papers’ writing workshop. $6,000
Katie Doyle   4WD safety training course  $2,000
Max Finlayson Nick Davidson, Workshop on State of world wetlands, travel costs to bring experts to Australia $15,000



Individual Support


Activity Type

Awarded funds

Philip Birch Travel $2000
Michael Mehmet Travel $2000
John Rafferty Travel $1822
Jamie Turner Equipment $1942
Lala Senevirathna Travel $2000
Angela Ragusa Travel $2000
Andrea Crampton Travel $2000
Kevin Parton Equipment $1000
Peter Spooner Travel  $1270
Dave Watson Travel $2900
Rui Bi Travel $1200
Manohar Pawar Travel $2000
Lihong Zheng Travel $1600
Branka Krivokapic-Skoko Travel $745
Andrew Peters Travel $2000
Dominic O'Sullivan Travel $2000
Jodi Price Travel $1835
Paul Humphries Travel $1278
Richard Culas Travel $2000
Maggie Watson Travel $2000
Russell Roberts Travel $2000
Oliver Burmeister Travel $2000
Dale Nimmo Travel $2000
Total   $38,692