ILWS - Charles Sturt University
ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Internal Funds Awarded 2021

Awarded to ILWS Members and Adjuncts 2021

ILWS Honours Scholarships

ILWS supports honours students who are supervised by ILWS members and conducting research projects that align with ILWS’s research themes. In 2021 ILWS-funded scholarships of $3000 stipend have been awarded to a total of 11 students, with nine students provided with additional operating funds totally $22,764.

These students are:

Andrew Atkinson Examining the effectiveness of CCTV applications: A systematic review Dr Ruth Delaforce, Centre for Law and Justice

Pat Wheatley

From hate speech to violent extremism: A systematic review of the escalation of hate crime

A/Prof Philip Birch, Centre for Law and Justice

James Wheatley

Sustainability & Resilience: The Value of Strong Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) during the COVID-19 Pandemic for Australian Listed Companies

Dr Alfred Wong, School of Accounting and Finance

Amy Targett

An analysis of the effectiveness of methods utilised by local councils to reduce the impact of conflict between humans and Flying Foxes

Dr Alex Knight, School of Environmental Science

Chloe-Anne Baker

Changes in mangrove age structure & recruitment in South West Rocks NSW

Dr Alex Knight, School of Environmental Science

Murray Cheers

Ecological influence of parasitic plants in the arid zone

Prof David Watson, School of Environmental Science
Amy Tipton Prevalence of avian malaria in Australian Columbiformes A/Prof Melanie Massaro
Nicki Duncan Fish-friendly or fraught: perceptions of fish passage infrastructure investment in Cambodia Dr Jen Bond
Nick Lloyd Recovery of (sub) alpine sphagnum bogs post-fire Dr Jodi Price
Teresa Cochrane Establishment of Eucalyptus plantation for Koala food supply: tree planting methods and seedling nutritional analyses A/Prof Peter Spooner
Talia Schlen Guiding water delivery outcomes for a threatened wetland-dependent snake in Eastern Australia Dr Damian Michael

Category A: Member research time support

To date a total of 332.5 additional research hours has been provided to three members.

Larissa Bamberry
Raf Freire
Jodi  Price

Category B: Team research support and development

So far this year funding support has been provided to four activities

Researchers Proposed activity
Jennifer Bond, Dominic O'Sullivan Social Sciences Week, September 6 to 12
Jennifer Bond, Melanie Massaro Conduct meetings on Lord Howe Island. The meeting between CSU researchers and the LHI Board will further the relationship between Dr Massaro and LHI stakeholders, while introducing Dr Bond to these stakeholders.

Meetings on Lord Howe Island

Jessica Tout-Lyon, Scott McManus, Jessica Lee,  Alex Knight,  Elise Furlan, Nicole McCasker,  Paul Humphries Purchase one eDNA sampler.  To develop eDNA research among Early Career ILWS Researchers at Port Macquarie and facilitate cross-campus and external collaborations with industry, communities, local government, and other universities.
Donna Bridges The ARC Linkage grant proposal seeks to extend on the current project.  We propose a high impact project to increase the participation and success of women in the skilled trades in regional and metropolitan NSW.

Category C:  Professional development, conference attendance and training

So far this year eight members have received funding in this category.

Researcher Proposed Activity
Belinda Cash Attend Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) Conference - Queensland, November 9-12
Jodie Kleinschafer NVivo training
Alex Knight Conference registration for 2021 International Association - Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) virtual conference; and 2021 Australian Historical Association Conference
Jan Li Conference attendance
Melanie Massaro 3rd World Seabird Conference registration
Jodi Price Annual conference of the Ecological Society of Australia - Darwin
Jessica Tout-Lyon Training program and travel costs
Liz Znidersic Travel to sites (Bittern in Rice project) and Charles Darwin University