ILWS - Charles Sturt University
ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Membership Information

Membership of ILWS is open to Charles Sturt's research active researchers.  Members must conduct their activities in line with Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact  Kris Gibbs x 19992

Application Process

  1. Read the Membership Policy to check your eligibility and ensure you are familiar with the application, the review process and the conditions of membership.
  2. Complete the application form HDR Student membership application form
  3. Include your C.V. and any relevant supporting documentation with your application and send to Kris Gibbs

The categories of membership.

  • Full Member - Tier Two Research Active and meet the membership criteria
  • Associate Member - Tier One Research Active and meet the membership criteria
  • Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student Member - meet the membership criteria
  • Adjunct Researchers - whose specific areas of expertise and research interest enhance ILWS's diverse research capacity. These researchers, who may be based at other universities, institutions and government agencies, are well respected in areas congruent with ILWS's aim, and are either involved, or have the potential to be involved, in ILWS managed research projects. Please contact Kris Gibbs for more information x 19992
Benefit Full Member Associate Member Student Member Adjunct Researcher
Administrative support for grant applications and project management tick  tick 


Promotion to external stakeholders* tick  tick  tick  tick 
Access to the benefits of collaboration** tick  tick  tick  tick 
Category A Support: Member research timetick     
Category B Support: Team research and developmenttick  tick   


Category C Support: Professional Development, conference attendance and trainingtick     
Associate member support scheme 


Leverage support


Open access publication support




Office space (subject to availability)    tick 

* Centre website, Quarterly newsletter (Connections), media releases, social media promotion, Project factsheets, internal updates (e.g. emails, Centre meetings)

** Shared facilities, enhanced reputation, strong international links, improved access to information and infrastructure, team membership and capacity building, training and professional development

Dual Research Centre Membership

Exceptional researchers whose research spans the themes of more than one research centre may hold full membership status within ILWS in addition to full membership status of a second research centre. Cases for dual membership will be assessed and determined by the Director.

Enquiries, Decisions and Review of Membership

Membership enquiries are welcome. Please email Decisions about membership will be made by the Director, based on Research Master data and advice from the Management Team and Executive Deans, and/or additional material in special cases. Institute membership will be reviewed every two years. To maintain full membership, researchers must continue to meet the minimum research activity criteria and have met expectations of membership. HDR Student membership continues until the student has graduated or has left the University

For membership enquiries email

ILWS membership process