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Issue 63 2021

Connections Issue 63In this final issue of Connections, there are reflections from members looking back at ILWS’s achievements across the last 15 years of operations. The culmination of all this research quantum and impact is reflected in our final year, which was the busiest year of all. In 2021, 241 journal articles, 5 books, 36 book chapters, 33 commissioned reports, and 52 conference papers were published by ILWS members; we had 59 on-going externally funded projects, supervised 43 HDR students, undertook 65 engagement activities, issued 60 media releases and opinions; we had over 650 media hits, and over 230,000 reads of ILWS-authored articles in The Conversation. In 2021, ILWS secured $12.5M funding for 25 new projects, including $2.3M ACIAR funded Adapting to salinity in the Southern Indus Basin led by Dr Michael Mitchell, and $3.6M Regional Research Collaboration, Next Generation Water Engineering and River Management Hub, led by Professor Lee Baumgartner.

This issue includes highlights on each research theme, it updates current and completed projects... as well as the usual information on members' engagement activities, research projects, publications, adjunct news, and research impacts/influence, it also includes reflections from members, highlights from our events and a summary about our HDR graduates over the years.

Issue 62 2021

Connections issue 62There’s certainly been lots happening Institute-wise as reflected in this latest issue of the Institute’s quarterly newsletter “Connections.”

Funding has been secured for 11 new projects including two projects where our ecologists will be reviewing the status of a lot of reptiles and frogs that were impacted by the bushfires as well as “just announced” $3.6 million funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Research Collaboration program for the Next Generation Water Engineering and River Management Hub. The new hub will be led by Professor Lee Baumgartner and include staff from the School of Indigenous Australian Studies and water engineers from the School of Computing, Mathematics and Engineering.

Our “In Focus” section highlights some of the completed projects, project updates, research activities and High Impact outputs under our four thematic research areas. As well this issue Associate Professor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko, leader of the Institute’s ‘society’ strategic research theme, writes about her favourite places in Australia and, in his Director’s Report, Associate Professor Andrew Hall, a spatial scientist interested in climate change and variability, comments on the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and how our members are drawing attention to the impacts of global heating.  We also look at our researchers’ impact and influence, and how they engage with the community, stakeholders and the media.  Plus Members’ News, Adjunct News, Post-graduate News and more!

Issue 61 June 2021

Cover In this issue of Connections, ILWS Director Associate Professor Andrew Hall, provides us with an informative director’s piece regarding the importance of communications as a record of ILWS research activity, impact, and engagement, as part of our accreditation as a university research center. "Impact of this record keeping can be seen through the university’s performance in the Times Higher Education impact rankings, which are based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We ranked in the top 10% of 1100 universities in the world for Climate Action, and in the top 25% for both Life on the Land and Life Below Water in the  most recent (2021) assessment round."

This issue also marks a change in direction for Connections, with a greater emphasis being placed on significant ILWS research outcomes, based on our refereed journal publications and major project reports. This enables us to highlight our impact, for an audience comprised mostly of academics and professional practitioners. Check out the new High Impact focus icon within the newsletter for recent significant research outcomes by ILWS researchers.

We also report several new and completed ILWS projects, as well as providing updates on some current projects. This includes feature articles on the plight of the Australian Sandalwood, and the role of floodplain carbon in Koondrook-Perricoota Forest. In addition, there is a great opinion piece from Dr Donna Bridges discussing what is required to attract and retain women in the skilled trades occupations. We also take the opportunity to profile Dr Nicole McCasker as a new addition to the ILWS leadership team, and welcome several new members to the institute.

Issue 60 February 2021

Connections Issue 60 February 2021This Issue of Connections is its 60th…..quite a milestone!

As Acting Institute Director Associate Professor Andrew Hall says in his Director’s Report “These newsletters are a remarkable record of ILWS activity spanning the last 15 years.” He comments on how the Institute has evolved over time, and concludes with “The volume of work and research impact we now see being conducted by ILWS researchers, utilising multidisciplinary approaches across social and environmental science, has clearly realised the aspirations expressed by the early directors of ILWS.”

This Issue of Connections once again demonstrates our diverse mix of research undertaken by our members with details and stories about our new projects including evaluations of new health programs and ecological monitoring projects; project updates; and a great “Completed Projects” story about an implementation research study exploring the facilitators and barriers to the use of an online treatment program for isolated women experiencing Postnatal Depression and Anxiety (PNDA).

The newsletter also includes two examples of “Research Impacts”, namely the CSU-led national initiative known as Equally Well, and one of the many outcomes of the work being undertaken by members of our Fish Passage project in Lao PDR and Myanmar – the design criteria and concept design for a new fishway to be built in Laos. As project leader Professor Lee Baumgartner says: “The project is an excellent example of proof of concept research proceeding to practical on-ground solutions which are supported by national governments, donors and lending banks.”

The newsletter is a great way of finding out more about our members. This Issue we profile criminologist Associate Professor Philip Birch who is based at Port Macquarie; our new post-doc Dr Chris Jolly, an ecologist who is currently working with Associate Professor Dale Nimmo on a project estimating wildlife mortality during the 2019-20 bushfires; welcome our new members and “farewell” Associate Professor Rosy Black” with a feature story reflecting on her time and work with CSU. As usual the newsletter also includes details of member’s engagement activities; publications; news from our adjuncts – check out Professor Royal Gardner’s Opinion Piece-  “Reversing Trump’s Clean Water Act Policies” - and a report on the Institute’s first-ever virtual conference “Research for a Changing World.”


Issue 59 November 2020

Connections Issue 59This issue we introduce the Institute’s new strategic research leaders for each of its pillars, land, water, and society - Associate Professor Dale Nimmo for “Land”; Professor Lee Baumgartner for “Water” and Associate Professor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko for “Society.” It also includes lots of reports on our research projects including new projects, project updates and completed projects. Exciting new projects include a project estimating wildlife mortality during the 2019-20 bushfire season; a project to revisit Mannus Creek near Tumbarumba, NSW, to check out the impact of the fires on its population of the endangered Macquarie perch; and a new study (funded by a philanthropic donation) on cryptic wetland birds. There’s also updates on research projects related to the large environmental water monitoring programs- the MER-Murrumbidgee and the MER- Edward/Kolety-Wakool projects; on a study on the impacts of feral ungulates on waterholes in the remote Limmen National Park in the Northern Territory; and a large-scale conservation project underway on Lord Howe Island. There’s also stories on outcomes from some of our completed projects including the ARC Discovery project Virtuous Practitioners: Empowering Social Workers, led by Professor Manohar Pawar; and a project funded by the Ian Potter Foundation which has developed nation-wide guidelines for the implementation of fish screens for water diversions. As well the newsletter includes all our regular items such as our members' engagement activities, adjunct news, post-graduate news and publications which includes three new books. COVID-19 certainly hasn’t slowed down our activity!

Issue 58 August 2020

Connections Issue 58COVID-19 has impacted the world but it certainly hasn’t slowed ILWS researchers down as they come up with innovative and alternative ways to continue their research and engage with their stakeholders.

This issue of Connections demonstrates just that. It includes a list of grants for new projects and updates on current projects, including the two large Monitoring, Evaluation and Research projects for the Edward/Kolety-Wakool, and the Murrumbidgee River systems; projects in Laos; and the Pakistan groundwater project which had a very successful on-line launch of new mobile Apps. for use by the project’s farming stakeholders.

Nearly all members’ engagement activities have been on-line. Examples include a webinar “From the ashes: Australia Re-imaged”; the launch of a free on-line course on Understanding Ageing; a one-day on-line workshop on frog and reptile responses the environmental water management; a 24 hour Global Swimways Webinar Marathon; and the RiverDialgoue :Rivers on Fire Forum.

Two reports which ILWS members co-authored - Professor Lee Baumgartner (Living Planet Index for Migratory Fish, and Associate Professor Dale Nimmo (Interim Report on Australia’s 2019-2020 Bushfires: The Wildlife Toll) gained plenty of media attention, including internationally.

As well four of our PhD students share their experiences of doing a PhD during COVID-19; we profile Indigenous health researcher Associate Professor Faye McMillan, and wildlife health scientist Associate Professor Andrew Peters; there is lots of news from our Adjuncts; and Dr Ana Horta shares her experience of being “stuck” in Portugal because of COVID-19.

Issue 57 May 2020

Connections Issue 57We might all be working from home and doing things a bit differently at the moment because of COVID-19, but that hasn’t stopped ILWS and its researchers from continuing to be productive and engaging with our stakeholders. This issue of the newsletter contains details of research activities and workshops (such as the two day MOTA [Motivation and Ability] framework development workshop in Albury) held before the restrictions were put in place as well as accounts of how our researchers have continued to engage with the community, for example, a one hour webinar on exploring the impacts of social distancing on older adults, presented by Dr Belinda Cash, had an audience of more than 860 people!

Other content includes a Combined Opinion Piece by members on the effect of COVID-19 and how we can respond; updates on current and completed projects; details of our (yet again) extensive media engagement over the last few months; a profile piece on Associate Professor Raf Freire; lots of Members’ News particularly ‘Welcomes and Farewells’, including a tribute to Dr Julia Howitt who passed away in April; and our post-graduate news which introduces this year’s new PhD students. Plenty to read…and good way of staying connected.

Issue 56 February 2020

Issue 56 February 2020The end of 2019 was very busy with the Institute hosting a number of workshops for different groups of international visitors including five visitors from South Africa from the University of Mpumalanga and South Africa National Parks; visitors from Pakistan who are partners in the Pakistan groundwater project; and a team of international wetland experts. We also hosted two German visitors for a couple of weeks under the Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme.  Reports on the visitors and interviews with some of the visitors are included in this issue. And then, Australia experienced devastating bushfires this summer, the impacts of which will be felt for a long time to come. Our researchers have brought their expertise to addressing some of the issues created by the bushfires including the impact on wildlife, and in particular threatened species, and on our waterways. Associate Professor Dale Nimmo has been appointed to the Federal Government’s expert panel on wildlife and threatened species bushfire recovery. Dale and others have also been vocal in the media also with a series of Opinion Pieces published in on-line news services like The Conversation as well as with numerous responses to media requests. Read more about all of this, as well as a combined opinion piece from members across our disciplines on their recommendations around the bushfires, this issue.  There are also reports on new projects, project updates, a profile piece on Dr Lalantha Senevirathna from CSU Engineering….and lots, lots more.


Issue 55 October 2019

Connections - Issue 55 October 2019The Iist of new Institute projects featured in this issue of Connections is a good indicator of the diversity of our research projects with each of our research themes represented.

Under our Biodiversity Conservation theme there are three new projects, including one whose main objective is to increase the use of pump screens by irrigators and water businesses. Under the Environmental Water theme, the big news for the Institute is that our researchers have secured funding from the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) for two new major, three year projects, which will see them to continue and extend their research on environmental water in the Edward/Kolety-Wakool, and Murrumbidgee river systems.

There are also two new projects which are examining the effects of environmental water delivered to the River Murray system this spring. Under the Sustainable Development (International) theme the Assessing fisheries mitigation measures at Xayaburi Dam in Lao PDR, has gone from the pilot phase to the implementation phase with funding secured for another three years, and there is a new two year Australian Water Partnership/UN Food and Agriculture project looking at modernising irrigation agriculture for environmental benefits in South East Asia. Under the Rural and Regional Communities theme there is a new CRC for High Performance Soils project underway which is focussing on identifying financial incentives to reward good soil stewardship. And that’s just for starters.

Institute Adjunct Professor John Williams' Opinion Piece calls for an independent audit of the Murray-Darling Basin. We also “farewell” Professor Max Finlayson who has retired from his position as Institute Director but will remain an Institute Adjunct.  Read about other projects, our many engagement activities including hosting visitors from Pakistan and the US, Social Science week and lots, lots more

Issue 54 July 2019

Connections Newsletter 54This issue we welcome some of our newer members (with profile stories on ecologist Dr Adam Frew and social researcher Dr Belinda Cash), adjuncts including the CSIRO Land and Water’s Managing Water Ecosystems group who have relocated to the University’s Albury-Wodonga campus at Thurgoona, and the two post-graduate students who are the 2019 recipients of ILWS scholarships, Richard McLellan and Liam Grimmett. There is also details about our new projects; an update on a project looking at the effects of the Lord Howe Island rodent eradication program on the threatened Lord Howe currawong; and the results and findings from some of our completed projects. As usual, it includes details of our members’ engagement activities at the regional, national and international levels, showing just how busy members have been in this space. This issue’s Opinion Piece “Reflections from the keyboard”, written by Dr Wes Ward who has retired from his position as CSU media officer, looks back at the last 25 years…

Issue 53 February 2019

Connections Issue 53 February 2019The first issue of the Institute's newsletter Connections for 2019. As well as all our regular items such as details of new projects, completed projects, engagement activities and awards & appointments and other Institute news, this issue contains a special 16 page insert on the Fish Passage 2018 conference which the Institute co-hosted in December last year. This international conference, which attracted 359 delegates from over 30 countries, was held in Albury and was hailed a resounding success. The insert contains an overview of the conference as well as interviews with just some of the many speakers and partners with whom the Institute has connections. We also welcome Dr Damian Michael who has joined the LTIM Murrumbidgee project team and made an exciting discovery on his first field trip out. Also check out the In the News section where we capture members' media responses to news of the fish deaths in the Darling River earlier this year and Dr Jonathon Howard's Opinion piece on what is happening to our environment.


Issue 52 November 2018

Connections Issue 52 November 2018Highlights in this issue would have to be an updates on a number of projects including a new project in Laos where ILWS researchers are partnering with the Xayaburi Power Company Ltd who are building a multi-billion hydro-power plant on the Lower Mekong River; a project looking at how a connection of the Murrumbidgee River with its floodplain influences food resources for native and invasive fish (after a delivery of environmental water to Tala and Yanga Lakes in September); and the start of a project that will inform the development of more sustainable management practices of Australia’s endemic sandalwoods. And, as a way of learning more about our members and their diverse research interests, check out the profile stories this issue as well as the record of engagement activities of our members at the regional, national and international level.

Issue 51 August 2018

Issue 51 August 2018This latest issue of Connections once again shows the diversity of our members, the wide range of their research projects, some of the many ways they engage at the regional, national and international level and just generally what’s been happening across the Institute. The list of our new projects is impressive and is  good mix of ecological, social and economic research. And, for those who have ever been to Kakadu National Park, the Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson’s reflections and connections to the park will bring back memories. We also welcome all our many new HDR students and profile four of our members.

Issue 50 May 2018

Issue 50 May 2018This issue of the Institute’s newsletter introduces members Dr James Van Dyke, Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan, Adjunct member Jorge Ramos, our new post-graduate students and has a profile story on Dr Rik Thwaites, who has retired.  As well find out about continuing research work with Snowy Hydro Ltd related to Snowy 2.0; updates on various projects including one where our researchers are working with Indigenous groups; and the discovery of eel-tailed catfish larvae in the Edward-Wakool River System. Plus members’ engagement activities at the regional, national and international levels and a full report on the ILWS book launch held in February.

This issue also happens to be the 50th issue of Connections!

Issue 49 February 2018

Issue 49 February 2018This issue, more than ever, shows the diversity of our members and their research work. There are profile stories on some of our newer members such as Associate Professor Maree Bernoth, who describes herself as a “Researcher of Ageing” (check out her Opinion Piece on Ageing – who cares?) As well there are stories on what are  Adjunct members are doing such as Professor Jay Punthakey, a key member of the ILWS team working on the groundwater and salinity projects in Pakistan. Add to that photographs from last year’s PhD graduations; new projects and project updates; our regional, national and international engagement activities; recent publications…..and from our previous Associate Director Associate Professor Catherine Allan a reflection on the Institute itself.


Issue 48 November 2017

Connections 48The 48th issue of Connections is full to the brim with lots of news. It includes details of our newest projects, updates on current projects,  our members' many and varied engagement activities at the regional, national and international levels, an Opinion Piece by Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan on "Closing the Gap" reforms, a Profile Piece on Associate Professor Susan Mlcek from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Awards & Appointments, news from our postgraduates and publications.

Issue 47 July 2017

Connections 47This edition includes information on how Institute members engage at the regional, national and international scales with details about various activities such as events, presentations, workshops and community engagement that Institute members have been involved in over the past four months. There's also a new section on Research Impacts as well as updates on new, current, and completed projects; publications; postgraduates; and articles looking at the contributions of Professor Gary Luck and Professor John Blackwell.

Issue 46 February 2017

Connections 46Our researchers have certainly been active on the international scene of late with major projects underway in Pakistan, Bhutan and Laos. This issue contains updates on these projects as well as information about some of our new projects including a shark study, optimal designs for growing cities to conserve biodiversity, and a  three-year ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award ($372,000)  for Dr Dale Nimmo which will see him looking at Indigenous burning regimes and the effects on biodiversity. There is also a report on a Biocultural Knowledge workshop that the Institute held towards the end of last year, lots and lots of news from our Adjuncts, an Opinion Piece by new PhD graduate Dr Wes Ward on communication and international research teams, congratulations to all our PhDs who graduated last year and other PhD news.


Issue 45 November 2016

Connections 45This edition of the Institute's newsletter Connections is an excellent indication of the diversity our members and the variety of the research projects they undertake. It contains articles about a research project funded by NSW Police to assess the rick to officers being exposed to licit and illicit drugs in the workplace; the additional monitoring being undertaken by researchers in response to flooding in the Murray-Darling Basin;  a social research project originally aimed at raising awareness of sustainability through art that has grown to become so much more;  research underway in Laos and in Pakistan; a project to secure safe drinking water for regional Australia; findings from a project which aims to enhance the well-being of older Australians by improving urban parks as well as information about conferences and workshops attended by members, research activities,  the latest from our post-graduates and much more.

Issue 44 August 2016

Connections 44Check out the latest information on a number of the Institute's new, current and completed research projects including the findings of the blue green algal monitoring done earlier this year by members of the Edward-Wakool LTIM team; about connectivity analyses for Slopes to Summit project and outcomes of the B SAFE project in the Blue Mountains. The Profile story this issue is about Institute Adjunct Professor Peter Waterman who, together with Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson, is working on a SEGRA Challenge project to secure safe drinking water for regional Australia. And there's lots of contributions too including Professor Adam Steen's Opinion Piece on the 2016 Federal Election; Institute Adjunct Dr Tony McDonald's snapshot of climate change as it relates to south-east Asia and Dr Nathan Ning's column 'Publications Under the Microscope'.

Issue 43 May 2016

Connections Newsletter 43Find out what our researchers are doing to help solve the puzzle of the blue-green algae bloom; what they are discovering as part of an ARC Discovery project on ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes; read about a study on black robins in the Chatham Islands and how it will inform a reintroduction attempt of this endangered species; see how researchers have mapped climate refuges in the Murray-Darling Basin; get updates on our projects in Laos, Pakistan and a new project in Bhutan that will help the globally threatened red panda; check out our members' awards and achievements, and our latest grants and publications; and there's lots more.

Issue 42 February 2016

Connections Newsletter 42From the story of one of Australia's most ubiquitous building materials, corrugated galvanised iron, to the discovery of a threatened species of frog and a tiny native fish at environmental water monitoring sites, to a new project in Laos looking at the social and economic benefits of fish passage ways in the Mekong Basin, to a survey of Corowa residents that will lead to the development of practical sustainability projects this issue of Connections , with updates and reports from most of the Institute's Strategic Research Areas and Research Themes, highlights the breadth and diversity of the research undertaken by our members. It also includes reports on the ILWS annual book launch last year, our presence at the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia conference last year, our PhD students who have graduated, profile pieces on our new members Dr Lee Baumgartner and Dr Jodi Price, ILWS adjunct Dr Paul Forbes, a summary of the CSU Research Centres' Review Report as it relates to ILWS, details of new projects, latest publications.


Issue 41 October 2015

Connections 41In this edition we welcome five new members to the Institute including animal ecologist Dr Dale Nimmo whose broad interests are in how 'big' disturbances such as fire, drought and land clearing, influence biodiversity. As well we list 15 new Institute projects that have received external funding this year, as  well as three projects that have received internal funding from CSU. While the majority of the funding is for ecological projects, some of which will contribute to our major environmental watering projects, there are also new social, educational and regional development projects. Also in this issue is an impressive list of recent publications including in well-regarded  journals such as Biodiversity Conversation, Proceedings of the Royal Society of  London B, PLOS One, Trends in Ecology and Evolution,  and BioScience, as well as our regular features such as conferences, seminars and workshops members have attended and reported on, news from our PhD students, and examples of the community engagement our members undertake.

Issue 40 May 2015

Connections 40Check out all the latest news from Institute members including that work that Associate Professor Dirk Spennemann is doing on the cultural heritage of nuclear power plants;  updates on a number of research projects including the findings from a project looking at "Community Connections" in the Blue Mountains; updates from the Institute's various Strategic Research Areas including information about Wetland and Conservation Management research and a new emerging SRA on Spatial Science Research in Environment, Agriculture and Health; wonderful examples of how our members are engaging with the community;  a story about Associate Professor Margaret Woodward's installation in Melbourne "The Sea is All Around Us"; PhD news; new member Dr Johanna Fawkes; publications including information about a new book co-edited by Associate Professor Rosemary Black Adventure Programming and Travel for the 21st Century......and more.

Issue 39 March 2015

Connections 39In this edition you will find details of our new projects, a message from the Institute's new Associate Director Dr Catherine Allan, a report from the Sustainable Business Development in Regional Australia SRA on its various projects, information about a new Fish Ecology unit, coverage of the launch of the Institute's two major water monitoring projects, a story from Associate Professor Rosemary Black about her SSP Leave in Africa, an Opinion Piece from Associate Professor Ian Lunt about why researchers are so bad at sharing their research, an excellent example of community education in the form of a wild pollinator count....and much more.


Issue 38 November 2014

Connections 38 This issue includes a feature on two new major projects for the Institute funded by the Commonwealth Environment Water Office (CEWO) which have a combined value of almost $7 million. They are Long Term Intervention Monitoring (LTIM) projects (five year) for the Murrumbidgee river system and the Edward-Wakool river system.  Also included in this issue is coverage of three events the Institute has held over the last few months; welcomes to new members; and an Opinion Piece from the Chair of the Institute's Advisory Board John Williams on water reform in Australia.

Issue 37 August 2014

Connections 37 August 2014The Institute's new Strategic Research Area – Food Security and Regional Australia is featured in this edition. You will also find details on our latest grants as well as project updates on some of our new and on-going projects including a study on old survey heritage trees and an international project funded by the USA Joint Fire Sciences Program;  an interesting feature story by PhD candidate Jennifer Sherry who is investigating the vulnerability of a remote mountain community in Nepal that is threatened by the risk of a glacial lake outburst floods;  and more. Find out about all the events the Institute has coming up over the next couple of  months -  a Climate Change and the Community Forum, a symposium around reviving regional rail in Australia, and a major conference on Food Security and the Murray-Darling Basin: Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges.

Issue 36 May 2014

Connections Issue 36In this edition you'll find updates on a number of our projects, a feature story on two of our researchers, Dr Melanie Massaro and Dr Alison Matthews who spent six weeks in the Antarctica last season studying the effects of climate change on the Adelie penguin, updates from our SRAs, as well as Institute events, publications, PhD news and more!

Issue 35 February 2014

Connections Issue 35 Inside you'll find all the latest news from the Institute include updates on some of our many research projects, the latest happenings from our Strategic Research Areas, details of PhD graduates and new students for this year, an interesting Opinion Piece from  A/Prof Andrew Rawson on the growing gap between Europe and Australia on actions and public engagement on climate change, emissions reduction and renewable energy, and well as a feature story on one of our most-loved and respected adjunct members Professor David Mitchell.


Issue 34 October 2013

Connections Issue 34 2013Check out all the latest news including views from the Director Prof Max Finlayson on how we measure the Institute's success; from chair of the Advisory Board Prof John Williams on how the Institute might find its role in the sustainable development of regional Australia; and from Associate Director A/Prof Vaughan Higgins on food security and ILWS. As well there is the latest news from three of the Institute's SRAs with the updates on the activities and achievements; a Profile piece on A/Prof Peter Simmons from the School of Communication and Creative Industries; and reports on recent Institute events and our overseas visitors.

Issue 33 June 2013

Connections Newsletter Issue 33This issue features the various research projects the Institute is undertaking in the Lachlan catchment in central NSW as well as reports on  Institute events held this year including a workshop on needs for conserving and managing important wetlands held in Melbourne;  and the regional rail revival seminar held in Blayney, NSW. There is also a profile piece on Dr Andrew Hall, a member of the Sustainable Water SRA and introductions to some of our new PhDs.

Issue 32 February 2013

Connections Newsletter February 2013This issue includes a message from the Institute's new Associate Director Professor Vaughan Higgins, an interesting Opinion piece from Prof Gary Luck on the peer review process for journal articles and Open Access publication, an introduction to the Institute's new Advisory Board which is chaired by Prof John Williams AO, updates on some of our Strategic Research Areas and the exciting projects they are working on, a profile piece on new member Dr Shelby Laird and her current research projects, and much more.


Issue 31 November 2012

Connections Newsletter 31This bumper issue contains all the latest news about the Institute and its members including the success of members of the Sustainable Water SRA in securing two major contracts to monitor environmental watering in the Edward-Wakool and Murrumbidgee River systems over the next 12 months.

As well there is a profile on Dr Yapa Bandara, who is based at CSU's Wagga campus; introductions to all our new PhD students, many of which come from overseas and our new post-doc Dr Anna Navarro from Spain; stories on our international visitors and much much more.

Issue 30 August 2012

Connections Newsletter 30

This issue of Connections features how the Institute is making a difference in the global context with examples of the international reach of our research. These include being published in high-quality journals and contributing to important world-wide reports. Other features include the research work being undertaken by a Masters student on a threatened fish species and reports on some of our many research projects.

Issue 29 May 2012

Connections Newsletter 29The May issue of Connections is filled to the brim with all the latest happenings from around the Institute, not the least of which was the launch of a new book Landscape Logic: Integrating Science for Landscape Management by CSIRO Publishing. The book which was launched by Institute adjunct Dr John Williams in Wodonga on May 2 was co-edited by Prof Allan Curtis with Institute members contributing to five chapters. Also in Connections and not to be missed is a straight- forward response by Institute adjunct Barney Foran to the Planet Under Pressure Conference he attended in London.  Then there's a profile piece on new Institute Associate Director Dr Joanne Millar; a story on the fascinating PhD research by Maggie Watson into the world of ticks and lice…and much more.

Issue 28 February 2012

Connections Newsletter 28Featured in the latest issue of the Institute's quarterly newsletter is the recently completed Focus Farm Wetland Study. This $257,000 project, which was funded by the Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority, was the first major collaborative research project between the Institute and the University's EH Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation.

Also featured in the newsletter are Institute members Dr Peter Spooner, an ecologist who is passionate about preserving Australia's roadsides and travelling stock reserves and ensuring they are recognised for their biodiversity value; ecologist Dr Mariagrazia Bellio who is working on waterbirds in China and India; and Institute adjunct Professor John Williams (former Commissioner with the NSW Natural Resources Commission) who has written an opinion piece on Integrated Catchment Management in NSW.


Issue 27 November 2011Connections newsletter # 27

This issue of the Institute's newsletter is filled to the brim with all the latest news including a round-up of the many visitors to the Institute over the last few months which includes a visit from a group of Indians here on a wetlands study tour. As well there's a Feature story on Institute adjunct Michael Vanderzee and his role as CEO of the Winton Wetlands Committee of Management which is restoring what was Lake Mokoan in NE Victoria and details of an ILWS organised Ecosystems Workshop, with a particular focus on the Murray darling Basin, held in Canberra in August.

Issue 26-August 2011Connections Issue 26

This issue includes updates from each of the Institute's Strategic Research Areas: Social research for Regional Natural Resource Management, Social Aspects of Climate Change Adaptation,
Improving Rural Livelihoods and Environments in Developing Countries, Innovative Perspectives on Energy, Ecosystems Services, Sustainable Water.
As well there is a feature story on the Sustainable business development in regional Australia SRA, a profile piece on Dr Glen Duncan, details of research being undertaken by our postgraduates and more...

Issue 25-May 2011Connections Newsletter 25

This bumper issue of 'Connections' is our 25th . Special features include stories on two of the Institute's Strategic Research Areas - Ecological and Social Responses to Native Plant Regeneration in Dynamic Rural Landscapes, and the new Improving Rural Livelihoods and Environments in Developing Countries. As well there are profiles on new sociology associate professor Vaughan Higgins; Prof Kishor Sharma from the School of Business; and Dr Jan Pokorny, a Czech scientist who visited the Institute earlier in the year. Of special mention would have to be our PhD students. The Institute welcomes another five PhD students and congratulates this year's graduates…all 17 of them!

Issue 24-February 2011Connections Issue 24

This issue includes comments from members on the floods we have been experiencing as well as a special feature on the Institute's Ecosystems Services Strategic Research Area. This issue's profile piece is on ecologist Dr Skye Wassens, who is based at Wagga, with an extensive report on the research she is doing on frogs in the Lowbidgee.  As well there are stories on new PhDs, new post-graduate appointments, Institute visitors and Institute events including the launch of A/Prof David Watson new book "Mistletoes of Southern Australia."

2010 - 2008

Issue 23-November 2010

Connections Newsletter 23This issue of Connections features two Strategic Research Areas – Innovative Perspectives on Energy and Climate Change from Socio Historical Analysis (IPE) and Social Research for Regional Natural Resource Management.

The breadth of research knowledge and expertise is highlighted in the profiles of our members Dr Andrea Crampton, who is interested in the application of effective technologies in teaching science and Prof John Hicks who is working on a new research project on assisting transition in regional areas that are affected by drought and climate change with a particular emphasis on those areas that depend on irrigation. Features on ILWS postgraduates Wayne Deans, Manu Saunders and Janet Cohn, as well as updates on our events, news all make for interesting reading.

Issue 22 - August 2010

This issue of Connections is packed with all the latest Institute news including special features on two of its new Strategic Research Areas – Adaptive Management of Water Policy, Planning and River Operations; and Social Aspects of Climate Change Adaptation. Also included is a Media Statement "helping Murray-Darling Basin Communities live with less water in the future" signed by 27 Institute members and adjuncts which was released on July 28.

Issue 21 - May 2010

This issue of Connections includes a special feature on the Institute's Strategic Research Areas as well as all the latest Institute news, publications, grants and up-dates on member activities. Prof Max Finlayson reports on his visit to the Okavango Delta in Botswana and Dr Kerry Tilbrook is featured in a profile piece as a member of the SRA on the "Social aspects of climate change adaptation."

Issue 20 -February 2010

This issue contains a thought-provoking opinion piece by A/Prof Pierre Horwitz from Edith Cowan University on "Wetlands and Human Health." As well there are profile pieces on ecologist Dr Iain Taylor who has just returned from taking a group of CSU students to Nepal; economist A/Prof Geoff Bamberry; Institute advisory board member Ken Matthews who is the Chief Executive of the National Water Commission; and Institute adjunct Dr Kevin Warburton, an ecologist with a special interest in fish behaviour and memory. The regular sections Visitors & Visits, and Institute Events are full of the latest news and check out our Indonesian PhD students and visitors in the International section. Another very interesting edition.


Issue 19 - November 2009

Dr Helen Masterman-Smith headlines the November issue of 'Connections' with an Opinion piece outlining her hopes that public investment in 'green jobs' will deliver not only ecologically sustainable, but decent work options and protections for low paid workers. A/Prof Gary Luck reveals what he'll do during the four years of his recently awarded and highly prestigious Australian Research Council Futures Fellowship. There's also Profiles on Advisory Board Member Cathy McGowan, ILWS adjunct Dr Nick Davidson and fish researcher Dr Paul Humphries. Stories on five of ILWS's PhD students students cover areas ranging from serrated tussock to country train services to the swimming ability of fish larvae. As always 'Connections' is well worth a read.

Issue 18 - August 2009

Our Winter edition is full of stories about the amazing work our researchers and PhD students are involved in. Find out what members Yalmambirra, Jon O'Neill and Helen Masterman-Smith are researching and what adjunct Dr Justin Watson is up to. There's an Opinion piece by NSW Natural Resources Commissioner, John Williams and a profile on Advisory Board member, Wendy Craik. Plus information and reports about Institute activities and events, the latest publications by Institute members as well as our latest grants. This is a 16 page bumper edition!

Issue 17 - May 2009

This is edition features fantastic articles on ILWS's researchers Dr Di Boxall and Dr Rosie Black; PhD students Jane Roots, Bugi Sumirat, Eloise Seymour and Emily Sharp, which detail their current research fields, backgrounds and future aspirations. There's an Opinion piece from Professor of Integrated Environmental Management, Prof Allan Curtis, an update on member activities and visitors to ILWS for the quarter. A great read!

Issue 16-February 2009

The first issue for the year is packed with stories about the Institute, including an opinion piece by Advisory Board chairman, Dr Denis Saunders and profiles on researchers Jonathon Howard, Andrea Wilson and Debra de Silva. There is also a report on Institute events and visitors as well as a story on new Advisory Board Samantha Edmonds, and features on a number of PhD students and their fascinating work.


Issue 15- November 2008

The final issue for the year includes information about changes to the ILWS Advisory Board, a thought provoking opinion piece by a visiting academic on how food wastage is also a waste of water, plus reports on the many other visitors passing through ILWS this quarter. There's a profile on spatial scientist Dr Remy Dehaan, PhD's student Ian Cole and Wendy Minato and an extensive run down on Institute events held during the past 3 months.

Issue 14- August 2008
This issue is full to the brim with all the latest Institute news - visitors and visits, new publications, new research grants, events, news from two of our Integration well as profile pieces on some of our PhD students, Dr Laura McFarland from the Communication, Arts and Education group, Dr Pk Basu from the Economics and Regional Development group, and Institute adjunct Dr Tony McDonald.

Issue 13 - May 2008
In this issue Dr Wendy Craik, who is on the Institute's advisory board, gives her views on women in the water industry in Australia. Wendy is also the chief executive of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission. As well this issue has profiles on her fellow advisory board member Vic Keighery, ILWS adjunct research fellow Dr Rod Griffiths and ILWS members Patty Please, A/Prof Andrew Keen and A/Prof Ian Gray.

Issue 12-February 2008
It's been a busy start to the year with lots happening and a new director, Prof Max Finlayson at the helm of the Institute. Find out more about Max and where he has come from in a feature story on page 8. This issue also has profiles on Dr Denis Saunders, chair of the Institute's Advisory Board, adjunct research fellow Nicki Mazur as well as stories on a number of PhD students and their work.

2007 - 2005

Issue 11 - November 2007
Another 'bumper' issue of the newsletter which really does showcase the breadth of the research undertaken by Institute members. This issue has profiles on Dr Roderick Duncan, Dr Robyn Mason and John Rafferty as well as lots of news from the Institute's various discipline groups, Integration programs and updates on our PhD students.

Issue 10 - August 2007
This 'bumper' issue contains lots of Institute news including an extensive list of member publications list, feature stories on Elaine Dietsch and Barney Foran, a profile of new postgraduate Sylvia Zukowski, news on Dr Jim Birckhead's work activities since his 'retirement' three years ago and more!

Issue 9 -May 2007
This issue includes a message from the Institute's director Prof Allan Curtis who is stepping down from this role on July 1; a profile on Dr Jenny Sappey, a member of the Institute's Economic and Regional Development Group; reports on members' various overseas trips, and mention of the many Institute visitors over the last few months.

Issue 8-March 2007
This issues profiles the Institute's new Professor of Innovative Agricultural Water Technologies, John Blackwell, a member of the Water Systems group; has Prof Kevin Parton discussing the importance of establishing a system of getting the right prices of environmental resources; welcomes our new PhD students and business manager Roni McDowell; as well as all the regular features such as in the News, Publications, reports on Conferences, Seminars and Workshops members have attended, or are coming up; and news of the latest Research Grants.


Issue 7­ December 2006
In this issue, in the Opinion piece, Dr Paul Humphries expresses his concern that the current drought could have on future fish populations; there is a profile on recently promoted Assoc Prof Robyn Watts; a report on the Institute's highly successful public forum on global warming; and a report on research fellow Dr Tony McDonald's involvement in the post-tsunami rehabilitation processes in Aceh, Indonesia.

Issue 6 ­ September 2006
In this issue, the Institute director Prof Allan Curtis gives an update on how the Institute performed in 2005; Prof Kath Bowmer, in the 'Opinion' piece, discusses different approaches to research; there is a report from four of the Institute's discipline groups and on one of its integration programs; a profile on the Institute's newest Research Fellow Daryl McGregor; a list of the Institute's new PhD students and a report on Dr David Roshier's recent trip to Siberia.

Issue 5 ­ June 2006
This issue contains a report from Institute director Professor Allan Curtis on integration across ILWS and a planning day that was held to explore ideas for three ILWS integration programs; stories on two of the Institute's discipline groups- Water Systems Group, headed by Professor Shahbaz Khan, and the emerging Arts, Communication and Culture group headed by Kevin Poynter; a profile piece on ILWS Principal Researcher and ecologist Dr David Roshier; as well as regular sections on the latest publications put out by members, media coverage they have received, conferences they have attended and grants they have obtained.

Issue 4 ­ March 2006
This issue features a report from the Institute director, Professor Allan Curtis on the first meeting of the ILWS Advisory Board; an opinion by Assoc Prof Mark Morrison, leader of the ILWS Economic and Regional Development group on "What Should We Expect from Market-Based Instruments"; a feature story on ecologist Dr Gary Luck from the School of Environmental and Information Sciences; and a story on the new Ecology discipline group within the ILWS.


Issue 3 ­ December 2005
This issue gives a report by the director reflecting on what ILWS has achieved thus far and identifies some of the key activities for next year; an opinion by Prof Marg Alston, director of the Centre for Rural Social Research on "Service delivery in inland rural Australia: Human Rights abuses in our backyard"; a feature profile on tourism and recreation lecturer Dr Penny Davidson; and stories on two economists Assoc Prof Mark Morrison from Bathurst, and Professor Eddie Oczkowski, members of the emerging Economics and Regional Development discipline group.

Issue 2 ­ September 2005
This issue with a director's report by Prof Nick Klomp, director of the Johnstone Centre, lists publications in the ILWS 2005 Annual Research Quality Portfolio; a story on Dr Manohar Pawar from the CRSR and his research on community informal care and welfare practices; a story on PhD student Amy Jorgensen and the research being carried out on Montague Island, off the NSW south coast, on Seabird Habitat Restoration; and a profile piece on Prof Kevin Parton, head of the School of Rural Management at Orange.

Issue 1 ­ June 2005
The first issue of the ILWS newsletter includes media coverage of Institute members; a profile on Dr Lynelle Osburn, a lecturer with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Wagga Wagga; the Institute's new PhD students; and stories on social researcher Dr Judith Crockett from Orange; senior research fellow Dr Digby Race who is based at Thurgoona; and Ray Goodlass from Wagga Wagga who is heading up the Institute's emerging theme on Nature and Use of Knowledge and Information.