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Members of the Institute engage with the media considerably and are often called upon to provide expert advice and commentary on important issues affecting rural and regional Australia.

Engaging with the media also provides the opportunity for our researchers to engage with the wider community and to promote and publicise their research and findings.

All media releases involving ILWS researchers are issued as CSU Media Releases. Our researchers engage with both traditional media (print, radio and TV) as well as social and on-line media.

In the News 2018 is a compilation of media coverage received by ILWS members. (It has been prepared with the assistance of CSU Media and the news monitoring service, iSentia Pty Ltd.)

Our researchers also regularly write Opinion Pieces and Articles for on-line news services such as The Conversation.


Indigenous Health Open ForumIndigenous Health

A model for self-determination in health policy proposed by Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan in Open Forum Feb 21. For governments indigenous health continues to be an intractable policy problem. Author of ‘Indigeneity – a politics of potential’ Dominic O’Sullivan considers the proposal of an Indigenous Health Purchasing Authority.

Conscience  vote on euthanasia bill exposed democratic weakness of New Zealand's voting system

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan's 50th published opinion piece was in The Conversation, January 31. This one is about New Zealand's conscience vote on euthanasia which Dominic says exposes the democratic weakness of New Zealand's voting system.

Citizenship, democracy and the political determinants of indigenous health

Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan says that while Indigenous health receives significant public expenditure, it remains a matter of public policy failure. Solutions require a philosophical reconsideration of the meaning of Indigenous citizenship and opportunities for Indigenous policy deliberation. Published in The Policy Space, Jan 30.

Indigenous recognition in our Constitution matters - and will need greater political will to achieve

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan says that the Australian Constitution does not mention Indigenous people and that while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten appointed a Referendum Council to consider options for constitutional recognition of Australia's First People in 2015, this is a symbolic, though politically inconsequential, amendment. Opinion Piece in The Conversation, Jan 18, 2018.


Acoustic ObservatoryWorld first continental acoustic observatory 

Professor Dave Watson explains why Australia is the perfect candidate for a continent-wide recording array in his article in the Conversation and in an interview with ABC Am. November 30

Oxford Human Rights Hub Australia Denies Political Participation as an Indigenous Human Right

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan explores lack of political will and other challenges for the national Parliament to hear representative indigenous perspectives on policy priorities in his piece for the Oxford Human Rights Hub on November 15.

Business briefingBusiness Briefing: questioning the economics of prison

Dr Katherine McFarlane was among a group of academics interviewed for a piece in The Conversation, Oct 31 which questioned the economics of prison.

Why chickens don't look downI've always wondered: Why chickens don't look down when they scratch?

Dr Maggie Watson, as part of The Conversation's "I've Always Wondered" series, answers this question in her article, published Oct 21

Why the Indigenous in New Zealand have fared better than those in Canada

Indigenous peoplesIndigenous peoples of Canada and New Zealand share similar experiences as subjects of British colonialism yet the Maori have fared better says Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan in his piece in The Conversation Canada, Oct 16

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