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Heat Wave
Dr Jonathon Howard was interviewed on Prime TV Albury on the continuing heat wave and what it means for the future, Jan 9

Heat wave
Prof Kevin Parton was interviewed re the effects of heat waves on health services on 6PR, Jan 9, National radio News, Jan 13 and on 2AY News, Jan 14. Kevin was also mentioned as part of a team that investigated the effects of heat waves in Adelaide and Perth in The Land, Jan 19

School Kids wild and wacky experiments
Dr Julia Howitt appears in The Science Experience program on Prime TV Wagga, Jan 19,

Turtles in trouble
PhD student Kylie Singh commented in a story in The Conversation, Jan 25, about turtle nesting spots being at risk as the globe warms. This was then picked up by another web science news service, Phys.Org, USA the same day.

Institute adjunct A/Prof Bruce Pennay was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray on the 40th anniversary of the inauguration of the Albury-Wodonga National Growth Centre Project and on local history on Jan 25 and Jan 31

Early Election
Political scientist Dr Troy Whitford was interviewed re the PM Julia Gillard's early election announcement in the Border Mail, ABC Goulburn Murray news, ABC Riverina breakfast Jan 31.


Cuts to funding
Cuts to funding for agricultural research in Australia in threatening our ability to become a food bowl according to Institute adjunct Prof John Mullen in a story in The Australian, Feb 6

Conscious Traveller
A feature story on Dr Rosemary Black and her views on sustainable tourism, and PhD student Patrick Cobbinah appeared in the Border Mail, Feb 9

Kiss of Life
A story on Dr David Watson's research on mistletoes appeared in the Gympie Times, Feb 13

New Insights into Climate Change
An article quoting Prof Max Finlayson on the condition of Australia's wetlands appeared in Global Warming Focus, Feb 18, Agriculture Week, Feb 21

Labor in the bush
Dr Troy Whitford commented on the Prime Minister and the ALP in the bush in the Border Mail,Hawkesbury Gazette, Western Herald, Braidwood Times, Gippsland Times, The Northern Times, Great Lakes Advocate, Port Macquarie News, Brimbank Weekly,  The Murray Valley Standard, The Star, Melbourne Weekly Port Philip, Eastern Riverina Chronicle, Harden  Murrumbeena Express, Border Chronicle, Port Stephens Examiner, Island of Contrast, Southern Weekly, East Coast News, Meander Valley News, Merimbula News Weekly, and 103 other regional newspapers across Australia, Feb 21 with another story in the election in the North West Star, Feb 22

Orientation Week
Dr Jonathon Howard, acting Head of the School of Environmental Sciences spoke on Orientation week on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, and with on-line stories on ABC Goulburn Murray, ABC Darwin, ABC Hobart, ABC Gippsland, and ABC Newcastle Feb 26. There was also a story in the Border Mail on that same day.

Modern agriculture is stressing honeybees: let's go native
An article by ILWS PhD candidate Manu Saunders on native bees and other pollinators appeared in The Conversation, Feb 22

Commercial fishing research
Institute adjunct Dr Nicki Mazur was interviewed re her commercial fishing research on 2BS, Feb 28


Misunderstood mistletoe bird
A story on the mistletoe bird featuring comments by A/Prof David Watson appeared  in the Cowra Community News, March 8

Frogmore workshop

PhD student Camen Amos, who is researching frogs in the Lachlan catchment, was mentioned as a guest speaker at an upcoming landcare workshop at Frogmore in the Booroowa News, March 8  & 13, Cowra Guardian,  & Canowindra News, March 13. Carmen was also spoke on 2GO News about the endangered Southern Bell Frog on March 19 and featured in the web-based Word News on March 19.

Pollution haven
Research by ILWS researchers (including Prof John Hicks) has found that a decade of development in China provides little support for the so-called 'pollution haven' hypothesis as reported in the on-line news service Industry Search, March 13, and National Radio News, March 15.

A story about IFISH being filmed in Deniliquin, a project which includes ILWS researchers working with the Murray CMA and NSW Department of Primary Industries-Fisheries, featured in the Pastoral Times, March 15.

Food Security
Institute adjunct Dr John Mullen was listed as a member of a Crawford Fund taskforce established to receive sub missions on investment in agricultural research for global rural development and food security, in the Weekly Times, March 20.

Smart Fish
Institute adjunct Dr Kevin Warburton's story about the three second memory of fish being 'rubbish" is still making the rounds! There was an article on the Kanabec Country Times, March 27.Check it out at Then it was picked up by Babe Winkelmann, March 28


NextGen CIO curriculum
Story about A/Prof Mark Frost, head of CSUs School of Management and Marketing, and his involvement in the NextGen CIO curriculum, appeared on ZDNet, April 5

Environmental educators
A story about a meeting of environmental educations (held under the auspices of the Regional Centre of Expertise –Murray-Darling) with Dr John Rafferty was on 2AY, April 11. Dr Rafferty was also interviewed about the meeting on Prime News Albury and the meeting was mentioned on Win News Albury.

Aboriginal massacre
Institute adjunct Prof Bruce Pennay spoke on the anniversary of an Aboriginal massacre at the Broken River 175 years ago on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, April 11

An extension of the "match/mismatch hypothesis"
Dr Paul Humphries research using the "match/mismatch hypothesis" to explain the persistence, under changed flow regimes, of small native fish, appeared in Ecology, Environment and Conservation, April 12.

Ramsar wetlands in Australia
Institute director Prof Max Finlayson spoke about an Institute/NCCARF hosted meeting on Australia's obligations under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, on 2AY, April 15, and on ABC Riverina mornings, National Radio Network News April 16 and on Bush Telegraph, on on April 26 as well as on ABC Rural online.

Regional Rail Revival Seminar
In a bit of pre-publicity before the event, a story about the seminar hosted by the Institute in association with the Blayney Shire Council and the Lachlan Regional transport Committee appeared in Rail Express, April 23 and in the Blayney Chronicle, April 25. Organiser Prof Ian Gray also spoke on regional rail services in light of renewed interest for a very high speed passenger train service between Brisbane and Melbourne in a story in the Daily Liberal, also on April 23. There was also a story about the seminar in the Western Advocate, April 30.

Fish Passage Research in Laos
An article about an ACIAR fishway project involving Dr Joanne Millar appeared in the Vientiane Times, Laos on April 26.

Support for fruit growers
Prof John Hicks spoke about the new support announced for fruit growers in Northern Victoria and farmers across Australia on ABC Goulburn Murray news and ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, April 29, on ABC Central West Rural Report, ABC online  & ABC NSW Country Hour, 2AY news & the web-based news service Noodles, April 30.


Tropical Biology
An article on A/Prof David Watson's new studies and findings in the area of tropical biology  appeared in Ecology, Environment & Conservation, May 3

Farm Finance Packages
Prof John Hicks and his views on the Federal Government's farm finance packages featured on the ABC Mildura Rural report, May 3 with more detail in Country News, May 6

Planning Lay of the Land
Mention of Prof Allan Curtis as part of an upcoming meeting on community action and sustainability appeared in the Border Mail's Country Mail, May 4

Barmah Shell Middens
Dr Paul Humphries was a guest speaker at a Barmah-Millewa Forest research conference organised by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority in Shepparton, held April 30 to May 1, talking about his research with the Yorta Yorta Nation studying fish middens along the Murray River and Broken Creek as a way of assessing environmental changes along the Murray River. He was featured in a story in the Shepparton News, May 6 and its on-line news service, MMG/  May 7

Regional Rail Revival
Institute adjunct  Associate Professor Ian Gray was interviewed re the Regional Rail Revival seminar held at Blayney which he helped organise on ABC Riverina breakfast, as was invited Canadian rail expert Ed Zsombar on ABC @CR, both on May 8. The Major of Blayney also mentioned CSU and the forum in an interview on ABC 2CR, July 4.

Water SRA research
A story on two major monitoring projects being undertaken by members of the Institute's Water SRA appeared in the magazine RipRap, May 9.

Waterway volunteers
An article on the continuous monitoring of the health of the Wimmera River and surveys conducted by Prof Allan Curtis appeared in the Wimmera Mail Times, May 10

Humans will trump
Institute adjunct Barney Foran's article on the 2013 Budget "On budget night humans will trump other species again" featured in The Conversation, May 12

Climate change and religion
Prof Kevin Parton spoke about climate change and religion on ABC Bush Telegraph, May 13 with another interview on the same subject on ABC 2CR, May 21

Federal budget
Prof John Hicks spoke about the Federal Budget on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, May 14, ABC Western Plains, May 14 as did Prof Kishor Sharma on Win News, May 14 and again on ABC Riverina mornings, May 15 and Prof Kevin Parton on the web news service Australasian Science, May 15. Prof Hicks' views post-budget were then heard on some 10 regional and state ABC radio mornings programs, May 15

Carbon economy
Prof Kevin Parton's views on the carbon economy not going to plan were presented on ABC Central West's rural report, ABC NSW Country Hour, and four other ABC radio stations and five web sites  May 16 & May 18

New arts dean
Prof Jennifer McKinnon's appointment as the new Faculty of Arts Dean featured in the Daily Advertiser, May 17 and Junee Southern Cross, May 30 and in the Higher Education supplement of The Australian, June 27.

Charity evening
Dr Jonathon Howard spoke about climate change at a local level for an Albury charity evening, mentioned in The Pak Banker (online) May 19

Banking water
Prof Allan Curtis was involved in a NCGRT survey of farmers in the Namoi catchment which found they supported storing extra water underground. Reported in Get Farming (web) and Sustainability Matters (web) with interviews on 2DU news May 20, ABC National breakfast, Prime News Albury. Science Alert (web) May 21, Beef Central (web) May 22, ABC Bush Telegraph, The Rural, May 23 and the Border Mail, May 25.

Focus on river
Institute adjunct Prof Kath Bowmer's views on river health appeared in the Daily Advertiser, May 23

Make or break for Australia's National Parks
A/Prof David Watson and A/Prof Ian Lunt were contributors to an article titled "Our national parks must be more than playgrounds or paddocks: It's make or break time for Australia's national parks, which appeared in The Conversation, May 24, and then Australian Business News, May 24, PS News, May 30. A/Prof David Watson was then interviewed on the subject on ABC Riverina breakfast, ABC Goulburn Murray News, June 3. An open letter by the group of also appeared inThe Guardian UK on Monday June 17.

Farmer demographics
An article featuring Dr Emily Mendham and on how farmer demographics is affecting the local environment appeared in the Border Mail, May 25

Fire Power
A/Prof Lunt was featured in a story on fire power in the ABC's  Landline program, May 26

Australian car makers
Prof Kishor Sharma's views on Government propping up the Australian car industry were on Noodls (web) May 28


Climate change and wetlands
Quotes from a Ramsar Convention handbook "Handbooks for the Wise Use of Wetlands" in which Prof Max Finlayson was involved were used in a story which appeared in the Journal of Engineering, June 5 and Ecology, Environment and Conservation, June 7

Electoral boundaries
Dr Troy Whitford spoke about the electoral redistribution boundaries and the impact on regional voters on ABC Riverina breakfast, June 18

457 Visas
Dr Shelby Laird was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings re her experiences working at CSU on a 457 Visa on June 26

MOU between CSU and NAB
A/Prof Mark Frost spoke about the signing of a MOU between CSU and the National Australia Bank on 2BS, June 26 with a story in the Western Advocate, June 27

Early Albury Airman
On a wing and a dare. Story on Albury's airman based on A/Prof Dirk Spennemann's research in the Border Mail, June 29


Old Border Mail Building
A/Prof Dirk Spennemann spoke about the old Border Mail building in Albury on ABC Goulburn Murray news, July 4

Scientific Evidence
PhD student Manu Saunders wrote an article on 'Scientific Evidence: what it is and how can we trust it?  That was published in Science Alert, July 4

Ingenuity Aids Africa
A story featuring comments by Prof John Blackwell on Australian farming machinery and ingenuity being used to assist low income farmers in Asia, and Africa appeared in Farm Weekly, Stock Journal, Stock & Land, Queensland Country Life, The Land and the North Queensland register, July 12

Vijay's journey
A feature story on PhD Vijay Kuttappan and his research and living in Albury appeared in the Border Mail's Pulse section, July 13

Shift to emissions trading scheme
Prof Kevin Parton's views on the benefits of moving to an emissions trading scheme appeared in the eight regional newspapers in NSW on July 17 before his doing an interview on the subject on ABC Riverina breakfast, July 18, National Radio News, July 19, ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, July 22.

Food Security Debate
This Institute organised debate received excellent media coverage including initial mention of the event on ABC Goulburn Murray July 24, then Prof Max Finlayson was interviewed on the subject on 2AY News and MMG Rural News, July 31; Prof Deirdre Lemerle (one of the presenters) on ABC Victorian Country Hour, August 2, ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, August 5 a blog in Open Forum, August 6; Dr Sue McAlpin, another presenter, had a blog in Open Forum, August 3; a large feature story in the Border Mail, August 3; Prof Kevin Parton had a blog on the subject in Open Forum, August 6 and was interviewed by ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, ABC NW NSW, August 7; speaker Prof Allan Curtis was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, August 6; mention of the debate as part of Science Week in News Week and ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, August 8; interview with Margrit Beemster, communications coordinator  on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, August 9; story on the debate in the Border Mail's Country Mail section, August 10.


Food Security Debate
ILWS director and debate convenor A/Prof Vaughan Higgins was interviewed about the debate on ABC Goulburn Murray, August 14 with director Prof Max Finlayson speaking on Prime News Albury the same day. There was another story in the Border Mail following the event on August 14 .
The day after the event August 15 there was:

Land use in rural Australia
Prof Eddie Oczkowski was interviewed re. Land use in rural Australia on 2AY News and MMG Rural News, July 31 with a story on Get Farming (web)  
With other radio interviews on ABC Goulburn Murray rural report and ABC Riverina rural report, August 1.

Election comment
Dr Troy Whitford commented on the election n date on Prime News, Wagga Wagga, August 5.

Green Roofs
Dr Shelby Laird was interviewed by ABC Goulburn Murray mornings re the green Roofs project and human health running in Sydney, August 6.

Intelligence in the Private Sector
Dr Troy Whitford talking about a privatisation of intelligence symposium featured on ZDNet and on ABC Riverina, August 7.

Into the Fold
Feature story on Masters student Michelle Smith and her volunteer work on environmental management in the Border Mail's Pulse section, August 10.

National Science Week
Dr John Rafferty spoke about science week activities on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, August 14, Prime News Albury August 15.

F1000 Research
A story quoting Prof Gary Luck encouraging ecologists to publish on the Open Access journal appeared in Before It's News website, August 10.

Flaws in food Fix
Prof Allan Curtis was featured talking about producers struggling to maintain access to markets in a story in the Weekly Times, August 21

Three Second Memory
Hard to believe but THAT story about dispelling the myth of fish having a three second  memory, with Institute adjunct Kevin Warburton, is still making the rounds, the latest showing being a story in Pine City Pioneers, USA,

Sustainable Living
New ILWS member Simon Wright, who is also a PhD student, featured in an interview on ABC 2CR re Orange Sustainable Living event, on August 26.


VC Award
Institute member Dr Rosemary Black who won the 2013 Vice Chancellor's Award for Professional Excellence was interviewed on Win News Albury, September 2 with a story in the Border Mail,September 3.

Mistletoe Birds are Cheats
A story about mistletoe birds and their role in spreading mistletoe plants appeared in Science Alert, and  September 3.

Cathy McGowan
In the lead up to the Federal election on September 7, Independent candidate for Indi, Ms Cathy McGowan, who is also an Institute advisory board member, certainly had an enormous amount of media coverage. It is virtually impossible to count the number of "media hits" but CSU media recorded those that also mentioned CSU and included mention of her talking at the Institute's food security debate (seven).

CSU Transport Survey
Dr Shelby Gull Laird was interviewed on 2AY on Sept 11 re CSU transport survey report on bike and bus use by staff and students

Carbon Tax fate
Prof Kevin Parton spoke on the fate of the carbon tax after the Federal election on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, on Sept 13.

Japanese Visitors
There was a short piece on the visit by Japanese visitors to the Institute re possible future for landcare in  Japan on Win News , Sept 16

Fish Book Dr Paul Humphries did an interview re his new book Ecology of Australian Freshwater Fishes on ABC Riverina Breakfast, Sept. 18, with a story about the book and its launch in the Border Mail, Sept 19

Changes to Climate Change Institutions
Prof Kevin Parton spoke about the changes to our climate change institutions and what that means for rural Australia on ABC Rural, ABC Victorian Country Hour, ABC Rural National News, ABC Bush Telegraph on September 20. The story was then picked up by another four news outlets including Eco-News.

Environmental Education
Story about Dr John Rafferty being a key note speaker at the 31st bi-annual Australian Association of Environmental Education's NSW conference in Dubbo, in the Daily Liberal, Sept. 24


Climate change report
Prof Kevin Parton was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings on climate change policy in light of the recent IPCC report on Oct 2

In the presenter's seat
Institute adjunct researcher Dr Nicki Mazur was featured on ABC 666 Canberra on October 2. The story then went to ABC Darwin and ABC Hobart

Need for emissions trading
Professor Kevin Parton was interviewed on the need for an emissions trading scheme for Australia on RTR-FM South Australia, October 16 and also on the web news service Industry Search Oct 10

Wise Use of Wetlands
The Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Convention) has reported that it signed an agreement with the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Institute for Water Education (UNESCO-IHE) and Charles Sturt University establishing the Ramsar Chair for the 'Wise Use of Wetlands' during the Budapest High Level Water Summit.

Muttonbird  deaths
Dr Maggie Watson, a seabird expert, was interviewed about the recent deaths of muttonbirds along the Australian east coastline on ABC Sunshine Coast mornings, October 23

Climate change
ILWS ecologist Associate Professor David Watson was interviewed on latest debate on bushfires linked to climate change, and importance of doing something about it on National Radio News, Oct 25.

Caring for the Land
Story with Japanese PhD student Tomomi Maekawa on her study of the Australian Landcare system assisted by CSU's ILWS and Professor Allan Curtis appeared in the Border Mail's Country Mail section, Oct 26.


Squirrel Gliders
A story about recent research with Dr Peter Spooner into the distribution of the Squirrel Glider on the urban edge of Thurgoona appeared in the Border Mail, and on Prime News Albury,  Nov 1.

Bushfire Planning
Prof Allan Curtis was interviewed on ABC Victorian Country Hour and ABC Bush Telegraph re his views on bushfires and future planning on Nov 6.

Climate 'wake up'
Prof Kevin Parton and response to climate change statement from WMO, and Typhoon Haiyan, was picked up by web news services in Latvia, BBC News, UK Wired News and Manchester Wired News Nov 13, and then in the US, New Zealand and Kazakhstan, Nov 14.

Frost modelling
Dr Andrew Hall was interviewed by ANBC Country Hour NSW re his research on frost modelling,  Nov 14.

Fruit bats
A/Prof David Watson spoke about the presence of fruit bats in the Albury Botanic Gardens, Nov 15

ARC projects
The funding for two new ARC Discovery projects secured by ILWS member Prof Gary Luck and Prof Manohar Pawar appeared in the Western Advocate , Nov 18

Mind over Matter
A story featuring Dr Mariagrazia Bellio appeared in the Pulse section of the Border Mail, November 11.


Water monitoring research
Dr Skye Wassens was interviewed on continuing water monitoring research in the Murrumbidgee River on ABC Riverina mornings, December 2

Absentee ownership of Australian farms
PhD student Gina Lennox was interviewed re her research into absentee ownership of Australian farms on ABC Bush Telegraph, December 10

River needs its friends
A story about the need to involve the community in the implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin plan which mentions a partnership between  training organisation Skillset and CSU   (Prof Max Finlayson) and Sunshine Coast University (ILWS adjunct Peter Waterman) appeared in the Border Mail, December 11.

Black Robin
A story on the conservation efforts to save New Zealand's black robin with comments by Dr Melanie Massaro, appeared in the University of Canterbury's web pages and that of on December 12.

Departure of Holden
Prof Kishor Sharma said that Holden's departure from manufacturing in Australia was no surprise and that innovation leading to differentiated products was the key to ensuring a viable industry in the web news serviced Industry Search on Dec 13.

Ecosystem services
A story titled "Why we need Nature's services" by Prof Gary Luck and Manu Saunders appeared in  the magazine Sustaining the Nation, December

A major contribution
A story on research into use of aquifers for irrigation in Australia, written by Prof Allan Curtis, Prof Tony Jakeman, and A/Prof Bryce Kelly appeared in the magazine Sustaining the Nation, in December.

Graduations at Wagga
Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof Jennifer McKinnon was featured in a news story on the graduations at Wagga on Win News, December 17

Key to farming survival
A story on new PhD graduate Dr Tim Hutchings who says that minimising financial losses, rather than maximising profits, was the key to farming survival, appeared in the Daily Advertiser, Dec 19 and in the Eastern Riverina Chronicle, Jan 15

Mistletoe Research
A/Prof David Watson's research on mistletoe and their importance to Australian ecology was featured on the ABC World Today, Dec 20