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Science and Stuff

Dr John Rafferty has been on air every fortnight since January 20 on ABC Goulburn-Murray mornings with his "Science and Stuff" program  discussing the latest science news, particularly related to sustainability and its environmental and social impacts.


A story featuring ILWs PhD student Vijay Kuttappan  as a board member of the inaugural Albury Wodonga Communities Council appeared in the council's first newsletter ethnicvoice , Summer 2015.

Death of Tom Uren

Institute adjunct Professor Bruce Pennay was interviewed re the death of Tom Uren in Border Mail  January 27, with a radio interview on ABC Riverina, Feb 4. A CSU media release also went out at the time.

Weather and climate change

Dr Andrew Hall is becoming our resident climate change expert. Prime TV Albury have already interviewed him four times this year, the first on January 29, the second on February 11 when he talked about 2014 being the third hottest year on average for Australia, and climate and predictions; the third on March 3 in response to a report on climate change just out and the fourth on March 6, when he talked about the latest El Nino outlook.


Brush turkeys rule

A CSU media release on a paper with lead author Professor David Watson in the international science journal PLoS One has been picked up by various international media, with an online article by Audubon, February 6, and a radio podcast by Birdnote radio. He was also interviewed by ABC Mid North Coast, February 5, ABC Adelaide, February 9.

Liberal leadership

Dr Troy Whitford was interviewed re Liberal leadership spill and presidential style politics on 2AY, February 16 with a blog appearing in Open Forum that same day and on ABC Riverina breakfast, Feb 17.

Stuffed cod research

A CSU Media release on Dr Paul Humphries' request for information about stuffed Murray Cods in Pubs certainly generated a lot of media interest with Dr Humphries doing interviews with ABC Riverina breakfast, February 11; Prime News Albury, Feb 12 and two radio interviews (Fairfax Radio and Star FM) that same day; more radio interviews the following day aired by ABC Mildura, ABC Dubbo, ABC Central West, ABC Radio National, ABC Goulburn Murray and Triple J. On-line coverage included The Murray Valley Standard, ABC South Australia-Blogs, ABC New England North Wrest, ABC Kimberley, ABC Broken Hill, ABC Capricornia, ABC Northern Tasmania, ABC Radio National, ABC Riverina, ABC North Coast, The Australian-Higher Education, and the Sydney News. A highlight for this research project would have to be the story that appeared on the ABC's 7.30 report on April 4.

Launch of LTIM projects

The launch of the Institute's two big Long Term Intervention Monitoring projects for the Edward-Wakool and the Murrumbidgee River Systems, on February 18, resulted in a story 'Extra water already doing its job'  in the Border Mail the next day; and also 'Funds flow in for projects' and 'Australia's bold step'  in its Country Mail section on February 21. Other media coverage included a story in The Rural, February 16, both project leaders A/Prof Robyn Watts and Dr Skye Wassens interviewed by Anne Delaney on ABC Riverina mornings on  February 17, in the Griffith Area News, February 20; and in the Albury Wodonga News Weekly, March 11 at

Youth homelessness

Professor Adam Steen's research into youth homelessness was mentioned on Star FM, February 28


Likely negatives of replacing trains with coaches

A CSU media release based on the research of A/Prof Ian Gray and Dr Merrilyn Crichton published in the Journal of Social Inclusion on the negative social consequences of replacing regional train services with coaches generated lots of media interest with A/Prof Ian Gray in demand for radio interviews for 2GZ radio Orange, 2DU radio Dubbo, ABC Riverina news, ABC Riverina morning show, ABC  Murray-Goulburn and ABC Newcastle, March 12 and Star FM, Orange, March 16. He and Dr Crichton were also interviewed for a Prime News Wagga story on March 12. Press hits on March 12 included the Blayney Chronicle, Parkes Champion Post, Forbes Advocate, Western Advocate, Daily Liberal, (March 12 & 13)
,Central Western Daily, , March 13 There was also a story in the Sydney News online March 11

Tribute to Henry Nowick

ILWS adjunct Professor Bruce Pennay paid tribute to Henry Nowik in a story in the Border Mail, March 17

Election campaign

Dr Troy Whitford  commented on the NSW election campaign in the Daily Advertiser, March 18.

African adventure

A story featuring the Institute's Dr Rosemary Black  titled ' Life-changing journey out on African safari' which focused on her  work in Africa featured in the Border Mail's Pulse section on March 21.. Dr Black was also interviewed by ABC Goulburn Murray's Joseph Thomsen for his morning show, March 27.

Valuing Nature

Professor Gary Luck and Dr Manu Saunders are the authors of an article titled 'Nature – How Do I Value Thee? Let Me Count the Ways'  and Manu only of an article titled  'Lost in a floral desert'  in the Autumn 2015 issue of Wildlife Australia.

International  Landcare visit

Dr Joanne Millar, who was in West Sumatra in March with Australian Landcare International, was featured in stories in a number of Indonesian newspapers and on the main Antara news website, on and around March 31. Coverage included:

Jurnal - Australian-landcare-international-kunjungi-sawahlunto   Australia-lirik-minyak-atsiri-sawahlunto


Changing landscapes

Dr Jane Roots, the recipient of an ILWS PhD scholarship, was featured in the Pulse section of the Border Mail in a story "Banquet bursting with diversity" which focussed on the findings of her PhD on the future of farming in rural amenity landscapes – the role of planning and governance in a changing landscape, April 4.


A/Prof David Watson spoke on the ABC Riverina breakfast show, April 13 about bats in general.

Wild pollinating insects

Dr Manu Saunders who is conducting a wild pollinator count spoke about her project on the ABC Riverina breakfast show, April 14 followed by an interview on ABC South East NSW's morning show on April 15

Bali Nine executions

A story featuring Professor  Kishor Sharma about the economic implications of the Bali Nine executions appeared in the Central Western Daily, April 29.

Water treatment plant

A story on an innovative water treatment plant for Quambatook by ILWS adjunct Dr Suzy McDonald, water quality officer with Goulburn Murray Water, appeared in VicWater's newsletter WaterMatters Autumn edition, 2015.


Big Tree Competition

Dr Peter Spooner spoke about the S2S's Big Tree Competition, of which ILWS is one of the sponsors, on ABC Riverina breakfast May 6, ABC Bega May 7 and  ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, May 9.

El Nino Update

Dr Andrew Hall was on Prime TV News (Albury) giving an El Nino update on May 8.

Federal Budget

Prof Kishor Sharma spoke about the implications of the 2015 Federal Budget on Radio 2AY, and Prof John Hicks, on the same subject, Win News Central West, May 11. Further interviews on Prime News, Orange, May 12.

Improving rice productivity and farmers' income in Cambodia

Dr Richard Culas was featured in the Crawford Fund's May newsletter re a paper he and Mr Sokchea  An,  a Cambodian World Vision program officer, had published in the Australasian Agribusiness Review based on his research on improving rice productivity and farmers' income in Cambodia.



A/Prof Peter Simmons called for a cleanup of FIFA, the international soccer organisation, in the Western Advocate, June 8

Strategy evaluation

ILWS Report 84, An evaluation of strategies used by the Landscapes and Policy Hub to achieve  interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research with lead author Institute adjunct Dr Michael Mitchell was featured  in the National Environmental Research Program's Chirp newsletter Issue 18-June 10.

Eco-tourism Insight

A story featuring A/Prof Rosemary Black and a lecture she gave on ecotourism  in Port Macquarie as part of CSU's Exploration Series featured in the Port Macquarie News, June 12

Benalla Migrant Camp

A/Prof Bruce Pennay made his ninth contribution to ABC Goulburn-Murray's local stories program series with an interview and photo display about Benalla Migrant Camp, conducted by Allison Jess, the cross-media reporter on  June 17.

Active citizenship

Dr Troy Whitford spoke about active citizenship on ABC Riverina breakfast, June 24


Nuclear Power Stations

A/Prof Dirk Spennemann was interviewed re his research on nuclear power stations in Germany from a cultural heritage perspective and the Asterix comic book connection on ABC Goulburn Murray, July 2.

GST and other tax options

Dr P.K. Basu spoke about government leaders' discussions about the GST and other tax options on Win TV News (Orange), July 22.

Energy smart meters

Dr Jodie Kleinschafer spoke about energy smart meters and consumer behaviours on ABC Riverina, July 27.

Climate change and El Nino

Dr Andrew Hall commented on climate change and El Nino on Prime News Albury, July 29

Keeping cats indoors

Dr Dale Nimmo commented on cats being kept indoors to stop killing of native animals on Prime News Wagga, July 29


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Prof Kevin Parton was interviewed about Australia's decision to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere by 26-28% by 2030 in an ABC Riverina/Goulburn Murray Rural Report,  and also on ABC NSW Country Hour, August 12

CSU Award for ILWS team

A news story on the Institute's strategic water team winning the Vice-chancellor's award, featuring Dr Catherine Allan, was on Radio 2AY, August 12

Frog Wander in Wooragee

Dr Skye Wassens spoke about a frog Wander, organised by the Wooragee Landcare Group, on ABC Goulburn Murray Wednesday, August 12

Science communication and ecosystem services

ILWS post-doc Dr Manu Saunders had an opinion piece on science communication and ecosystem services published in Ensia magazine, August 13

Emission targets

Dr Andrew Hall featured in a story titled "Emission target to hurt Border community" with regards to the federal government's emissions plan in the Border Mail, August 14

Solar thermal infrastructure

A news story with Institute adjunct Barney Foran about the development of solar thermal infrastructure  in Australia was heard on ABC Riverina News, August 13, and a further interview on the same topic on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, August 19

Winton Wetlands Forum

The inaugural Wetlands Restoration Research Forum, which involved Prof Max Finlayson, as chair of the Winton Wetlands Environmental Strategy Advisory Panel, was featured on Win News Albury on August 22. Prof Finlayson was also interviewed re the Winton Wetlands by ABC Goulburn Murray Breakfast program, August 20

Gender discrimination research

A CSU media release on the research by Prof John Hicks and A/Prof PK Basu on gender discrimination in metropolitan and regional labour markets resulted in:

  • two print media stories, 'Gender pay gap worse in rural areas than Sydney, research reveals',, Central Western Daily  and  'Women still battling for workplace equality',  The Courier (Ballarat), August 21
  • on-line coverage, 'Gender discrimination higher in regional NSW and Victoria', Noodls, August 18;'Gender pay gap worse in rural areas than Sydney, research reveals', Central Western Daily , August 21; and 'Women still battling for workplace equality', The Courier (Ballarat), August 21.
  • broadcast coverage, ABC Port Macquarie and Macquarie Radio, August 19; 2DU Radio and National Radio News, August 20; ABC Radio Central West, August 26

as well as a lot of social media activity on Twitter (2584 views).

Bell frog research

A story "Environmental water safeguards threatened frog" on the Institute's collaborative research with the NSW OEH on the southern bell frogs was published in the Australian Government's Wetlands Australia: National wetlands update August 15 – Issue No 27.


Murray Cod Research

PhD student Jamin Forbes was the lead author of a paper published  in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management about his research on Murray Cod and Golden Perch. The article got an excellent write-up in the American Fisheries Society News, Sept 9. He was also interviewed by ABC Riverina mornings on his research on September 3.

Changes for successful restoration and conservation

Dr Keller Kopf, Prof Max Finlayson and Dr Paul Humphries wrote a piece for The Conversation, on what changes they think must happen for restoration and conservation to be successful in the Anthropocene based on a paper they had published in BioScience (September 7).

Refugees could be the entrepreneurs we need

A/Professor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko  spoke on refugees possibly being the entrepreneurs Australia needs  based on her research related to her ARC Discovery Grant project 'Humanitarian immigrant entrepreneurs in private and social enterprises' (2015-2017) on National Radio News, Sept 17

South African Radio interview - River Symposium and Wetland

Prof Max Finlayson reporting on the International River Symposium speaks on the challenges in moving beyond talk and into action in changing the way we manage our natural resources in an interview with Wandile Kallipa on Channel Africa Radio's Africa Midday show, Sept 21

Refugee/migrant resettlement

Following Institute adjunct Prof Jock Collins (UTS) interview  about  joint CSU-UTS research on the positive aspects of refugee/migrant resettlement in rural/regional areas spoke  on ABC 2CR, Sept 24, co-researcher A/Prof Branka Krivokapic-Skoko did interviews for ABC Mid North Coast, and for the Barrier Daily Truth, Broken Hill on Sept 25

Indigenous collaboration

Dr Wayne Robinson spent a number of days in August with the Barkindji Maraura Elders Environment Team who are undertaking environmental research in the lower Darling region, NSW as part of a collaborative three year project funded by the Indigenous Advancement Strategy and La Trobe University. Wayne assisted with the project's design. A story on his involvement appeared in the project's first newsletter,  Pamiliana kiira kiira, Spring 2015.


Feral Cat Cull

ILWS ecologist Dr Dale Nimmo was interviewed by Prime News Albury re a proposed feral cat cull on October 16

Animal conservation by 'planting' them in new areas

ILWS researchers and husband and wife team Prof Dave Watson and Dr Maggie Watson wrote an article for the Conversation advocating moving common wildlife into unoccupied patches of habitat well before their populations begin to decline based on a paper they wrote and published in the journal Biological Conservation (October 20).

SEGRA wrap up

Professor Max Finlayson spoke about the SEGRA conference with a general wrap-up re regional development with ABC Riverina's Anne Delaney on October 22

Refugees and businesses

Institute adjunct Prof Jock Collin's work on refugees and entrepreneurship featured in ABC News on October 27.


Shade for drought resilience

Dr Dale Nimmo  and his research findings on the importance of tree cover for species' resilience to drought was covered in The Age (and the other Fairfax papers including the Border Mail "Decline in animals' resilience"), with a double page spread on pages 13-14 on November 3, and  also online

Wild Pollinator Count

Dr Manu Saunders community engagement work  re the Wild Pollinator Count 2015 continues with a story in the Border Mail, "Pollination from insects a big plus"  Nov 7. She then did radio interviews on the wild pollinator count and native insects in agricultural ecosystems on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings on November 16, and 2AY November 17

Flourish Festival

Dr John Rafferty was interviewed on Radio 2AY in the lead up to the Flourish Festival held Nov 13-14 at the Albury-Wodonga campus at Thurgoona, on November 9. ABC Goulburn Murray Mornings did a live broadcast from the festival on November 13. Win News Albury did a story on the Youth Forum (part of the festival) on Nov 13

Water Quality

Dr Andrea Crampton spoke on water quality in rural areas on WIN TV Wagga on November 11

Bio-fuel versus food

Barney Foran spoke on ABC Riverina breakfast about bio-fuel versus food on November 18


Mistletoe, not just good for kissing under

Professor Dave Watson was interviewed on the importance of Australian Mistletoe for the bush and birds by Riverina ABC on December 9

Climate change talks

Dr Andrew Hall spoke about the results of the Paris Climate Change talks to Prime TV Albury, December 14

PhD graduations

A story on ILWS PhD graduate Yalmambirra titled "Decades of study pays off for Wiradjuri elder" appeared in the Border Mail, December 18