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Measuring greenhouse gases

An article about a trial in a paddock at CSU (Wagga) assessing how new techniques can lead to more accurate measurements of greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural landscapes, appeared in the magazine Australian and NZ Grapegrower & Winemaker, Jan 1.


Dr Angela Ragusa spoke about the realities of tree-changing based on her study of the subject for the past years on ABC Sydney, Jan 3.

Shark Research

A new project for Institute researchers Associate professor Peter Simmons and Dr Michael Mehmet "Shark deterrents and detection: Community perceptions, sentiment and preferences for shark management strategies" was mentioned in a story in the Daily Liberal, Jan 4.

Benefits of being outside

Institute Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr Shelby Gull Laird and CSU lecturer in Early Childhood Studies Dr Laura McFarland are co-authors of a piece in The Conversation titled "Five way kids can benefit from being outside this summer break, published January 10.

Voters 'can't trust' rorters

Dr Troy Whitford commented on politicians, specifically Farrer MP Susan Ley, misusing her travel entitlements in a story that appeared in the Daily Advertiser, Jan 11.

Tagging fish in the Mekong

Stories on Honours student Bettina Grieve who spent two months tagging fish in the Mekong River in Laos as part of the Institute's "Quantifying improved fisheries productivity at fish passage rehabilitation sites in Lao PDR" project appeared in the Border Mail, January 13 & 14. She was then interviewed on ABC Riverina, Jan 18.

Cheap steel from China

Professor John Hicks spoke the effects having cheap steel from China in the Australian market which forces out local production on ABC North and West SA, Jan 17

Measuring social impacts

Dr Jennifer Greig, a recent ILWS PhD graduate, was interviewed on ABC Central West NSW about her PhD study which focussed on measuring social impacts on well-being in rural NSW, on January 18.

Trump time in the USA

Politics lecturer Dr Troy Whitford gives his view on Trump's inauguration in the Daily Advertiser, Jan 20

European carp number explosion

Dr Lee Baumgartner spoke about one of the biggest spawning events in recent memory which has seen an explosion in European carp numbers along the Murray River and a project to infest the carp with a strain of the herpes virus on Prime TV, Jan 20.

Contesting each other's seats

Dr Troy Whitford spoke about the practice of the Coalition contesting each other's seats and other political issues of the day on ABC Riverina, Jan 23

PhD for Narrandera Fisheries Scientist

There was a story about Narrandera Fisheries scientist Dr Jamin Forbes was awarded his PhD, Population dynamics and implications for management of a Murray cod and golden perch recreational fishery in south-eastern Australia during last year's graduation ceremony in the Narrandera Argus, Jan 20.

Free Speech

Dr Troy Whitford commented that the problem with free speech is that people only like it when they are exercising it, on ABC Riverina Breakfast, Jan 31

Environmental study

Dr Dale Nimmo spoke about his new project, funded by the Australian Academy of Science and CSU, which will look at how to grow regional cities while minimising the effects on the environment, on ABC Riverina, Jan 30 and ABC Goulburn Murray, Jan 31 with a story in the Border Mail, Feb 1


The Science of Stuff

Regular segment with Dr John Rafferty on ABC Goulburn Murray, Feb 1. Discussion was on stem cell research and double glazed glass.

Putting a value on rivers

PhD student Buyani Thomy's research has shown that improving the condition of rivers in urban areas leads to higher house prices, in a story in the Western Advocate, and a radio interview on 2MCE, Orange, Feb 1 and a story in the Daily Liberal, Dubbo on Feb 15

Exaggerating the value of wetlands

Prof M FinlaysonA new article by ILWS Adjunct Dr Matthew McCartney and ILWS Director Prof Max Finlayson 'Exaggerating the value of wetlands for natural disaster mitigation is a risky business' has been published on February 2 in The Conversation.It was picked up by the online news environment guru, Feb 3

Launch of water program

Reports on the launch of Australian-funded water program to boost agriculture and water management in Pakistan, including a project led by ILWS researchers, were in Pakistan's The Nation and the Daily Times on February 1.and in the online news service awa, on Feb 8

Behind the conflict in central Kenya

Dr J BondHuman Geographer, ILWS researcher Dr Jennifer Bond, examines the complex reasons behind the conflict in central Kenya in an article in The Conversation on February 8.

Heatwave=climate change

The latest heatwave in SE Australia points to the need for comprehensive policies and action on climate change says Professor Kevin Parton in the on line news service Scimex and, from a CSU Media release, Public, Feb 10 There was then a story in the Central Western Daily, Feb 14. Kevin talked more about the policies needed to combat climate change on ABC Mid North Coast, Taree on Feb 14.

Pakistan project

A story about the Institute's new $2.5 million project in Pakistan looking at better management of groundwater for farmers was published in the one line news service Publicnow on Feb 14

Cost of a healthy food basket

ILWS Adjunct Jackie Priestley's study on the cost of a healthy food basket were cited by a local dietician in her interview with ABC Riverina Breakfast on Feb 16

Tax cuts and increases

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talked about Government suggestions of personal tax increases and cuts to corporate tax and other political topics on ABC Central West NSW, Orange, and February 20

Ambitious Plan

The Government's plan to carry out a cull across the nation against feral cats is described as "ambitious" by Dr Dale Nimmo, as reported on Prime TV Albury, February 21

Woomargama covenant

Professor Dave Watson spoke about the benefit to science of the conservation agreement between the owner of Woomargama Station, Claire Cannon, and the Nature Conservation Trust in the ABC Landline episode "Cattle and wool farmer places land under conservation to attract 'high end' buyers, which went to air on Sunday, February 26 and was also in earlier ABC News reports February 23

Sunday Penalty rates

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan spoke about the Sunday penalty rates as part of his regular session on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfasts, February 24

Climate report

Dr Andrew Hall covered recent climate conditions and outlook for the next three months for the Border area on Prime TV news, February 24.

Rock climbing

A story about Associate Professor Rosemary Black rocking climbing with new students from CSU's Port Macquarie campus appeared in the Port Macquarie News, February 25


King Island's Paddock Birds

A story on the role of birds in land management on King Island and the launch of 'Wings on King', a new project to monitor the land birds of King Island as a method of tracking and managing the islands' natural resources was in the King Island Courier, March 1. One of the speakers at the launch will be Professor David Watson.

Parliamentary report on Racial Discrimination Act

Dr Troy Whitford says an independent parliamentary report delivered about Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act has not addressed the issue on ABC Riverina, March 1.

Science of Stuff

Dr John Rafferty in his regular radio segment discusses the Essential Services Commission to increase the existing solar feed-in tariff by more than double in Victoria on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, March 1

Blue-green algae

Dr Julia Howitt was mentioned as one of the speakers (talking about blue-green algae monitoring) at the Annual Edward-Wakool Fish Forum, in Deniliquin. About 80 people attended the forum.  Other members of the Edward-Wakool Long-Term Intervention Monitoring gave some great insights into fish populations and movement research and monitoring. Reported in the Koondrook & Barham Bridge Newspaper, March 2

Fair Work Commission decision

Professor John Hicks says that the Fair Work Commission's decision to reduce Sunday penalty rates could befit regional Australia on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, March 2, and 2NM, Muswellbrook, March 3

NSW State Politics

Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses the ban on political donations made by property developers on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, March 3

Hanson leadership style

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses One Nation's Paulin Hanson style of leadership and the ruling from the Fair Work Australia on penalty rates on ABC Central West, March 6

Can West Innovate

Interview with Professor Mark Morrison, the Director of Cen West Innovate, which is to be launched in Bathurst.  Morrison explains that the program is funded through the NSW Department of Industries and Charles Sturt University and aims to generate more jobs in the region and to encourage interactions between the university and Central West businesses. He explains they'll bring in local and international experts to advise owners to develop their businesses. Aired on ABC Western Plains March 6.

Political news of the day

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray discusses the way the Federal Government is handling the energy problem, the resignation of the Parliamentary Secretary Catherine Cusack, and representation of indigenous people in parliament, March 10.

Endangered plants and animals

Dr Rachel Whitsted and her honours student Liam Grimmett were interviewed for Win TV News, Wagga, Albury & Canberra re Liam's study on investigating where endangered plants and animals live using data based on changing seasons and resources, March 15


Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, spoke about a proposed 7% stamp duty surcharge for foreign residential property buyers and the WA elections, March 17.

Talking Politics

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan spoke about Immigration MP Peter Dutton challenging the right of company CEOs to campaign on gay marriage and PM Malcolm Turnbull accusing a News Corp journalist of giving false news on aged pension cuts on ABC Central West Breakfast, March 20

Remembering a rock god

Dr Emma Rush, a lecturer in Philosophy & Ethics, is one of the authors of a piece in The Conversation commenting on the life (and death) of Chuck Berry, March 20.  The article was picked up and published in the Sydney Morning Herald, March 22 with the Shepparton News mentioning the piece in its coverage, March 24

Guaranteed Indigenous seats in parliament

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan shares his views on NSW Greens MP Dawn Walker's inaugural speech on why guaranteed Indigenous seats in parliament could ease inequality in an article in The Conversation which was also the focus of a CSU Media release March 20. This was picked up by the First Nations Telegraph in its Online news, March 21

Call for public to support conservation efforts

Dr Dale Nimmo, in response to the Government's call for the public to support conservation efforts, says Australia is among the 40 most underfunded countries in the world for conservation on Prime TV, Albury, March 23

Micro hydroelectric power projects in Nepal

An interview with PhD student Bharat Poudel who is doing research on micro hydroelectric power projects in Nepal on ABC Central West NSW, March 23

Energy debate and Indigenous quota

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses the energy debate, an Indigenous quota on Parliamentary representation and the Government's social and affordable housing fund on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, March 24

Historic bridges at Gundagai

Professor Dirk Spennemann believes that the historic bridges at Gundagai should be dismantled and just a section preserved in an interview on ABC Riverina, March 30

Social media sentiment about sharks

ILWS researchers are examining Facebook and Twitter in a study aimed at understanding community attitudes to shark management policy, in University of Wollongong's On Line news, March 30

Racial Discrimination and Adoption Policies

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan comments on the government being unsuccessful in passing its recommended changes to the Racial Discrimination Act section 18c, and also on adoption processes in Australia on his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, March 31


Not enough vegies

Professor Steven D'Alessandro in response to concerns about people not eating enough vegetables and fruit talks about people being time poor and concerned with health and the need for smart marketing, branding and adding value to products on ABC Riverina breakfast, April 4

Searching for the extinct echidna

A story featuring Professor David Watson about his proposed search for the long-beaked echidna in the Kimberleys in WA appeared in Australian Geographic online April 4 Other reports were an interview on ABC Kimberley, Broome, ABC Radio Sydney, ABC Online, April 10; Prime TV News, April 11;  a story titled "Euphoric at thought of finding rare echidna" in the Border Mail, April 11 and an interview on ABC Goulburn Murray, April 18


Dr John Rafferty talks about the stargazing series on the ABC, people who question the importance of research on space, and other space related topics on his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, April 5

Making aged care better

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth spoke about a new $93,000 project being run in regional NSW that ask people min aged care what could be done to make their experience better on ABC Mid North Coast, there was an online news items on on April 11, in, April 12.. The story was also picked up by the ABC's The World Today on April 24 which went to ABC Online, May 2

Using earbones to tell the age of fish

Dr Lee Baumgartner was interviewed on ABC Riverina about a study in the Mekong Delta which uses fish earbones to determine the age of fish, April 13.

Citizenship test

In his regular time slot with ABC Goulburn Murray presenter breakfast Joseph Thomsen, Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talks about Malcolm Turn bull's rhetoric about citizenship and Australian values on April 21

CenWest Innovate

Mention of a Developing Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems forum organised by CenWest Innovate (led by Professor Mark Morrison) on April 28 in Bathurst in the Molong Express, April 20 with a story in the Western Advocate mentioning guest speakers Professor Mark Morrison and Professor John Hicks, April 25 and one in the Western Times, Bathurst, about the guest speaker Professor Morgan Miles, from the University of Canterbury, April 27

Calls for aged care sector accreditation overhaul

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth was one of the aged care experts interviewed on why there is a desperate need for an overhaul of the aged care sector accreditation system by  The World Today, April 24

European carp removal

Dr Keller Kopf spoke about the harm that carp is doing to the Murray-Darling Basin in an interview about the proposed introduction of a herpes virus that will kill carp on Radio Adelaide, The Wire, April 24

Government office's decentralisation

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan in his regular radio session with Joseph Thomsen, ABC Goulburn Murray Breakfast talks about government department decentralisation, the NBN not living up to its promise, amendment to the national Armenian genocide commemoration in Sydney and former NSW Premier Mike Baird's new role as chief customer officer with the NAB, April 28

Impact of domestic dogs

A new paper with Dr Dale Nimmo on the global impacts of domestic dogs on threatened vertebrates in Biological Conservation was highlighted in the  on line science news service Scimex, April 28

There was also an article in the Conversation on the same topic, "The bark side: domestic dogs threaten endangered species world-wide," May 2.The piece was also picked up by the Blog,


The next budget

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talks about the next budget, access to superannuation savings for housing deposits, and good and bad debt in his 'Continuing talking politics' segment on ABC Central West breakfast, May1.

Science of Stuff

In his regular program with Joseph Thomsen on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, Dr John Rafferty chats about how the hemisphere has nothing to do with the way water spins, and a phase of the moon we don't see from Earth, May 4 .

Weekend recap in politics

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, during his regular segment with Joseph Thomsen, ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, chats about US President Donald Trump's meeting with PM Malcolm Turnbull and topics that could be brought up, and the proposed university fee price increase, May 5

Froglet on end of some estate love

A story on a decision to set aside 3.5ha for the preservation of the Sloane's Froglet at Thurgoona (a decision based on the findings from Dr Alexandra Knight's PhD thesis and her consequent work) appeared in the Border Mail, May 5

Budget news

Professor John Hicks spoke about the expected inland rail commitment in the upcoming Federal Budget on Win TV Wagga, May 8; about the proposed budget in general including the construction of Snowy Two, freeze on medical re bates and the rise in the Medicare levy on ABC Central West, NSW breakfast, May 9. After the Budget was announced he then commented that the government was looking to 'win votes' with its budget, which was picked up by the Central Western Daily, May (on-line May 10, published May 11), and then a "steady as she goes" response in the Western Advocate, May 11on-line) May 12. He was also interviewed re the Budget on Win TV Orange, May 9 and Prime TV Orange, May 10.

Electricity charge price hike

Dr Masterman-Smith was quoted in a story about expected electricity charge hikes and its impact on the poor in reference to a project she is leading to deliver financial advice and assistance to lower income families in the Lavington and North Albury areas, in Wagga's The Leader, May 10. She and Dr John Rafferty were also on Prime TV Albury May 9 talking about the new project radio interviews on 2AY, May 12, Triple M, May 15 and a story "CSU research project looks to solve riddle of high power disconnection in regional NSW" in the Border Mail, May 11 (on-line) May 12.

Travelling stock reserves review

Associate Professor Peter Spooner spoke about the importance and history of Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR) in response to the NSW Government's review of TSRs, on ABC Central West NSW, May 10

Wings on King takes flight

Professor David Watson was one of the ornithologists taking part in the launch of the Wings on King bird monitoring project (on King Island May 27). He spoke about boosting biodiversity on King Island by maintaining the nitrogen-fixing acacias (wattles) and allocasuarinas (sheoaks) in it shelter belts to provide deep litter layers as reported in the King Island Courier, May 10.

Starlings in Bathurst

Reference was made to an ILWS study (undertaken by Dr Maggie Watson) of starlings in Bathurst in an article in the Daily Liberal about the Dubbo council dismissing a call to replace trees where starlings roost, on line May 10 and then published May 11

Dismissing growth in the country

Institute Associate professor Bruce Pennay wrote an Opinion Piece in the Border Mail re it being unwise to dismiss growth in regional areas, May 13

Elderly at risk of horrific neglect

Associate Professor Maree Bernooth says despite many inquiries into the industry, there were still too many instance of cruelty, abuse and neglect for our frail and elderly in the Newcastle Herald, May 15 (online), May 16 and in the Port Stephens Examiner, May 18. She also spoke about the failure of a bill to keep one registered nurse on duty at all times in high-care nursing homes getting through the Lower House, on ABC Riverina, May 16.

Talking politics

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular breakfast show on ABC Central West, talks about the impacts of the budget cuts on universities, saving for a housing deposit through Superannuation funds, the new tax on bank and the increase in the Medicare Levy, May16

Impulse buying

Dr Steven D'Alessandro, editor of the Journal of Consumer Behavior talks about impulse buying and its connection to an emotional need on ABC Radio Adelaide, May 17. The interview was then  used again the following day May 18 for another segment on ABC Radio Adelaide

Mentoring in aged care facilities

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth talks about a Charles Sturt University project launched in 2015 to develop a mentoring program for student nurses on aged care placement relevant to both staff and students. It aimed to foster a culture of acceptance of students and mentoring skills among facility staff and thereby enhance the attractiveness of working in aged care in the on-line Australian Ageing Agenda, May 17.

Local run rail to benefit growers

An article by Institute Adjunct Associate Professor Ian Gray on the benefits of locally run rail to growers appeared in The Land newspaper, May 18

NSW State Politics round-up

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talks about the re-emergence of assisted dying laws in NSW and the lease of NSW electricity poles during his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, May 19

North East Environment Forum

Mention of CSU (ILWS) as one of the partners organising the North East Environment Forum in Wangaratta, in the Wangaratta Chronicle, May 17

Widespread invasive species control is a risky business

Widespread riskWhile projects to remove invasive species may yield great benefits, we must be aware of the potential risk of unexpected and undesirable outcomes say Drs R. Keller Kopf, Dale Nimmo and Paul Humphries in the Conversation, May 24. The article was linked in the Daily Bulletin May 24 and also appeared in, May 26 .

Carp Virus

Dr Kopf warned that the European carp virus may affect other species in the river and that efforts to abolish the carp are premature on ABC South East New South Wales, May 26.

NSW Political Wrap

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan and Joseph Thomsen, ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, spoke about the NSW opposition Leader Luke Foley's conditions to support the proposed sale of the Snowy Hydro company and Premier Gladys Berejiklian celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and the 20th Anniversary of the Stolen Generation's report, May 26.


Housing Affordability Reforms

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray with Joseph Thomsen, Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discussed the recent announcements by the NSW Premier on housing affordability reforms and stamp duty concessions for first home buyers, and then the NSW Green's rejection of the Federal Government's revised Gonski school funding grants, June 2.

How Hail Happens

Dr John Rafferty discussed the science of weather with Joseph Thomsen, including how sublimation and deposition result in hail and rain on ABC Goulburn Murray Radio, June 7.

Indigenous people and a liberal politics of potential

Indigeneity is a politics of potential; a theory of human agency that provides an indigenous framework for thinking about how to engage liberal societies in discourses of reconciliation, self-determination and sovereignty. Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan writes for Policy Press, University of Bristol, June 7.

This week in NSW politics with Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan

This week's regular segment with Joseph Thomsen included discussion about the exit polls in the UK, Troy Grant's decision to equip policemen with machine guns and intended trickle down benefits of the Government's proposed housing package, on ABC Goulburn Murray, June 9.

Backing down on plans to cull brumbies in Kosciusko National Park

Professor David Watson, was one of the 40 Australian ecologists that signed an open letter to the NSW Government encouraging them to do more to tackle the issue of Brumbies in Kosciusko National Park, says the current management plan is not adequate and rehoming horses is not practical or humane on Rural Reports for ABC South East NSW; and ABC Gippsland Sale June 13.

Aged-care facilities need an overhaul

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth talked about the need for aged care facilities to be closely monitored on 2BG, 3AW and 4BC June 18 and was mentioned in a story on protecting older Australians in the Border Mail, June 17 and in  its online news, June 16. She was also interviewed (following World Elder Abuse Day on June 15) and spoke about the statistics of elder abuse and its different forms on ABC Western Plains, Dubbo, on June 16; about people in aged centre facilities having complex chronic conditions including dementia and that they need specialist palliative care and pain management as well on ABC Riverina,  and on preventing elder abuse with quality aged care in online news  June 15

Upcoming NSW state budget

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular session with Joseph Thomsen on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast talks about the NSW state budget and the impact of its huge surplus as well as the advantages and disadvantages of stamp duty on June 20

Gonski 2.0 getting through Parliament

In his regular segment "Talking Politics" Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan calls Gonski 2.0 passing through parliament as the biggest achievement of the week from the government's point of view and then discusses further implications of the legislation on ABC Central West NSW breakfast June 26

Opinion on the Murray-Darling

In response to a report by the Wentworth group of Concerned Scientists arguing that there is no conclusive evidence that the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is effective, Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson and Dr Lee Baumgartner, together with Professor Peter Gell from Federation University, Ballarat, have written an Opinion Piece titled "More than just extra water needed". They say that while they broadly agree with the group's report, it is a mistake to focus on water volume alone. "Without giving equal attention to improving water quality and building critical ecological infrastructure, it's possible that increasing river flows could actually harm the Basin."  The Opinion Piece was first published by The Conversation on June 30 and then picked up by the blog, July 1; published in the Ballarat Courier, July 3

Carp enjoying near-perfect breeding conditions

Institute Adjunct Dr Mallen-Cooper talks about the near perfect breeding conditions in the River Murray which have been helped by the installation of a multi-million dollar regular at Chowilla, north of Renmark in South Australia on the ABC's The World Today, on June 30.

Quality not just quantity

More than just waterInstitute Director Professor Max Finlayson and Dr Lee Baumgartner, together with Professor Peter Gell from Federation University, Ballarat, have written an Opinion Piece in The Conversation titled "More than just extra water needed" which appeared on June 30.



Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talked about his new book Indigeneity: a Politics of Potential: Australia, Fiji and New Zealand and about how indigenous politics play out in the country. He defines Indigeneity as forging indigenous laws into modern principals and politics. His interview was aired  on ABC Mid North Coast, July 3. His book was also featured in the First Nations Telegraph on line

Language and the right to identity

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan wrote a blog for Open Forum, July 3, during NAIDOC 2017 Week's theme Our languages matter.  His opinion piece suggests that languages matter because they allow people to think in ways that are culturally contextualised for

Business incubators

Professor Mark Morrison spoke about the new ground-breaking technology incubator aimed at helping start-ups in rural and regional areas on ABC Online News, July 4. There was also a story in the Bathurst Western Advocate, July 4.

Science and stuff

Dr John Rafferty talks about the weather, climate change, modelling done by the Bureau of Meteorology and the need to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change on ABC Goulburn-Murray, July 5

Weekend Politics

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses the internal party tensions within the Greens Party and the Liberal Party, the possible return of Tony Abbott to the leadership of the Liberal Party, and weekend penalty rates on ABC Central Victoria, Breakfast, July 7

Talking Politics

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan says the recent Federal Budget was a budget of significant compromises and departures from standard Liberal policy in a bid to win back voters and then goes on to outline specifics of these tensions, on ABC Central West NSW breakfast, July 10

CenWest Innovate

Forward publicity for a "Branding and Target Marketing for Business Success" seminar being run by CenWest Innovate, a collaboration between CSU and the NSW Department of Industry, on Wednesday, July 12, in Bathurst as mentioned in the Western Advocate, July 11

Money for Mining leases

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular session 'Talking Politics' with ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast talked about the NSW State Government's decision to spend $260M on mining leases, an accusation that the State Government is reneging on a commitment to fund English language support for refugees and the Catholic system having to take up the slack; and a threat to lock the Federal Government out of a national plan for clean energy, July 14

The 'Silver Surfer'

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth defines the 'silver surfer' as an old person who is using computers and that some old people don't use them because they are afraid of fraudsters, have a vision problem or they get 'overwhelmed ' by the advantages of technology, on ABC Riverina breakfast, July 17

Nurses participation in murder

Professor Linda Shields has written a post about the participation of nurses in tens of thousands state sanctioned murders in Nazi era Europe in Croakey, July 17

Raising cash rates

In a story entitled "Interest rate rises set to hurt with high household debt and rising power prices" Professor John Hicks says that most experts believe that the Reserve Bank Australia would raise the official cash rate next year, in on-line news service, The Area News, July 20 and in the Daily Advertiser, July 21

Hard sell

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan warns that it may be a "hard sell" to convince voters at Dubbo and across Australia to switch to four-year federal parliamentary terms in the Daily Liberal on-line, July 24 and in print July 25.

Room for improvements

Dr Lee Baumgartner was quoted in an article in response to claims on Four Corners that some farmers were taking more water than entitled with his view that the majority of irrigators were not pumping excessive water but that there was room for improvement in Border Mail, July 28,  The Observer (Colleambally), July 30 in the Daily Advertiser, July 31.

Done the right thing

In response to claims on Four Corners that some farmers were taking more water than they were entitled too, Dr Skye Wassens has defended irrigators claiming most of them have done the right thing, as well as stressing the importance of environmental water in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Her interviews went to air ABC Mid North Coast, NSW Statewide Drive, July 27 and then 2NM Muswellbrook, National Rural News; ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, July 28. A story quoting both Dr Wassens and Dr Baumgartner, from the CSU Media release, appeared on line, July 27 Other reports were in the Area News, Griffith, July 31

Council mergers

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talks about the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian's decision to drop Council mergers, lack of Government support for banning plastic bags on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, July 28

Using vibrators for turtles

Dr James Van Dyke is quoted in a story about how using vibrators could help stop turtles from extinction in an article on Gizmoda, July 28

Regional rail

A story in the Goulburn Post, July 28 on regional rail user groups came together in Goulburn on July 19 to discuss how they could work together to further improve passenger train services in NSW. Representatives included members of the Orange Action Group, the Border Rail Action Group and Institute Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Ian Gray.

Third Winton Wetlands forum

A story on the third Winton Wetlands forum, to be held August 17 and 18, was in the Wangaratta Chronicle, July 28. Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson is one of the presenters of a special session on Ramsar Wetlands. This is the third in a series of events which are aimed at providing support for research on the Winton Wetlands restoration program, as well as assist in gaining data for the management and progression of the site.

Mistletoe as an urban ally

A story about a trial being done by the City of Melbourne and ecologist Professor David Watson that introduces mistletoe to plane trees in inner Melbourne appeared in "Time to kiss and make up with mistletoe" in the Sydney Morning Herald July 28 and in the Gardening section of The Age, July 29


Icebergs in Antarctica

Dr John Rafferty in his regular "Science and Stuff" segment on ABC Goulburn Murray Mornings talks about a giant iceberg from Antarctica that fell off into the ocean and its unusual size, August 2.

Laurie Oakes retires

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings talks about political commentator Laurie Oakes retiring, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and Katrina Hodgkinson's resignation from Parliament, August 4.

Trump, Sydney high school study

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray, talks about the US and Korea, a study of Sydney high schools that found that one-third are neither efficient nor effective; and accommodation issues for homeless people in Sydney, August 11.

Data base for fish movements in the Murray River

There is a public online data base now that shows the movement of fish in the Murray River. Scientists have tagged around 45,000 fish for the past 10 years. Fish Ecologist Dr Lee Baumgartner says there are listening stations in the Murray River from South Australia to Yarrawonga that detects passing fish that have been microchipped and the listening stations transmit the data to central database. Radio interview with Lee on Triple M, the Border, August 10, and on ABC Goulburn Murray for the Rural Report & ABC Wagga Wagga Rural Report, August 16, ABC Illawarra, ABC Ballarat, ABC Broken Hill, August 17,  ABC Eyre Peninsula and West Coast, August 18, and ABC Central Victoria Bendigo, August 21,

National Science Week

As part of National Science Week and his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, Dr John Rafferty spoke about hybrid cars, developments in Australia in lithium-ion battery technology, benefits of electric cars for the environment and driverless car technology on August 14.

Pauline Hanson wearing a burqa, dual citizen MPs and Parliament

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray, noted that political freedom of expression is important, especially in the Senate. However, Pauline Hanson wearing a burqa was unnecessary. He also spoke on the current troubles with dual citizen MPs and the rule of law, August 18.

I Have Always Wondered…

The Conversation have begun a new series where readers send in questions they'd like an expert to answer.  Drs Maggie Watson and James Van Dyke answered the question "When do baby birds begin to breathe?"  on August 27,and in its online news, and August 28.

Baiting programs

Dr Dale Nimmo talked about animal baiting and that the issue with large scale baiting programs was that they got too focused on the program and not the outcome, on ABC Riverina, Breakfast, and urged farmers to consider using guardian animals more on ABC Riverina News, August 28.

Government assistance for retraining mature age people

Professor John Hicks commented on the Government's plan to trail five regions to help mature age people for new jobs on ABC Central West, August 29


Turtle Trouble

Dr James Van Dyke is quoted in a story about declines in broad-shelled turtle numbers along the Murray River in an article in RM Williams Outback magazine titled "Turtle Trouble", Sept 1.

Regional Rail

Regional rail user groups came together in Goulburn on Wednesday 19 July to discuss how they could work together to further improve passenger train services in NSW. Representatives from the Orange Action Croup, the Border Rail Action Croup and Dr Ian Gray from Charles Sturt University Wagga, as well as members of the Southern Tablelands Rail Users Group (STRUG) attended. Reported in the Railway Digest, Sept 1.

Agricultural Economics

Professor Kevin Parton spoke about a survey on farmers' confidence which found it was at its lowest since 2013 saying that while the recent very dry winter and last year's wet winter was behind this, there is still plenty of resilience in farming, on ABC Central West NSW Mornings, Sept 5.

WW1 Exhibition

Historian A/Professor Bruce Pennay will speak on the impact of World War 1 on the North East and Border Region at the Wangaratta Art Gallery, on Friday 8, to coincide with the the Shrine of Remembrance touring exhibition "Australians with be there: Victorians in the First World War (1914-1919)", Border Mail, Wangaratta Chronicle, ABC Goulburn Murray, Sep 6.

Affordable Housing

Dr John Rafferty in his regular "Science and Stuff" segment on ABC Goulburn Murray Mornings talks about the possible use of shipping containers as affordable accommodation and the challenges of homelessness, housing policies and the need to reduce consumption to be sustainable, Sept 6.

Same sex marriage

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discussed the decision by the High Court on the same-sex marriage postal survey as well as New South Wales politics and the first Federation Council election on ABC Goulburn Murray, September 8.

Inaugural Nell Riordan lecture

Professor Linda Shields was the guest lecturer at the inaugural Nell Riordan (who was awarded seven medals for her service in the ANZAC Nursing Corps) lecture, an annual lecture series is hosted by Southern Cross University on Sept 8 in Lismore. Reported on ABC North Coast NSW breakfast, and Echo Net Daily September 8

Central West local elections

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses the results of NSW by-elections in his regular spot on ABC Central West mornings, September 12.

Inaugural NAPREC conference

Professor Max Finlayson will be one of the speakers at the inaugural National Agricultural and Reconciliation Centre (NAPREC) conference, with Dr Jen Bond a speaker at the dinner evening session, in Deniliquin, October 4. The theme of the conference is 'Positive Partnerships for Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity', and will focus on the role played by the human side of natural resource management. Reported in the Deniliquin Pastoral Times, Sept 19 and in their on-line news Also a report in the Southern Riverina News, Sept 20. and two  follow-up story in the Deniliquin Pastoral Times, Sept 29, one featuring Institute Adjunct Dr John Conallin, and then other a more general piece.

Homosexuality in regional Australia

Sociologist Dr Donna Bridges says the main issue re homosexuality in regional Australia is around feasibility and lack of role models in a radio interview on ABC Mid North Coast, NSW Statewide Drive, Sept 20,ABC South East NSW, Bega, ABC North West QLD, Sept 21, and on ABC North Queensland, Sept 22

Problems in aged care

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth was quoted in a four part series in the Bega District News about the problems of aged care centres saying people didn't want to make complaints, Sept 24 and in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 25.

Same-sex marriage

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray, Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses the same-sex marriage plebiscite in the political context, and the voluntary euthanasia bill in NSW, Sept 22.

Building relationships

As part of the CenWest Innovate program, a workshop which was part of a wider program called Next Stage Growth Program, was held in Bathurst, as reported in get regional Sept 25.

Opinion piece in the Canadian Conversation

Canadian ConversationAssociate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan has had an opinion piece titled "What New Zealand's vote means for Maori -- and potentially First Nations in Canada" which has had more than 15,000 reads and was the Conversation's most read article in the week it was published on September 26.

Living Rail

Mention was made of a new documentary "Living Rail – In Junee and the Riverina" produced by Institute Adjunct Associate Professor Ian Gray and its launch at the Junee Roundhouse Museum's 70th birthday was made in Junee's Southern Cross, Sept 28.

Gas, trade and dying

In his regular segment with ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast, Associate professor Dominic O'Sullivan talks about the PM blaming State Governments for the predicted gas shortage, NSW trade restrictions and the assisted dying bill, Sept 28

Ramsar Chair for the Wise Use of Wetlands

An interview with Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson, who holds this position, appeared on the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education web page, Sept 29

Ageing book's success

Following the success of Associate Professor Maree Bernoth and Denise Winkler's book "Healthy Ageing and Aged Care" which was awarded the 2017 Educational Publishing Awards Australia for the best Tertiary Student Resource in Melbourne, Sept 20, a/Prof Bernoth did radio interview on ABC Riverina which went to air for the news, Sept 29.


Bird perches: a simple method to reduce bird damage to grapes

A story on the research carried out by former ILWS PhD student Dr Rebecca Peisley on her study trialing the use of artificial perches to encourage predatory birds  into vineyards appeared in the October issue of Australian Viticulture.

End of cyber life

Professor Adam Steen has led a research project Estate Planning in Australia looking at what happens to your digital assets when you die, and how unprepared businesses and people are for this, as reported in medianet, Oct 4. Other ILWS who were involved in the project are Professor Steve D'Alessandro, and Dr Dianne McGrath. Also reported on  ABC Online, in respect Facebook accounts, an interview with Professor Steen on AM Radio National, ABC News, Melbourne, ABC Radio Canberra, ABC Radio Sydney, ABC Radio Hobart, ABC Radio Adelaide, ABC South East NSW, Bega, 6PR, Perth, ABC Radio Darwin, Triple J, Sydney, ABC North West Qld, ABC Illawarra, Wollongong, ABC North Coast, Lismore, ABC Riverina, ABC Online,;; ABC Radio Australia, Financial Standard, Your Life Choices, The story was also picked up by ABC News, TV, Sydney , all on October 4.continued to have media hits with Professor Steen interviewed an ABC Radio Darwin afternoons, ABC Radio Melbourne, Drive, Oct 5; and a hit on 4BC,, 2GB Sydney, October 8. There was a follow up story "Digital assets overlooked in estate planning" that appeared in the Financial Standard magazine, Oct 16  and a TV interview on Studio 10 "What happens to your digital accounts after you die?" October 26.

Discussions at CPOAG meeting

In his regular segment with Joseph Thomsen, ABC Goulburn Murray, Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses what was talked about at the COAG meeting with the Prime Minister including gas explorations, facial recognition technology and a Labor proposal in NSW that 70% of Vocational Education and Training Budget be earmarked for TAFE exclusively.

Raising the wall

Dr Reza Mahinroosta says raising the wall of the Ben Chifley Dam was the most effective way of improving Bathurst's water security on ABC Central West NSW, Orange; ABC Western Plains, Dubbo, Oct 5.

Rising temperatures

Dr John Rafferty, in his regular show "The Science of Stuff" on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast talks about the forecasted 50 degree days in Sydney and Melbourne by the end of the century, Oct 5.

Inaugural NAPREC Conference

A story on the National Agricultural productivity and Reconciliation Conference in Deniliquin Oct 4-5 quoting Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson appeared in the Deniliquin  Pastoral Times, Oct 10 and in the Southern Riverina News, Finlay, Oct 11.

Australia's species need an independent championAustralia's species need an independent champion

Drs Geoffrey Heard and Dale Nimmo were among the seven authors of an article in The Conversation, Oct 12,  calling for the role of the Federal Government's Threatened Species Commissioner to be strengthened and made independent. It was picked up by, Oct 12

The Simpson's disappear

Dr Travis Holland, who has researched the TV series The Simpsons, was quoted in an ABC TV News story "The Simpsons disappear from Australian free-to-air TV after Fox pulls content from Ten Network" and ABC Radio Australia, Oct 12

Language bill

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talks about the NSW Liberals re-election campaign, the High Court hearing 'citizen seven' cases and the Aboriginal language bill, Oct 13

Why the Indigenous in New Zealand have fared better than those in Canada

Indigenous peoplesIndigenous peoples of Canada and New Zealand share similar experiences as subjects of British colonialism yet the Maori have fared better says Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan in his piece in Conversation Canada, Oct 16

Latest political newspoll

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan in his regular segment with ABC Central West Breakfast discussed the recent Newspoll results which indicate things are not looking good for the coalition and its leaders, and the citizenship saga currently being decided upon by the High Court, Oct 16

Healthy Ageing

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth spoke about the book "Healthy Aged and Aged Care" (by herself and Dr Denise Winkler) which has won a national award and the issues it raises on ABC Central West mornings, Oct 17

Earth Building conference

Associate Professor Dirk Spennemann will be one of the speakers at the inaugural International Earth Building Conference to be held at CSU's Albury-Wodonga campus at Thurgoona, Nov 2 to 6, as reported in, Oct 17.  There was a story on the conference with a photograph of Dirk and the campus in the Border Mail, Oct 18.

New NZ Prime Minister

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, talks about Jacinda Ardern's success in being elected Prime Minister of New Zealand; the NSW Liberal Party's $950 ticket fundraiser; and big swings against the Nationals at Cootamundra and Murray by-elections, Oct 20.

Perceptions of genocide

Professor Linda Shields, who has contributed a chapter to Genocide Perspectives V: A global Crime, Australian voices, was interviewed by Anne Delaney, ABC Riverina breakfast about her article in which she explores the role of nurses in genocide, Oct 20

Why chickens don't look downWhy chickens don't look down

Dr Maggie Watson, as part of the "I've Always Wondered" series in The Conversation has answered the question to "I've always wondered: why don't chickens look down when they scratch? October 21

Corpus Momentum exhibition

Associate Professor Val Ingham's art work, which focuses on the human body, is on exhibition "Corpus Momentum" at the ONE88 Gallery 2, Katoomba, as reported in the Blue Mountains Gazette, Oct 23

Fate of Citizenship Seven

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talked about the upcoming decision on the fate of the 'Citizenship Seven'; support for euthanasia legislation in NSW; and Facebook surveys, Oct 27.


Dr Travis Holland has recently been appointed Course Director for the Bachelor of Communication at CSU as reported on radio info, CSU , Oct 27

Business briefingEconomics of prison

Dr Katherine McFarlane was among a group of academics interviewed for a Business Briefing: questioning the economics of prison, in a piece for The Conversation, Oct 31.

Aged Care Reform

Associate Professor Maree Bernoth was featured in a report 'Carnell report missed the point on aged care reform' on the ABC's The World Today, October 31


Parks & Leisure Award

Institute Adjunct Dr Penny Davidson’s 2017 Frank Stewart Distinguished Service Award from Parks & Leisure Australia was highlighted in a story in Local Government Focus, Nov 1.

NSW Regional Rail Action Group

A story on the NSW Regional Rail Action Group, of which Institute Adjunct Associate Professor Ian Gray is a member, was published in the magazine, Track & Signal, Nov 1.

Politics and citizenship

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan, in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, discussed the continuing issues regarding dual citizenships and politicians in the wake of new revelations and resignations, cuts to the budget for the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and an overhaul of liquor licensing rules in NSW, Nov 3.

Protecting small businesses against cyber threat

An event run through CSU's CenWest Innovate to coach businesses in the Central West on cyber security threats and mitigation was promoted withy quotes from CenWest Innovate director Professor Mark Morrison in the Daily Liberal, Nov 10. and a brief in Dubbo Photo News, Nov 9. There was also mention of a workshop at the Hotel Canobolis, Orange on Triple M Central West, Orange on Nov 14.

Recognition of World Teachers' Day Award

Award recipient Associate Professor Rylee Dionigi CSU School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health in Port Macquarie has received a World Teachers' Day Award. She was recognised for her teaching style that challenges and encourages her students to think critically, reflect on biases, question content, and find academic evidence to support their claims. A report in the Port Macquarie News, November 10.

Workshop on ground water

An extensive report on a three day workshop on Capacity Enhancement in Ground Water Data Analysis and Modelling held at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan featured in a report in the Regional Times of Sindh, Nov 11. The workshop is part of the Improving Ground Water Management to Enhance Livelihoods in Pakistan project. The article included comments from Associate Professor Catherine Allan, Dr Michael Mitchell and Institute Adjunct Professor Punthakey.

Oxford Human Rights HubAustralia Denies Political Participation as an Indigenous Human Right

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan explores lack of political will and other challenges for the national Parliament to hear representative indigenous perspectives on policy priorities in his piece for the Oxford Human Rights Hub on November 15.

Result of same-sex marriage vote

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan spoke about the results of the same-sex marriage vote on Triple M Central West, Orange, Nov 15 and 16; hit93.5 Dubbo, Nov 16.

Gateway to Australia: Bonegilla Migrant Centre

Institute Adjunct Associate Professor Bruce Pennay was featured in a number of stories about the Bonegilla Migrant Centre including, on ABC News, Sat 18,; in The Age, Nov 16 , Bonegilla's 70th anniversary: This way came a new Australia , ABC On line , Nov 17; Online News: WA Today Brisbane Times, Nov 16

Euthanasia Bill

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses the voluntary euthanasia bill being defeated in NSW's Upper House; NSW's spending on education; and NZ government trying to take 150 asylum speakers from Papua New Guinea, on Nov 17.

Using illegal nets

Dr James Van Dyke spoke on the damage caused by the use of illegal nets after finding a long neck turtle dead near Thurgoona on Prime TV Albury, Nov 23 with a more extensive interview on the subject on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, Nov 27 and ABC Goulburn Murray News, Nov 28 where he also mentioned a new smartphone ap, TurtleSAT, to help monitor and protect local turtle populations. CSU Media local news release

Senior public servant salaries

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan talks about the salaries senior public servants are paid which are more than that of the Prime Minister and the road toll fees in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray, Breakfast, Nov 24.

Swing against LNP in Queensland

In a special segment with Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan on ABC Central West, Orange Dominic discusses the swing against the NLP in the recent Queensland state elections, on Nov 27.

All is not what it seems

A feature story titled "Why companies are staying private?" in in the national magazine InTheBlack's November issue includes commentary from Professor of Finance Adam Steen  on the drop in the number of IPOs(initial public offerings).

World first continental acoustic observatory 

Acoustic ObservatoryProfessor Dave Watson explains why Australia is the perfect candidate for a continent-wide recording array in his article in The Conversation, November 30

Acoustic laboratory

Professor David Watson spoke about a project involving solar powered listening stations across Australia (400 microphones to be placed in 100 sites around the country) which is generating high resolution continuous data on how Australia’s ecosystem is travelling on AM, ABC Radio Sydney, Radio National, Canberra, ABC Radio Canberra, Nov 30. with another interview on ABC TV News, Sydney, November 30.  There was also a story in the on-line news service Australian Business based on Professor Watson’s piece in The Conversation, World-first  continental acoustic observatory will listen to the sounds of Australia, published Nov 30.


Raptors in vineyards

Dr Rebecca Peisley and her work on whether or not encouraging raptors in vineyards helps reduce damage by grape eating birds appeared in the magazine Australian & NZ Grapegrower & Winemaker, Dec 1.

Banking Royal Commission

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan says he believes that the Prime Minister announced a royal commission into the banks to avoid the storm which is a defeat on the floor of the Parliament. He also discussed the coming by-elections, on December 1.

Turtle numbers are dropping

Dr James Van Dyke continues in his efforts to get people to stop using opera house nets as they kill turtles in an interview on Triple M The Border, hit 104.9 Albury News Dec 4.

National Acoustic Observatory

Professor David Watson spoke on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings about the new National Acoustic Observatory, Dec 4. Helen Shields, from the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, talked more about the program and CSU’s involvement on ABC Radio Hobart Digital, Dec 4. The story was also picked up by the kevinwildside blog and the online news service Business Insider Australia, Dec 6. Dave did another interview on the subject with Tim Webster for Radio 2UE, Sydney, and December 6

There was another hit in the Online news service on Dec 15.

Getting the Dirt on the new Soil Research Centre

An article in the Buloke Times, Donald mentions Associate Professor Catherine Allan’s role as program leader for “Investing in high performance soils” for the new CRC for High Performance Soils, Dec 5

Science with Dr John Rafferty

In his regular segment with ABC Goulburn Murray Dr John Rafferty discusses future internet  processing speeds, battery development and home storage, driverless cars on December 6

Australia Day Debate

Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan talks about Triple J’s decision to change the date of the hottest 100 countdown to the day after Australia Day on 2MCE Orange, Dec 7.

Big day for Federal Parliament and Australia

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray Breakfast Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan talks about the same-sex marriage legislation being passed and the continuing citizenship saga, December 8.

Excluding feral livestock from NT waterholes

A study being conducted by Dr Melanie Massaro and a PhD student is looking at whether excluding stock from waterholes in an NT National Park will help biodiversity as reported on Triple M The Border, hit 104.9 Albury, with Melanie doing an interview with Joseph Thomsen on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, Dec 11.

Travelling birds generate eco-travellers

Professor Mark Morrison, from the Faculty of Business, is one of the authors of a new paper in the international journal Human Dimensions of Wildlife titled Travelling birds generate eco-travellers: The economic potential of vagrant birdwatching as reported the UNSW on-line news Dec 12 and Dec 11.

Bennelong by-election

In his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan talks about the Bennelong by-election and the Chinese influence on politics in light of Sam Dastyari’s resignation, December 15.

International tour of the Edward River

A story appeared in the Deniliquin Pastoral times about representatives from six countries all working together on fish passage and fish migration at an international level being in Deniliquin for a special tour of agricultural infrastructure that has been upgraded in the last decade to be more fish friendly, Dec 15.

German community as the enemy within

Institute Adjunct Associate Professor Bruce Pennay has written a piece in the Border Mail “German Community seen as the enemy within” published Dec 15.

Graduation stories

The Border Mail featured three of the Institute’s graduating PhD students – Dr Zsofia Palfi, Dr Xiaoying ‘Sha Sha’ Liu and Dr Carmen Amos in its coverage of the 2017 graduation ceremonies in Albury, Dec 16.

Mistletoe in Melbourne Parks

A research project led by Professor David Watson in Melbourne where mistletoe plants have been installed on the plane trees in inner Melbourne is featured on the City of Melbourne's web page - with a story in the HeraldSun, December 18.

Using fill as fuel

Institute Adjunct Barney Foran was featured in a story in the Lithgow Mercury saying that Energy Australia’s plan to start using landfill as a source of fuel at the Mt Piper Power Station “is the least we can do” in the context of NSW’s waste production, December 19.

Political highlight

Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan, in his regular segment on ABC Goulburn Murray, says that the citizenship crisis was Australia’s political highlight in 2017 and that there may be more by-elections, Dec 22