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Navigating the “new normal”

Dr Belinda Cash comments in an article about COVID-19 and its impact on older people mentally and socially that ran in The Senior Victoria, and The Senior South Australia, January 3.

Lizard covers

A story co-authored by members of the Murrumbidgee MER team on tree covers for lizards has been published on the Flow-Mer website at

Your expert guide

Dr Melanie Massaro has been promoted as an “expert guide” in Australian Geographic, Jan 5.

This week in politics

Professor Dominic O’Sullivan  discussed the politics of the day which included political viewpoints on the government’s choice  of vaccines for COVID-19; the intersection of politics and science; the situation playing out in America particularly the active encouragement of Trump and those close to him to incite a riot in Capital Hill, the upcoming impeachment trial, and the fragility of democracy on ABC Central West, January 13.

Impeachment trial

Professor Dominic O’Sullivan discussed the outgoing US President Donald Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial on ABC Western Plains, January 15.

Change to national anthem

The changing of Australia's national anthem to denote the many years of Indigenous Australian inhabitation of the land does not go far enough to promote a unified national identity, according to Professor Dominic O’Sullivan in an article in The Daily Advertiser, in an article in the Daily Advertiser which also refers to his new book Sharing the Sovereign, on line January 15 and in print January 18.

Research on snakes

There was an interview with new ILWS post-doc Dr Chris Jolly, a snake catcher, on a paper he has published in Austral Ecology based on his seven years of snake catching and human and snake interactions, on ABC Darwin, and ABC Alice Springs, January 16.

Impact of bushfires on wildlife

One year on since the fires of last summer, Associate Professor Dale Nimmo spoke about their impact on Australian’s wildlife on ABC Goulburn Murray, ABC Gippsland, January 19.

How the phases of the moon affect Australian Wildlife

An article co-authored by PhD student Grant Linley on how the moon affects Australian wildlife was republished by Gizmodo, Jan 22.

Sloane’s froglet

Dr Alex Knight was interviewed re her research into the Sloane’s froglet and her work with work with schools in the Corowa district on ABC Goulburn Murray, ABC Gippsland, ABC Shepparton,  January 22.