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Regent parrot project
Mention of the research on regent parrots in projects led by Dr Peter Spooner appeared in Ecology, Environment and Conservation, Jan 2

Missed opportunity
Prof John Hicks was quoted in the Country News talking about the benefits of a successful takeover in regards to Graincorp, Jan 6

Squirrel glider threat
Dr Peter Spooner spoke on ABC AM re the impact of the development of regional cities on key native species like squirrel gliders, Jan 6

Saving species
Dr Melani Massaro has shown that rim-laying had a strong genetic basis in an article about how a bird's rescue from extinction  nearly back-fired in Homepaddock, a New Zealand web  news service Jan 6 and again in Live Science, Jan 14

Prof Kevin Parton's comments on why climate change adaptation makes sense in light of the January heatwave was put out through the Australian Science Media Centre Jan 14 and taken up by the Science Media Centre, and Yahoo! New Zealand,  Jan 14, Daily Liberal, Open Forum & Straits Times, Jan 15, AB C Goulburn Murray mornings, Jan 16,  in the Central Western Daily, Jan 16, Parkes Champion-Post, Jan 17,  Daily Advertiser, Jan 18.

Community Values 
A/Prof Rosie Black spoke on 2AY re her research into community values and knowledge of biodiversity on Jan 15, with a story titled on her and Dr Shelby Laird's research titled 'Don't lose rural values' in the Border Mail, Jan 18.

Old Survey Heritage Trees
A story "Wood you be able to help in hunt for tree history?" based on the work of Dr Peter Spooner appeared in the Country Mail section of the Border  Mail, January 25

Our places
Dr Helen Masterman-Smith was interviewed regarding the "Our Place-Riverina and Murray" project workshop at Deniliquin on ABC Riverina mornings, Jan 28


Regent parrots and almonds
Dr Peter Spooner was interviewed on the role that regent parrots play in helping keep orchard almonds free from disease and their financial benefits on National Radio News, Country News 2AY, Jan 31 with stories on the web news service The Rural, Jan 31, in the Country News Feb 4, the Weekly Times Feb 5; interviews on ABC Rural & ABC Rural Report Mildura Feb 11; ABC Riverina breakfast Feb 13 and Farm Weekly, Stock Journal; The Australian Dairy Farmer, Stock & Land, The Land, Queensland Country Life, and North Queensland Register, Feb 23; with A/Prof David Watson on the same topic on ABC RN Bush Telegraph, Feb 13 and ABC Bush Telegraph Feb 19.

Noise and modern students
There was a science program interview with Dr Bruce Fell about "noise and modern students" on ABC Radio National, Feb 10

Drought Relief Package
Prof John Hicks says the feral government's drought relief package will be of limited benefit to communities in a story in the Western Advocate, The Land, North Queensland Register, The Australian Dairy Farmer, Queensland Country Life, Stock Journal, Stock & Land, Farm Weekly, Daily Liberal, Central Western Daily & Rural Weekly, Feb 28


Action on Basin Plan
Professor Max Finlayson was featured in a story calling for action on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in Country News, March 4

Climate change affecting farm conditions
A major new climate report highlighting  the increase in temperatures and decline in rainfall in some of Australia's key farming areas with comments from Prof John Hicks featured on Bush Telegraph, March 4

Drought support could use improvement
Dr Merrilyn Crichton views on mental health programs for rural patients were heard on ABC Gippsland mornings, March 4

Rural lifestyles
Dr Angela Ragusa, editor of a new book, Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-Being and Social Change: Lessons from Country Australia for Global Citizens, was interviewed about the reality of moving to and living in regional Australia on ABC Riverina breakfast, and National Radio News, March 5.  Interviews with the Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann, Dr Ragusa and book chapter author Dr Ngundi  Mungai were screened  on Prime News Wagga, March 7. There was also a report on the launch in the Daily Advertiser, March 10

Differences in Opinions
Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson was interviewed on differences in public opinions on climate in Australia and overseas on National Radio News, March 7

Talking Strength
Two  ILWS female researchers, Dr Emily Mendham and  Dr Skye Wassens were featured in a Pulse story re women in research in the  Border Mail, March 8

Environmental works in North Queensland
Associate Institute Director Professor Vaughan Higgins was interviewed  on his research into North Queensland beef producers which shows that they will take on environmental works if they have assistance with the paper work on 2UE Rural, March 12.  Further reports were in Queensland Country Life, North Queensland Register, March 14, in the CSIRO Publishing's ECOS magazine

Environmental watering in the Lachlan Catchment
A story about the LTIM project for the Lachlan catchment which involves researchers from the Institute appeared in the Central Western Daily, March 13 and in the Town & Country Magazine, March 16

Mining and Food Security
Dr Tory Whitford spoke about mining and food security in Australia on ABC NSW Country Hour and ABC NSW New England Rural Report March 13

National Party "missing in action"
Dr Troy Whitford gave his views on the National Party and concerns that it isn't supporting agriculture on ABC Rural, March 13

Froglets home at Thurgoona
A story on the Sloane's froglet referring to research carried out by PhD student Alex Knight at Thurgoona was published in the Border Mail, March 15

Cats inside
ILWS PhD student Janey Adams, who is also a cat lover was quoted in a story in the Daily Advertiser, March 15 saying that indoors was the best place for cats

Deal signed
Institute director Prof Max Finlayson says that now all states have signed up to the Murray Darling Basin Plan it's time to focus on [putting the plan into action in the Southern Weekly, March 17

Starling behaviour
One of the option s presented by ILWS researchers involved in a study of how to control starlings in Dubbo was to introduce birds of prey as reported on ABC News control-pests/5330098 and in the Daily Liberal, March 19

Hug a tree
Dr Shelby Laird's piece on how hugging a tree makes you feel better or rather our connectedness to Nature appeared in The Conversation on March 19 and was also picked up by All Voices, US.

University Sustainability research
Research being carried in the Antarctic as part of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (involving a PhD student of  ILWS researcher Dr Julia Howitt) was mentioned in The Fifth Estate, March 20

A place to call home
Mention of new ILWS PhD student Jenny Woods and her Masters research on Bhutanese refugees and the new book edited by Dr Angela Ragusa on rural lifestyles in a Pulse story about refugees in regional Australia in the Border Mail, March 22

Young Workers
Dr Robert Tierney is quoted in the Central Western Daily re claims business groups are making about payment to school children who work in the afternoons on March 25

Free trade
Prof John Hicks was interviewed o n the proposed free trade agreement with China and its effects on agricultural land purchases on ABC Victoria Country Hour, and Ace Radio Country Today, March 28 and also on ABC News, April 4.

Focus on Irrigation
Mention in the Border Mail's Country Mail section that Prof Max Finlayson will be speaking on wetlands and irrigation at the next Irrigation Conference on the Gold Coast, on March 29


Hypoxia, blackwater and fish kills
A paper  by Dr Keller Kopf and A/Prof Robyn Watts on 'Hypoxia, Blackwater and Fish Kills: Experimental Lethal Oxygen Thresholds in Juvenile Predatory Lowland River Fishes' referring to experiments with four lowland river fish native to the Murray-Darling Basin, was on the journal PLOS One's web site, April 11

Killing with Kindness
A story on Dr Melanie Massaro's research on the Chatham Island Black Robin and the hidden perils of intervention for conservation appeared in New Scientist, April 14.|NSNS|2013-GLOBAL-hoot

The Contemporary Pacific
Former ILWS PhD student Kelly Marsh who has a doctorate in culture heritage studies made political comments about 'The Contemporary Pacific-Guam' in the Pacific Islands report, April 25.

Recording survey trees
Interview on ABC Riverina breakfast with Corowa Landcare Group about an upcoming talk with Dr Peter Spooner about his work recording survey trees on April 28.

2014 Futures Forum
ILWS Advisory Board chair and adjunct Prof John Williams was one of a line-up of top speakers discussing the future of regional communities in Cowra, May 2, as reported in the Corowa Community News, April 28.


Trust booklet launch
Prof Allan Curtis and Prof Bruce Shindler (Oregon State University) were interviewed re the launch of a new guide to help build trust between local communities and fire management agencies on  ABC Riverina, May 1, Country Today, and 2AY, May 2. An interview with Prof Shindler was on ABC Victorian Country Hour, May 5. A story on "Building trust from the ground up" appeared in the Border Mail-Country Mail section on May 24.

Penguin Research
A feature story on Dr Melanie Matthews and Dr Alison Matthews re their research in Antarctica on penguins appeared in the Pulse section of the Border Mail, May 3. Dr Massaro also did  radio interviews on ABC Riverina and ABC Goulburn Murray mornings on May 27.The interview was then picked up by seven ABC radio stations across Australia on May 28.

Albury Wodonga Development Corporation
Institute adjunct  Prof Bruce Pennay  spoke on the history of the Albury Wodonga Development Corporation and its closure by the Federal Government on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, and ABC National breakfast on May 13. He then spoke on the same subject on the ABC Riverina breakfast show, May 14

Dairy Sector and Climate change
A story on an ARC project led by A/Prof Vaughan Higgins looking at how the dairy industry is preparing for climate change and the greenhouse gas abatement scheme appeared  and in Get Farming, May 13  with radio interviews on the subject on ABC SE NSW Rural, ABC Gippsland Rural, ABC Mid North Coast NSW Rural, and MMG Country Today, May 14.There was a further story in the Border Mail's Country Mail section on   May 31 titled "Dairy willing and able."

Budget Preview & reaction
The Institute was well represented in terms of a response to the Federal Budget:

with an interview with Prof John Hicks previewing the federal budget  on Fairfax News on that then went to more than 125 Fairfax newspapers across the country. on May 14

a TV interview on the budget together with Prof Kishor Sharma  on Prime 7 News Wagga Wagga on May 14

after the Budget was announced Prof Hicks' views in "The reactions/Interactions story"  went to more than 125 media outlets

A/Prof PK Basu was interviewed about the budget on the ABC Riverina morning show, May 14

Prof John Hicks spoke on the Budget on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings May 15

A story with Prof Hicks' views was in the Camden Haven Courier, May 20

Preserving historic buildings
Prof Bruce Pennay gave his views on preserving historic buildings on Dean Street in the Border Mail, May 16

Survey targeting the vulnerable
A story about a survey being run by Dr Val Ingham in the Blue Mountains appeared in the Blue Mountains Gazette, May 21 with a radio interview on 2BS, June 2.

Heritage Trees
Dr Peter Spooner was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings re his research on heritage survey trees in southern NSW on May 28.

New ecology research findings A report on findings by ILWS ecologist (Drs Simon Watson, A/Prof David Watson, Prof Gary Luck and Dr Peter Spooner) re land cover changes and its effect on ecosystems was picked up by the 4-traders website for news in Ecology and Environment, May 28.

Common ground for Water
Prof Max Finlayson comments in a CSU media release on his keynote presentation sat the 2014 Irrigation Australia Conference re looking for common ground on water management were picked up by The Rural web news service, May 30. He was also interviewed by ABC Gold Coast while at the conference.


Impacts of social change
An interview with PhD student Jenni Greig re her research on how people in small communities (Hillston, NSW is her case study) are affected by significant alterations in their community on ABC Riverina on June 3, was then picked up by four other ABC radio stations including ABC News, and ABC Hobart. She then did an interview with ABC 2CR the following day.

Politics in regional Australia
Dr Troy Whitford was interviewed on ABC Riverina breakfast re political representation in regional Australia on June 4.

Saving threatened species
The Border Mail ran a picture story on page three featuring five of our ILWS students dressed up in their "onesies" promoting the need to save threatened species on June 4.

AM for Prof David Mitchell
Prof David Mitchell who was named a member in the general division of the Order of Australia in the 2014 Queen's Honour's List was featured in the Border Mail on June 9. The story was also picked up by Irrigation Australia.

Forum to discuss budget
Prof John Hicks was mentioned on ABC 2CR as a member of a forum to discuss the Federal Budget held in Bathurst, June 12

Sugar solution to weeds
Research done some time ago now by the Institute's A/Prof Ian Lunt, and Dr Suzanne Prober, from CSIRO, is being used as the basis for a new trail being carried out by Melbourne Water. That story has been picked up by the Perth Now website,; Adelaide Now; Daily Telegraph; Courier Mail; and Herald Sun on June 18 as well as The Weekly Times, June 25.

National's unclear future
A story with Dr Troy Whitford re the future of the National Party appeared in The Guardian, June 23.

Heritage tree project results
Dr Peter Spooner was interviewed by Anne Delaney on ABC Riverina breakfast re the results of his heritage survey tree project in southern NSW on June 26.A story about the research also appeared in The Daily Advertiser, June 26 and then a larger story in The Border Mail's Country Mail, on July 12.

ALP Rural branch
There was an interview with Dr Troy Whitford on the announcement by national ALP to establish a rural branch on ABC National's Bush Telegraph, June 26.

Creative Regions Lab
Stories about the new Creative Regions Lab, launched by A/Prof Woodward, appeared in the Western Advocate, and on 2BS, June 30, and then Bathurst City Life, July 9.


Frog Research
PhD student Amelia Walcott is offering Forbes residents the chance to take part in her research into frog species along the Lachlan River as reported in the Forbes Advocate, July 8

How Australia responds to drought
Professor Max Finlayson was interviewed by US radio station CBS Los Angeles  for a story on how Australia responded to its last major drought which went to air July 31.


Blackwater and fish kills
Life Science Weekly reported on results from an ILWS research study on hypoxia, blackwater and fish kills: experimental lethal oxygen thresholds in juvenile predatory lowland river fishes), August 5.

All's green and healthy in the garden
A story with RCE Murray-Darling director Dr John Rafferty on community gardens in Albury Wodonga appeared in the Border Mail, August 7.

Bushfire survey
A story about an ILWS research project led by Dr Val Ingham around a bushfire survey in the Blue Mountains designed to help older and vulnerable people in the community appeared in the Blue Mountains Gazette, August 13.

Climate Change Forum
The Climate Change and the Community, which the Institute hosted in Albury on August 19 drew plenty of media coverage including:

A story in the Border Mail, August 16, featuring speaker CSU student Lewis Tinley

A panel discussion with ILWS adjunct Barney Foran, Dr Shelby Laird, and CSU student Lewis Tinley on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, August 17

A story after the event featuring comments by ILWS director Prof Max Finlayson and other speakers  in the Border Mail, August 20  and again with comments from A/Prof David Watson, who moderated the event, and a general story about the event appeared in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, August 23

Gunbower Island survey
A survey funded by the North Central CMA and an ILWS project of residents across Gunbower, Cohuna, Leitchville and Koondrook on environmental works at Gunbower Island appeared in the Riverine Herald, August 18

Our Place project
The launch of and report on the "Our Place-Riverina-Murray" project featuring comments by Dr Helen Masterman-Smith  and a general story about the project appeared in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, August 23


RET review
A blog from Prof Kevin Parton on the RET review was published on Open Forum, Sept 2.

Getting on the Rails
ILWS adjunct Associate Professor Ian Gray was interviewed re an ILWS symposium in Albury on re-developing regional rail freight on ABC Goulburn Murray morning show, ABC Riverina Morning show, ABC NSW Country Hour, and NRN News September 16, on Prime News, Albury September 17 with a story in the Border Mail, September 18 with another story titled "Freight needs fast tracking' in the Albury Wodonga News Weekly, Sept 24.

Woody plant research
'Can severe drought reverse woody plant encroachment in a  temperate Australian woodland?' A story featuring ILWS research on woody plant encroachment appeared in the on-line Science Letter, September 19

Crop stubble
Interviews with ILWS Associate Director A/Prof Vaughan Higgins re research on what drives grain growers to burn or conserve crop stubble were on Country News, ABC Goulburn Murray Rural Report, ABC Victorian Country Hour, Sept 29 and a story in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, October 18


Ask an expert
A/Prof David Watson answered a question on mistletoe in Australian Geographic, Issue 122, Sept/Oct 2014, page 126. He also wrote an article about the Western Australian Christmas tree in Wild magazine, Issue 144, Nov-Dec 2014, page 16

Children playing outside
A piece that Dr Shelby Gull Laird had in the Conversation about children needing to play outside was picked up by the Ballarat Courier on October 4

Losing wetlands  
A study revealing that the world is losing wetlands at an alarming rate resulted in interviews for ILWS Adjunct Professor Nick Davidson on ABC News, ABC Country Hour SA, October 6

Dinosaur a delight
There was a story about the Institute being involved in the Holbrook Sustainability Fair in the Border Mail, and Prime News Albury October 13

Murray Darling Basin Plan
Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson, a keynote speaker at the Australian Regional Development Conference held in Albury, spoke about the future of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and the role of local communities on Prime News Albury, with a story also in the Daily Advertiser October 15, in the Area News, October 17

Gough Whitlam tribute
Adjunct Associate Professor Bruce Pennay OAM appeared on Prime and WIN television news and on ABC radio Riverina and Murray Goulburn as a commentator on the death of for former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam on October 21.

Seasonal change
Director of ILWS, Prof  Max Finlayson talked about changes/variations  in season with  Anne Delaney, ABC Riverina mornings, Oct 23

Tourism, diving and sharks
ILWS PhD student Jo Edney was interviewed on her research into dive tourism, marine debris and sharks on WIN News Illawarra and ABC Illawarra, October 28

Direct Action Policy
Prof Kevin Parton urges the federal government to retain Australia's current Renewable Energy Target (RET) in an article in Open Forum, Oct 31.

Sustainability Week
A story "North East leads way, says Costa" with quotes from Dr John Rafferty appeared in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, Oct 31.


Australia-China Free Trade Agreement
Prof John Hicks spoke about the recently announced Australia-China Free Trade Agreement on ABC 2CR, Nov 11

El Nino
Dr Andrew Hall was on Prime TV Albury talking about the effects of El Nino in the local area on Wednesday, Nov 19

Why no freshwater national parks?
An article by Dr Paul Humphries, Dr Keller Kopf and Dr Nicole McCasker titled "Why are there no true freshwater protected areas in Australia? in The Conversation, Nov 17 Following this Dr Kopf was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings on Nov 18,  and also on Radio Adelaide's 101.5FM for its weekly environment program Barometer on Nov 23.

What the G20 didn't mention
A blog written for Open Forum by Institute adjunct Barney Foran to coincide with the release of his Balancing the G20s  Global Impact appeared on Nov 19.

Environmental Water Monitoring projects
Following the announcement of the two new Long Term Intervention Monitoring projects A/Prof Watts was interviewed by Laurissa Smith from the ABC Rural Report. The interview went to air on ABC Riverina and Goulburn Murray, November 21.


CSIRO cuts

A/Prof David Watson spoke on ABC Goulburn Murray about the recent cuts to CSIRO and the implications for science in Australia on the Morning Show, December 1

Journey of a lifetime

ILWS PhD graduate Dr Karolina Petrovic, who is from Poland, featured in a story 'Journey of a lifetime for education' in the Border Mail, December 20.