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Dr Rik Thwaites comments on students seeking out volunteering opportunities in the Sydney Morning Herald, My Career section on Jan 2.

Pacific Reminders
An interview with A/Prof Dirk Spennemann on his photographic exhibition, Pacific Reminders, appeared in the Marianas Variety, Jan 10.


Household energy efficiency
A story on Dr Jodie Kleinschafer's  PhD research on household electricity efficiency decision making appeared in the Western Advocate on Feb 1 with radio interviews for ABC Dubbo & ABC Orange the same day and an interview on Win TV news, Feb 3.

Sharing responsibility
A story on Prof Max Finlayson's views on sharing responsibility for land management with Indigenous Australians appeared in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, Feb 4.

Prof Max Finlayson was on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings speaking about wetlands as part of series of interviews organised by the North East Catchment Management Authority to promote wetlands and their management, on February 8.

New botany research
New Botany Research by Dr Geoff Burrows was described in Science Letter, Feb 3.

Ecological Modelling
New Ecological Modelling Research by Institute adjunct Barney Foran appeared in Investment Weekly News, Feb 11.

Experts disturbed by frontline bushfire strategy
Scientists have raised new concerns about the frontline strategy to reduce the impact of bushfires in Australia.  A/Prof Ian Lunt from Charles Sturt University says the top-down approach of the target does have the potential to skew the results. He says large areas of bush must be burnt to make up the target and the danger is that fuel reduction burning is being done under the name of ecological burning. On ABC News Online, ABC Sydney, ABC Kimberley, ABC Western Queensland, ABC Central West NSW, ABC Illawarra, & 11 other regional ABC radio stations throughout Australia. Feb 18.

Farming and the carbon tax: what's in store?
Even though agricultural emissions will not be taxed under the Federal Government's carbon pricing plan, farmers will still feel considerable effects as Australia moves towards a low-carbon economy… Prof Kevin Parton says it is no surprise that agricultural emissions are not included in the carbon tax scheme Reports on ABC Ballarat, & ABC News Online Feb 14

Dr Troy Whitford spoke on politics and democracy in a regular spot on ABC Riverina, Feb 22 and commented on the Labor Party ballot for a leader/PM on ABC Country Hour, NSW, Feb 27

An international approach to biodiversity
Prof Max Finlayson wrote an article on the general decline in ecosystems and species population world-wide which appeared in on-line science web news service The Conversation on Feb 27.

Itinerant Workers
A story based on Dr Prue Laidlaw on the history of itinerant workers in regional Australia appeared in the Border Mail's Pulse section, Feb 28 with follow-up story in the Border Mail based on public response to the story, March 3.


Pacific Reminders
A story on the many visitors that viewed A/Prof Dirk Spennemann's Pacific Reminders exhibition at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance appeared in the Marianas Variety, March 1. Mention was then made of the travelling Petersburg museum display on Aleutian WWII which was developed by the National Park Service based on Dirk's photographs on radio KFSK, Alaska, US, March 1.

Low Carbon Life
An article titled " Don't let figures befuddle you; you can live a low-carbon life' written by Institute adjunct Barney Foran appeared in the on-line science news service, The Conversation, March 1.

Postponing the Plan
Dr Jonathon Howard was interviewed on the proposal to postpone the MDB Plan by the NSW Water Minister on Prime News Albury, March 7.

Research in the Solomon Islands
A story on a conservation research project involving villagers from Zaira, a small village on Vanguna Island, the Solomons,  and international partners including Institute adjunct Dr Justin Watson appeared in The Island Sun, March 14.

Science @ CSU Roadshow
Professor Nick Klomp, Dean of the Faculty of Science  was interviewed on ABC Western Plains Dubbo and Central West about re his Science@CSU roadshow visit to CSU in Dubbo and in Orange  on March 12. There was also mention of Nick Klomp re academic excellence and 2011 Deans Awards ceremony at Albury on WIN News Albury, March 22 and an article in the Border Mail's Education supplement re 2012 being a 'Watershed year for universities' on April 10.

New Carbon Tax
Interview with Professor Kevin Parton with an appraisal of the new carbon tax for people and the Australian economy on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, March 21.

Queensland Election
Interview with political commentator Dr Troy Whitford on the Queensland election and the rise of Katter's Australia Party on 2UE Rural News, March 27, ABC Riverina mornings, March 28

New Cups
Story on new cups being used in the Gums Café on Thurgoona campus. Interview with chair of Environmental Committee at Thurgoona, Dr John Rafferty in News Weekly, March 30.

Skydiving for Toddlers?
Two-year-old Elijah was about to plunge from a plane at 2500 metres strapped to his father in a tandem skydive in New Zealand this week. But a public outcry concerning the toddler's safety forced his father to abort the plan.  Adjunct Associate Professor Neil Lipscombe who has conducted research on skydiving, said: "A two-year-old probably has no perception of the activity and what it involves, no prior experience or training in the activity and will probably not receive the experiential rewards that skydivers seek. This story made the Brisbane Times and The Age, March 30.


Home Electricity Use
Demand management strategies needed for home electricity use': An opinion blog by Dr Jodie Kleinshaffer from about her research for her PhD was on Open Forum, April 3.

Survival Tail
A feature story on PhD student Karolina Petrovic's  research into the eating habits of possums appeared in the Pulse section of the Border Mail, April 7. Article

Science Statement on the Proposed Murray-Darling Basin Plan
Institute director, Prof Max Finlayson, along with Dr Paul Humphries and Dr Skye Wassens, were among the 60 plus scientist who signed a joint statement on April 13 criticising the draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan for lacking transparency and failing to consider climate change. As a result Max was interviewed by ABC Goulburn Murray mornings on April 13, with a story in the Border Mail headed "States told to butt out" on April 14.

Australia's Rising Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Professor Kevin Parton comments in a CSU Media release on the fact that Australia's greenhouse gas emissions rose by 0.6% in 2011 and that "Coal will be king for many years to come. Even with the carbon price regime implied by the introduction of the carbon tax, there will be little incentive for generators to replace coal fired power station" was picked up by numerous on-line news services world-wide including in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and interviews in the Daily Liberal, on Prime News Albury, National Radio News and Austereo News, on April 18.

Large Scale Solar Power Generation
ILWS business manager Nikki Scott was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray on April 18 speaking in her previous capacity of project developer for a large scale solar application by the North East Greenhouse Alliance. Nikki discussed why it has not happened as yet "but could still happen if the right player got behind it." She also talked about the fact that the carbon price may allow for solar power generation to be cost competitive with coal power generation.

Gippsland Lakes: Who has the answers?
On April 17 Professor Max Finlayson and Prof David Mitchell attended  a Gippsland Lakes Community Forum in Bairnsdale where Max gave a presentation on Ramsar requirements and wetland management with a story appearing in the Bairnsdale Advertiser on April 19

Australia's Emission's on the Rise
Prof Kevin Parton's comments in a CSU media release on Australia's rising carbon emission continued to be picked up by on-line news services such as Energy Daily and Investor Point, April 18, by the Western Advocate, April 19. Kevin was interviewed on ABC Riverina mornings on April 20 re the annual carbon account and future under the carbon tax.

Drive in Drive out Phenomenon
An article about population featuring comments by Prof Alan Curtis about sponge cities and the drive in drive out phenomenon where farmers live in town and work on farm appeared in the Daily Advertiser, April 19.

Nick's Departure
A story on CSU Dean of Science Prof Nick Klomp's appointment to the University of Canberra as deputy vice-chancellor (education) appeared in The Australian-Higher Education, April 20, in the Border Mail, April 24, and the Daily Advertiser, April 27. Also on that day the Port Macquarie News ran a story about the university's science-based teaching and research.

Fish in the Murrumbidgee
PhD student Jamin Forbes and NSW Fisheries officer spoke on ABC Riverina breakfast, about his survey of fish in the Murrumbidgee River, on April 20. The story was also run in The Daily Advertiser on the same day and picked up by ABC Riverina news, April 23.

Salinity threatens world-reknown Gippsland Lakes
Authorities have failed to fulfil obligations to protect wetlands in Gippsland in south-east Victoria, despite signing an international agreement to do so. Prof Max Finlayson, adviser to Ramsar, comments on ABCs  Lateline on April 24.

Restoring Woodlands
Stories on A/Prof Ian Lunt's research on restoring understorey vegetation in box-ironbark woodlands appeared in the Stock Journal, SA, North Queensland Register, Stock & Land, and Queensland Country Life, April 26.

Heroes of Australian Science
A story mentioning that Institute adjunct Prof Kath Bowmer was featured in a new educational book for upper primary school age children in the Daily Advertiser, April 27.

Return to Wooleen
Institute adjunct professor David Mitchell's interview in replay and addition to Wooleen story earlier this year was on the ABC TV's Australian Story, April 30.


Landscape Logic book
Professor Allan Curtis spoke to ABC Country Hour (Victoria) presenter Libby Price on May 4 on the research findings into the effectiveness of government spending on the environment detailed in the new Landscape Logic book which he co-edited. The interview was also on the ABC'S Rural Report  and ABC Victorian Country Hour web pages.
Further coverage was in the Border Mail's Country Mail Section, May 12, as well as a break-out story on PhD student Wendy Minato's research on how your neighbour's views influence how you care for your land.

Don't get excited over hitting the 2012 Kyoto target
Professor Kevin Parton's piece in the on-line forum The Conversation on May 2 titled "Australia to hit 2012 Kyoto target, but don't get excited".

Mistakes OK in managing the Murray-Darling
Dr Paul Humphries piece titled ' Why we will make mistakes managing the Murray-Darling and why that's OK ' appeared in the on-line forum The Conversation on May 2.

Basin Plan and Climate Change
Prof Max Finlayson's interview on the Murray Darling Basin Plan and climate change went to air on ABC Radio National news, ABC 2SM news and ABC 2UE news, May 2 with interviews also on ABC Bush Telegraph, ABC Western Plains mornings & ABC Goulburn Murray news,  May 3.  It appeared on web news services  Congoo,  & ABC Shepparton news that same day.

Managed Aquifer Recovery
Prof Allan Curtis' comments in an ANU media release on a joint ILWS/ANU workshop on Managed Aquifer Recovery held in Canberra  April 26 & 27 were picked up by the on-line news service on May 3.  He also spoke to ABC Dubbo on May 3 on Managed Aquifer Recovery in farming landscapes. There was a more detailed interview with Allan on the topic on the ABCs Bush Telegraph on May 8 and on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, May 10.

Union Membership Decline
Dr Helen Masterman-Smith spoke on the decline of Australian union membership numbers over the last 20 years on ABC Life Matters, May 4.

Russell Drysdale's Work
Institute adjunct Dr Bruce Pennay's views on the artwork of Russell  Drysdale being exhibited in Albury were in The Border Mail, May 5.

Federal Budget
Dr Troy Whitford was interviewed re the Federal Budget on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings and ABC Riverina News, May 9.

Interpretative  Walk
A story with CSU Vice-chancellor Prof Andrew Vann and Dr Jonathon Howard re a new interpretative walk at the Albury-Wodonga campus at Thurgoona appeared in the Border Mail, May 10.

Walking to Inspire
A story featuring Dr John Rafferty as chair of CSUs Albury-Wodonga campus committee and the new Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann on the new walks around the campus was featured in News Weekly, May 18.

National Greenhouse Accounts
Prof Kevin Parton's comments on the latest National Greenhouse Accounts, which compare Australia's emissions to our Kyoto Protocol obligations were picked up by the web news service Australasian Science on May 23.

Report on Environmental Flows in the Murrumbidgee
Dr Skye Wassens was interviewed on ABC Riverina breakfast about her report on the health of wetlands in the Murrumbidgee River after environmental flows in 2011 on May 25.

Speaking Freely
Being able to speak freely is at the core of a strong democracy according to Dr Troy Whitford in his regular discussion with Anne Delaney, on ABC Riverina breakfast, May 29

Sustainable Farming
There was a mention that ILWS Professor Allan Curtis speaking at Sustainable Farming Futures Forum at La Trobe, Wodonga, being hosted by NEVCMA on ABC Goulburn Murray's rural report, May 30.


Stock Route Funds
The Land Southern Magazine ran a story on Dr Peter Spooner's comments that the announcement of $3 million of federal government funding for Riverina travelling stock routes recognises the biodiversity value of these corridors on May 31, then The Lands' website June 3, and interviewed on the ABCs Bush Telegraph June 4.

A Failed Act
A story featuring comments by Wiradjuri leader, CSU lecturer and ILWS PhD student Yalmambirra on the landmark Mabo decision appeared in the Pulse section of the Border Mail, June 2. A story with Yalmambirra on this same topic appeared in ABC News online, ABC Riverina News and ABC Message Stick, June 6.

Huts as Heart
Institute adjunct Dr Bruce Pennay spoke about the old army huts at Bandiana and Bonegilla in a story in the Border Mail, June 2.

Saving the Pygmy Perch
A story on Luke Pearce and his work to save a tiny native fish, the Pygmy Perch, from extinction appeared in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, June 2. There was also a radio interview on ABC Rural Goulburn Murray & Riverina, June 4.

GEO 5 Report
Prof Max Finlayson who was a coordinating lead author of the biodiversity chapter of the GEO-5 report was interviewed on ABC Riverina's rural report, June 7 and on National Radio News, June 15.

Nature paper
Institute adjunct Barney Foran was the co-author of a letter concerned with decline of biodiversity as a result of human activities which appeared in the journal Nature on June 6. Media from this included a story on ABC Science online, and ABC Rural,  Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, the Canberra Times and the Brisbane Times, June 7. The story was also picked up by international media, namely two web based news services, Nea Agora, Italy, and Tiscali, Italy on June 9. Also SBS News, June 11. And then again on another web based news service in Italy, II Fatto, June 20.
An opinion piece on the same topic written by Barney appeared in The Conversation also on June 7.

Rural Health
Dean of Science Prof Nick Klomp and the University's presentation on rural health  services to the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee was featured on ABC North Coast, June 6, ABC Riverina breakfast, ABC Adelaide, ABC Canberra, ABC South East NSW, ABC Hobart, ABC Melbourne, ABC North West WA, ABC Central West NSW, ABC Wide Bay, Qld, ABC Shepparton, ABC Sydney, Radio 2GZ, June 12.

Media Exposure
Comments from sociology lecturer Dr Angela Ragusa on the basis of people's perceptions in the Daily Liberal, June 9.

A story mentioning Dr Paul Humphries collaborative research work with the University of Vienna on larval dispersal (of fish) in the Danube River appeared in the June issue (Vol 33, 2) of Stages, the newsletter for the Early Life History Section of the American Fisheries Society.

Kiska Exhibition
As part of a travelling exhibition "Kiska: A World War II Battlefield Landscape," developed in collaboration with the National Park Service's Alaska Regional Office and Charles Sturt University, A/Prof  Dirk Spennemann presented a public lecture, "Kiska: A World War II Battlefield Landscape," Sunday, June 10 at 2 p.m. at the Alaska State Museum.  Story picked up by on June 12.

Marianas Wide
A story on A/Prof Dirk Spenneman's photographic exhibition, Marianas Wide, at the CNMI Museum of History and Culture in Garapan, appeared in the Marianas Variety, June 13.

What makes a good councillor?
According to Dr Troy Whitford in an article in The Daily Advertiser name recognition plays a large part in how the community votes, June 2. He also has his regular spot with Anne Delaney on ABC Riverina breakfast, June 12 where he talked about grassroot politics which then went on to the ABCs websites for the Riverina, Shepparton, South West Victoria, Sunshine Coast, South East NSW, West Coast SA, and ABC South West Victoria.

Role of sex workers
Dr Angela Ragusa was interviewed for Channel 10's 7pm Project on the role of sex workers in Australian society on June 7.

El Nino
Comments by ILWS Associate Director Dr Jo Millar on the latest reports of an El Nino event forecast for Spring 2012 on Prime News Albury, June 13

Fashion Week
An interview with A/Prof Dirk Spennemann re his photo exhibition on Paris Fashion Week on show on the outside of the Albury Library Museum in the Midweek Express, June 13.

CSU has come of age
A story on Prof Nick Klomp, who is leaving CSU, was in the Border Mail's Pulse section, June 16.

Sustainable Soil Health
A story titled 'Farmers, speakers dig deep for sustainable soil health" mentioned Prof Allan Curtis as one of the speakers at a NECMA conference in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, June 16.

Food security
Prof Allan Curtis was interviewed on the growing effects of food security in Asia on Australian farming on ABC Goulburn Murray rural report, ABC Riverina rural report on June 18, plus reports on their web pages as well as that of ABC Riverland, Mildura and Swan Hill rural reports,  and ABC Rural. Following a CSU media release which went out on July 3,   there were further interviews on this subject on the Rural report Northern WA, July 4, National Radio News, 2BS Drive,  July 6,  and in the Border Mail, July 7.

Carbon Tax
Prof Kevin Parton was interviewed about the upcoming carbon tax on ABCX Riverina mornings, June 19 and on ABC Gippsland morning, June 21, and also ABC Ballarat morning, June 27.  On June 28, a story appeared in The Land newspaper featured ken's comments as to why farming should be excluded from the Carbon Tax.

Family Farms the Future of Industry
Dr Troy Whitford, at a forum held at Wagga on 'Has the Family Farm a Future" was quoted in the Daily Advertiser, June 21 with an editorial in that paper on June 22.

Pygmy Perch
Masters student Luke Pearce featured on Prime News Albury, re his research into Pygmy Perch on June 22.

Scientific Research
Interview with Prof Nick Klomp about scientific research and how it challenges traditional ways of thinking on SABC Riverina mornings, June 25.

Social Development
Prof Manohar Pawar was quoted in a story in the Indonesian web based news service, Antara News, re the fourth International Consortium for Social Development-Asia Pacific conference held in Yogyakarta, on June 28.

New Carbon Tax
A CSU media release issued with comments from Prof Kevin Parton to coincide with the introduction of Australia's Carbon Tax, certainly generated plenty of media interest including stories in and on, National Radio News, ABC Western Plains mornings, Prime TV News Wagga & Orange, Win News Orange, on June 29; in the Border Mail, June 30; ABC Western Plains mornings, ABC Central West, ABC Riverina breakfast, ABC Darwin, ABC Adelaide , ABC Melbourne, and 17 other ABC Radio regional and national web sites, July 2; on ABC NSW drive, July 3, in the Daily Liberal, July 4. Further stories were in the Blayney Chronicle, July 5 and in the Eco News, Web, July 20.


Mistletoe as a keystone resource
Following the publication of a journal paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences A/Prof David Watson was interviewed  re his mistletoe research for  ABC Science On-line as well as The World Today, ABC NSW Drive, ABC News and 19 other ABC regional and metropolitan  web news services and Yahoo!7  (July 11). A story later appeared in the UK Weekly news magazine, The Economist on July 14.

Regular politics session
Anne Delaney from ABC Riverina breakfast interviewed Dr Troy Whitford as part of a regular politics session on July 10.

Poles and possums
A story about PhD student Karolina Petrovic and her research on possums appeared on ABC Goulburn Murray, ABC Canberra, ABC Wide Bay, Qld, ABC Western Plains, ABC Shepparton, ABC Riverina, ABC Newcastle, ABC Ballarat, ABC Adelaide, ABC Darwin, & ABC Kimberley, WA. (web) July 12.

Groundwater users survey
Dr Emily Sharp was interviewed on ABC New England NW Plains Rural Report re her survey results from groundwater users in the Namoi Catchment (radio and web) July 12

Australia's place in the global food chain
An opinion piece by Prof Allan Curtis on Australia's place in the global food chain: time to wise up, appeared in The Conversation, July 12. This was picked up by SBS News web the next day. The Border Mail featured Allan's views again in a 'debate' article on the subject July 14. He was also featured in a story titled "Australian farmers should not wait for an Asian boom" in Queensland Country Life(print & web), July 19; Stock & Land, The Land (web), Farm Weekly(web), Straight Furrow, NZ (web) ,Stock Journal (web) & North Queensland Register,(web) July 20.

Freshwater  Mussels
Article with PhD student Christine Reid re her research into freshwater mussels in the Murray River appeared in the Border Mail, July 14 (print & web)

A/Prof Dave Watson was interviewed on Prime News Albury about swooping magpies, July 20

German Influence
An article about upcoming lecture by A/Prof Dirk Spennemann at Deniliquin Council chambers on August 15 on German settlement of the Southern Riverina appeared in the Pastoral Times, July 20.


Australia's ecological footprint
Institute adjunct Barney Foran's views on Australia's ecological footprint following the release of the WWF's Ecological Analysis for Australia in May were featured  in The Conversation, August 1

Don't wait for Asia
Prof Allan Curtis's views on the future of Australian agriculture were featured in a story 'Don't wait for Asia to come to us: Curtis' in Farm Weekly, August 2

Change of landscape use
Mention of Dr Emily Mendham who was guest speaker at the launch of the North East CMA catchment strategy in the Country Mail section of the Border Mail, Aug 4

Politics & civic issues
Dr Troy Whitford was interviewed by Anne Delaney as part of a regular session on ABC Riverina, August 7

Aussie morning tea
The Institute's Aussie Morning tea to welcome our new international students (as well as two Australian PhDs) made Win News Albury, August 9 and an interview with Prof Max Finlayson, 2AY news, August 13, a story on the morning tea appeared in the Education Supplement of the Border Mail, August 14  and also in the Midweek Express, August 15.

National Science Week
Dr John Rafferty spoke about the importance of science in education on Win News Albury, and Prime News Albury, August 14.

Labelling biodiversity
Institute adjunct Barney Foran spoke on ABC Goulburn Murray on linking supermarket labelling with biodiversity conservation on August 15.

Border Living
A/Prof Dirk Spennemann talked about why he moved to the Border district and still lives here on ABC Goulburn Murray, August 15

Photographic exhibition
A story appeared in the Marianas Variety, August 16, on the decision to extend the Marianas Wide art exhibit, with images by A/Prof Dirk Spennemann.

Life in the Slow Lane
A commentary piece on the threats to turtle populations world-wide by PhD student Kylie Williams appeared in The Conversation, August 22 and was then picked up by SBS News world-wide.

German Research
A/Professor Dirk Spennemann's presentation on German settlement in the Riverina at Deniliquin was reported on in the Deniliquin Pastoral Times, August 23.

Carbon Trading Scheme
Carbon ETS move 'good economic sense' says Professor Kevin Parton on the changes to the federal government's carbon trading scheme in EcoNews, a web based news service on August 29.


Farm Ownership Turnover
An ILWS study by social researchers Dr Emily Mendham and Prof Allan Curtis has predicted farm ownership turnover will be around 50% in the next decade. Emily spoke on this on the ABC Riverina Rural report on Sept 3.

Local government
Dr Troy Whitford featured in his regular spot on ABC Riverina Breakfast talking about local government with Anne Delaney, Sept 5 and again on ABC Western Plains, Sept 6

How to vote
A story with Dr Troy Whitford explaining council ballot papers was picked up by nine ABC radio web pages across the country on September  6 with another story in The Daily Advertiser on the WAGGA Council election campaign, the same day.

Weed Research
Dr Remy Dehaan's research about the use of unmanned aircraft to detect weeds was featured on the ABC Riverina and ABC Goulburn Murray Rural Report (radio and web pages), ABC Rural News, ABC NSW Country Hour, ABC Riverina News and ABC Rural's web page, on September 6.

Biodiversity Month
An interview with A/Prof David Watson on National Biodiversity Month and the importance of conserving plants and animals went to air on ABC Goulburn Murray on Sept 10, and was then replayed on ABC Central Victoria and ABC Sunraysia.

Forty years of service
Social scientist A/Prof Geoff Bamberry's 40 years of service with CSU was recognised in a story in The Daily Advertiser, September 14.

Native Fish Strategy
An opinion piece by Dr Paul Humphries on the demise of the Native Fish Strategy appeared in The Conversation, Sept 17. Following publication, Dr Humphries was then interviewed on ABC Riverina mornings on Sept 18, WIN News and Prime News Albury, September 19.

New Findings
Research by Dr Richard Culas about new findings in deforestation appeared in Gene Therapy Weekly, Sept 17, Agriculture Week, Sept  20

Wagga election
Comment by Dr Troy Whitford on local mayoral election in Wagga Wagga, in the Daily Advertiser, Sept 25

Dam Releases
A/Prof Robyn Watts spoke about the need to release water from dams for airspace on Prime News Albury, Sept 27

Through a native fish-eye lens
An article by Dr Paul Humphries on looking at the Murray Darling through a native fish-eye lens appeared in The Conversation, Sept 29.


Meeting of Minds
A story with Dr Jonathon Howard on the link between social and natural sciences appeared in the Cosmos Postgraduate Guide, Oct 1

More Water for the Murray Cod
Report mentioning research done by CSU researchers sampling in the mid-Murrumbidgee wetlands made ABC Rural and ABC NSW Country Hour, Oct 1

More kangaroos
An interview with Dr Alison Matthews regarding higher kangaroo populations this year was broadcast on ABC Riverina breakfast, October 3

Effects of climate change
Institute director, in the lead up to a presentation he gave on the effects of climate change on the Murray River and what we can do about it at Thurgoona as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Seminar, did a number of radio and TV interviews including ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, ABC Riverina breakfast, ABC Victorian Country Hour,  ABC Rural, Win News Albury & Wagga, and Prime News Albury on October 4, ABC Bush Telegraph,  ABC Riverland mornings and News Weekly,  October 5.

International research project
CSU researchers involved in an international research project looking at how to build trust between fire management agencies and communities living in fire prone areas in Canada, Australia and the U.S. featured in a story in the Rocky Mountains Outlook, USA, October 4.

Game On competition
A/Prof Mark Frost was interviewed about the Game On business simulation competition for senior high school students on ABC 2CR, Oct 16

Food Security
The launch of a new book on Food Security in Australia co-edited by Institute members Dr Joanne Millar and Prof Vaughan Higgins, and Dr Quentin Farmer-Bowes (Deakin University) which coincided with a special forum held at the campus in Albury-Wodonga on October 30 certainly drew plenty of media interest and attention. This included: an initial story in the Border Mail's Country Mail on October 20; mention on ABC Rural report Goulburn-Murray on October 24; an interview with Dr Joanne Millar on NRN News, October 26 and again with Dr Millar, on ABC Riverina mornings, October 29.

Josh Mathews from Prime News interviewing Cathy McGowan

Then on the day of the launch and forum, October 30, there was a news story on NRN News, October 30; footage on Prime News Albury & Tamworth. Also on that day  the presenter of ABC Victoria's Country Hour, Libby Price did an outside broadcast from the campus with her whole show devoted to the forum with interviews with ILWS board member Ms Cathy McGowan and ILWS director Prof Max Finlayson; a special broadcast on food security in Australia on ABC Rural (web) . The Border Mail also ran a story in its Country Mail section on November 3 featuring Dr Millar and PhD student Jane Roots.

Flying Foxes
An opinion piece by PhD student Kylie Williams titled "Culling flying foxes is ineffective, so why suggest slaughter?" appeared in The Conversation, October 22

Electoral Boundaries
Dr Troy Whitford spoke on the amalgamation of electoral boundaries on ABC Riverina news and mornings October 24

Trust in fire management
Dr Emily Sharp spoke on the importance of the trust that communities have in fire management Prof Tara McGee Uni Alberta agencies in Australia in regards to an international social research project that had researchers from Canada and the US visiting Australia, on NRN News, October 25. The visit was also featured in  Prime News Albury October 29 with interviews with Dr Sharp and Professor Bruce Shindler from the U.S on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, Nov 1 and a story in the Border Mail's Country Mail, November 3.

Pic above Josh Mathews from Prime News interviewing Prof Tara McGee, University of Alberta

More Murray Water
Prof Kevin Parton's views on more water for the Murray being right for the environment but questioning subsidising infrastructure investment were in The Australian, Australasian Science, Bigpond News, Daily Telegraph, Adelaide Now,, and  Nine News, October 26; in the Border Mail, October 27

For Fish
An article by Dr Paul Humphries titled "Micro-managing the Murray-Darling Basin: what's in it for fish?" appeared in The Conversation, October 27

Indonesian Forestry
A story titled "Forestry destroyed my home" featuring PhD student Kristina Wahyudiyati, Dr Digby Race, and a visiting Indonesian professor appeared in the Border Mail, October 27

Mistletoe Research
An article on A/Prof David Watson's mistletoe research appeared in Life Science Weekly, October 30

Winning Lotto
Prof Ben Wilson spoke on the odds of winning OzLotto on Prime News Albury on October 30, and again on Win News Albury, November 5

Hydro and Fish
A story about the research (in conjunction with ILWS members) being done at the  Narrandera Fisheries Centre  on how hydro-electric power stations and fish can live in harmony went to air on ABC Riverina news  and Utility Products (web) October 31


Historical ecology
Dr Paul Humphries appeared in Prime News Albury speaking about historical ecology and how it could help better manage environmental management of the Murray River on Nov 1

Foreign ownership debate
Prof Allan Curtis says a foreign register could alleviate some of the heat from the foreign ownership debate in a story in The Land, Nov 1

Woomargama National Park
A story on the national park with comments by A/Prof David Watson appeared in the Border Mail, Nov 3

Environmental Justice
Dr Helen Masterman-Smith was interviewed on ABC Riverina mornings speaking on environmental justice and sustainable communities and the new SRA, Nov 8

Exploring sustainability
Institute adjunct Barney Foran was featured in an article in the Benalla Ensign for a presentation he gave on community energy use on Nov 14

ZDNet's NextGen CIO initiative
A/Prof Mark Frost was quoted in a story on a crash course in the skills and art of business leadership on the web service ZDNet on Nov 16

Monitoring projects
A/Prof Robyn Watts was interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings re her major ecological monitoring of environmental watering project on Nov 20. Dr Skye Wassens was also interviewed re her project by ABC Riverina around the same time

Final Murray Darling Basin Plan
Prof Max Finlayson's  views on the final plan made ABC Goulburn Murray's rural report, and ABC Rural, Nov 22

Carp Cure
A story featuring a visiting researcher from Laos, who has been working on a collaborative ILWS project, was in the Border Mail's Country Mail, Nov 24

Productivity slump
ILWS adjunct Professor John Mullen's message that Australian agriculture needs to shake off its productivity slump to meet Asia's growing need for food, as presented in his paper "The Future Productivity and Competitiveness Challenges for Australian Agriculture" was in the Weekly Times, Nov 26
Gum Tree Film
A/Prof David Watson, the host and co-producer of a film "Snow Gums and River Reds" was featured on the front page (with an inside story) of the Border Mail, Nov 28

Invertebrate conservation
ILWS PhD student Kylie Singh's opinion article "Ignoring invertebrate conservation is simply spineless" was in The Conversation, Nov 28

Sustainable Tourism
Dr Rosemary Black, who was the co-editor of a book on sustainable tourism, and her views on how travellers can support sustainable tourism were featured in the web news service Noodls, Nov 29;  and in an interview for ABC Goulburn Murray breakfast and online, Dec 5.

As a result of the publicity around her new book, Dr Black was asked to write a blog, titled "Think sustainably about your next holiday" which appeared on Open Forum, Dec 11.


Change of Speaker
Dr Troy Whitford discussed the change of speaker in the lower house of federal parliament in his regular spot on ABC Riverina breakfast, Nov 28.

Research in the Wimmera
Professor Allan Curtis was interviewed on ABC Western Victoria Rural on his research for the Wimmera CMA to assist it with the development of its next NRM strategy on November 29.

Mistletoe Exhibition
A story on CSU visiting artist Robyn Hulley, who did the illustrations for A/Prof David Watson's book Mistletoes of Southern Australia, and the Mistletoe Menace exhibition at the Albury-Library Museum appeared in the Pulse section of the Border Mail, Dec 3.

Discussion Paper
Institute adjunct Prof David Mitchell, who is also the chair of the Anglican Church's Environmental Working group in Australia, has written a discussion paper saying that human welfare needs to be balanced against the need to maintain rivers for future generations, as reported on the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne's web site, Nov 29.

Chilika Lake Research Project
A story on a three year research program looking at the impact of climate change on Chilika Lake in India which will involve Prof Max Finlayson and Institute adjunct and research assistant Dr Mariagrazia Bellio appeared in the New Indian Express,  November 30 and on the web based news services, IBN Live, Orissa Diary, India, Dec 1.

Environmental Water Use
An Opinion piece titled "Murrumbidgee Environmental Water Use" on ABC Rural Opinion by Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder Ian Robinson on Dec 9 mentions the team of CSU scientists (led by Dr Skye Wassens) who were engaged to monitor the benefits to the mid-Murrumbidgee wetlands and their findings.

Chilika Lake Research Project
Further reports on the three year research program looking at the impact of climate change on Chilika Lake, India appeared in The Press Trust of India Ltd, and The Hindu, Dec 3.

Alaskan research
A photograph of A/Prof Dirk Spennemann photographing a gun on Kiska Island in the Aleutians, was in the Anchorage Daily News, Dec 24.

Mistletoes in Australia
A/Prof David Watson spoke on mistletoes in Australia on ABC Sydney Breakfast and 3AW Melbourne breakfast  after a story "Mistletoes give woodland birds the kiss of life" appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Launceston Times, WA Today, the  Brisbane Times, The Melbourne Age, Fairfield City  Champion, Parramatta Sun, Wagin Argus, Coastal Leader, Gloucester Advocate, Cootamundra Herald, Barossa Herald, Forbes Advocate, Maroondah Weekly, Great Lakes Advocate, The Islander, Donnybrook Mail, Blue Mountains Gazette, Melton Weekly, Cooma Express, Western Herald, Moree Champion, Goondiwindi Argus, Nambucca Guardian, Bendigo Advertiser, Ballarat Courier, Myall Coast Nota, Queanbeyan Age, Stock and Land, Camden Advertiser , Western Advocate & Blacktown Sun, Dec 22. Also a story on visiting artist Robyn Hulley who has been working with A/Prof David Watson and her exhibition at the Albury/Library Museum appeared in the Midweek Express, Jan 25.

Murray Darling Basin Plan
Prof Kevin Parton's views on the plan continued to be picked up by the media with stories in the North Queensland Register, Farm Weekly, The Land, Stock Journal, and Queensland Country Life, Dec 5.

Water & Regional Education
A story with Prof Nick Klomp on climate change and the need to return large volumes of water to the Murray-Darling Basin appeared in The Advertiser, Dec 6. He was also interviewed on ABC Victoria Drive on regional universities and education in Albury-Wodonga on Dec 15 and on ABC 2CR re rural medical and health workforce shortages, Jan 20.