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War Stories
A feature story appeared in the Anchorage Daily News on January 9 based a lecture series in Anchorage which includes a follow-up presentation by A/Prof Dirk Spennemann to his previous talk on his exhibition "Kiska and Adak: War in the Aleutians" with a report on his findings from a visit to access the guns left on Kiska by the Japanese during World War 2.

Campus Sale
Prof Allan Curtis was interviewed on the sale of the Albury Campus on 2AY and Prime TV Albury on January 17.Prof Max Finlayson Chilika Lake Meeting

Chilika Lake
Institute director Prof Max Finlayson's  visit to Chilika Lake in India in January to run a training course on the management of wetland weed species made quite a bit of local media with stories in The Hindu,  and The Indian Express, Jan 18.

Alaskan Talk A/Prof Dirk Spennemann's public lecture (part of a lecture series about World War 2 in Alaska) at the Anchorage Museum was promoted in the Anchorage Daily News on January 20. More than 250 people turned up to hear Dirk speak.

New Hospital Plans
Prof Nick Klomp was interviewed re plans for a new hospital on the Bathurst Camps for a story in the Western Advocate, on air on 2BS and Prime TV News Orange on Jan 21.

UAC Places
Prof Kevin Parton spoke about UAC offer of places for CSU Orange on Prime TV Orange, Jan 20.

Dead End Exhibition
A/Prof Dirk Spennemann's new photographic exhibition titled " Dead End: 12 months of homeless dying on the streets of Anchorage" held at Out North International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Anchorage, Alaska from Jan 21 to Feb 13, has newspaper, TV and radio coverage in Alaska, eight "hits" in all.

Wetlands Australia
A story titled 'Adaption options for wetlands and water management' based on comment from and interviews with ILWS adjunct professor Nick Davidson on managing wetlands in the Murray-Darling Basin, and implications from the international Ramsar Convention, appeared in the 2011 issue of Wetlands Australia National Update 2011. The story also included a report on a workshop "Adaptation options for wetlands in the Murray-Darling Basin" organised by ILWS and the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) at CSIRO in Canberra on July 12 and 13 last year.


Frogs in Trouble
A story 'Alarm bells on the Murrumbidgee In one of Australia's newest national parks, researchers are assessing how controlled environmental flows help biodiversity – and whether they can save one frog in particular,' featuring Interview and comments by ILWS frog researcher Dr Skye Wassens appeared in the Feb/Mar 2011 issue of OUTBACK magazine.

Healthy Murray-Darling Basin 
A story put out by the Australian Conservation on the benefits of a healthy Murray-Darling Basin using data prepared by CSIRO and CSU (ILWS) that assessed the economic value of a healthy Coorong and 19 river valleys across the Basin had a huge pick up by regional and national media with 13 "hits" on Feb 2.

More Dryad and Dracula
A feature story on the work of A/Prof David Watson on mistletoes appeared in the on-line Science Alert news service on February 11.

Wetlands Inventory
Prof Max Finlayson was listed as one of the contributors in an article in the Border Mail, Feb 12 on the launch of a detailed inventory of wetlands in NSW.

Bushfires and Eucalypts
Stories based on a paper co-authored by Dr Geoff Burrows on when eucalypts evolved to be able to survive bushfires published in Nature Communications was featured in the Canberra Times, Herald Sun, the Age, Courier Mail, Perth Herald, and seven on-line news services Feb 16 and 17.

Milk War
Ian Coghlan was quoted in a story about the milk price war in The Land, Feb 17 and spoke on the same subject on ABC Riverina, March 3.

Rural Health
A story on the AIHW report on health expenditures with quotes from Prof Nick Klomp appeared in The Land, Feb 17 and on The Land's web service, Feb 20.

Wetland Data
Director Prof Max Finlayson was mentioned as contributor to team collecting data on Murray wetlands in a story in the Country Mail, Border Mail, Feb 19

Working in unison
A story on Dr Joanne Millar and Dr Muktasam from Indonesia on social research into transmitting infectious diseases in eastern Indonesia and what they mean for Australia appeared in the Border Mail, Feb 22. 4

Carbon Price
Comment Prof Kevin Parton was in demand by media for comment on the Government's fixed carbon price with interviews on ABC Perth, Feb 24; ABC Western Plains, 2UE & Prime News Orange & The Age, Feb 25; WIN News, March 1, Radio Adelaide , March 2; ABC National, March 7 stories in the Western Advocate on Feb and Weekend Liberal, Feb 26 -27.

Orientation Week
News item on Orientation Week activities at CSU in Albury-Wodonga including an interview with Head of Campus Professor Allan Curtis appeared in the Border Mail, Feb 23 and Midweek Express, March 2 with an earlier story on Prime News, Feb 21.

Mistletoe Book
A/Prof David Watson's new book on mistletoes was featured in the Australian Arab news, a web news service on Feb 28

Climate Change Workshop
The Climate Change Workshop the Institute hosted featured in the Australian Arab News, a web news service on Feb 28


Frog Research Dr Skye Wassens spoke on her frog research in the lower Bidgee on ABC Mildura/Swan Hill, March 1.

Population Policy
Adjunct researcher Mr Barney Foran, who has written a paper on the subject, criticised the Federal government's big growth policy for Australian cities on Prime News Albury, March 7 and WIN News Albury, March 8. The story was also picked up by the Australian Arab News, March 8.

A story with Dr Rik Thwaites and Duarte from East Timor on eco-tourism in respective countries and his visit to the Border and CSU appeared in the Border Mail, March 8.

A story on Prof Allan Curtis resigning as Head of Campus was in the Border Mail, March 9.

Population Policy
Institute Adjunct Barney Foran's media release criticising the Federal government's big growth policy for Australian cities was picked up by Sydney MX in a page two story "Congested outlook Sydney future," with another story in the Midweek Express, March 16.

Open Up and say Aaagh
Institute adjunct Prof Bruce Pennay who was very much involved in the Albury Library Museum's exhibition to the celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Albury Base Hospital, was interviewed on the subject on ABC Goulburn Murray on March 11. The audio interview is on line at

State seats in Murrumbidgee and Burrinjuck
Dr Troy Whitford says the financial gain from running candidates is one of the main reasons for the endorsement of young people to run in electorates where they don't live, in a story in the Daily Advertiser, March 16.

CSIRO Flagship Cluster project
The launch of the CSIRO Flagship Cluster project 'Ecological responses to altered flow regimes, which involves a number of ILWS researchers including A/Prof Robyn Watts and Prof Max Finlayson, featured in the State News Service, March 16, Cowra Community news, March 17, International Business Times, March 21

So cute
New PhD student Ruby Lei was featured in a story in the Midweek Express on March 17 on her visit to the OzE wildlife sanctuary.

Rural Health
A story titled "Rural health Starved" with comments from Prof Nick Klomp on the need for a medical school at CSU appeared in The Land, March 17.

Dams & Climate Change
A story titled "Call to cap dam storage for irrigation" mentioning that A/Prof Robyn Watts has contributed to a paper which argues dams regulating river flows will need to be re- engineered to cope with climate change appeared on page 3 of the Canberra Times, March 21.

Declining woodland birds
A/Prof David Watson did an interview on declining woodland birds in southern Australia on ABC Central West, March 21, ABC Bush Telegraph, March 22, ABC Goulburn Murray, March 23 NSW

State elections
Dr Troy Whitford did an interview regarding the upcoming NSW state elections on ABC NSW Country Hour, March 21 & ABC Bush Telegraph, ABC 2CR Orange & 2UE, March 22. 2 3

World Watching Wetlands Plan
A media release on a paper co-authored by Prof Max Finlayson with D Jamie Pittock from ANU on the world watching plans to restore the health of our wetlands was picked up by 10 media outlets including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and WA Today, March 22.

Water cycles
Institute international visitor Dr Jan Pokorný was interviewed on Prime News Albury on March 23, re his views on the importance of water cycles in global warming.

Sustainability strategy
A/Prof Ben Wilson featured in the Midweek Express, March 23 on the development of Albury's sustainability strategy.

Carbon trading
Prof Kevin Parton's comments on the Federal government's policies re climate change appeared in the Australian Science Media Centre's "Rapid Roundup" which is sent to media across Australia, March 23 with Prof Parton doing an interview on the subject on the Australian Rural Communication Network, March 29, and being picked up by Australian Arab News, March 29, Dubbo Daily Liberal, March 30, ABC Goulburn Murray March 31.

Cross Border Issues
Dr Troy Whitford spoke on cross border issues addressed and not addressed at a pre-election forum on ABC Goulburn Murray with stories also on Win TV and Prime TV, in the Border Mail, March 24 and the in Daily Advertiser, March 29.

Climate change
Institute adjunct Barney Foran was part of a series on climate change heard on ABC Riverina, March 25. Election Outcome Dr Troy Whitford spoke on the outcome of the NSW state elections on ABC 2CR Orange & ABC Riverina on March 28 with further comments in the Daily Advertiser, March 29 with a further comment on April 5 in the Border Mail on the dumping of a local member from the new ministry.


Wakool Shire's Plans
A story about Dr Michael Mitchell's research work with Wakool residents to help plan for the future was on ABC Swan Hill, April 1

A story with A/Prof Bruce Pennay on the Bonegilla migrant centre appeared in the Border Mail, April 2.

Social Norms
PhD student Wendy Minato was interviewed on ABC Rural Tasmania re her research on the topic of understanding social norms as the key to promoting farming change on April 4

Science in the bush
Prof Nick Klomp spoke on the importance of science and science careers on Prime TV Albury, April 5 with a further interview on ABC Goulburn Murray, and ABC Capricornia on-line April 7 and in the Border Mail, April 11

Science in the bush
Prof Nick Klomp spoke on the importance of science and science careers on Prime TV Albury, April 5 with a further interview on ABC Goulburn Murray, and ABC Capricornia on-line April 7 and in the Border Mail, April 11

Emu Research
An article titled "Emu Research; Scientists at Charles Sturt University Target Emu Research" featuring work A/Prof David Watson has written appeared in Life Science Weekly, April 5.

Freshwater Research
An article titled "Freshwater Research; Researchers from Charles Sturt University Describe Findings in Freshwater Research" featuring work written by Dr Skye Wassens appeared in Ecology, Conservation April 15

Health Cuts
An interview with Dr Troy Whitford on federal proposal to cut funding to medical research, and its effect on research in regional Australia was on Win TV Canberra, April 14 followed by an article titled "Cuts would bite into regional health research' in the Arab Australian News, April 17 and in The Daily Advertiser, April 18

Bigger not Necessarily Better 
Institute adjunct Barney Foran's views on "The Dolly Parton effect: a bigger Australia may not be better": appeared in The Conservation, April 27

Price on Carbon
Prof Kevin Parton was one of the experts quoted in a story titled 'Putting a Price on Carbon': that appeared on line in Australasian Science, April 28. He was also featured in a story 'Homework on carbon tax, our town our university' in the Central Western Daily, April 21

Climate Change
A story titled "Climate Change; Recent Findings in Climate Change Described by Researchers from Charles Sturt University" featured A/Prof Robyn Watt's writings on dam re-operations appeared in Energy Weekly News, April 29

PhD graduation
A story with quotes from Dr Peter Spooner and a lovely picture of our PhD graduates (including many from the School of Environmental Sciences, appeared in the Border Mail, April 30


Q & A on ABC TV
Prof Nick Klomp was one of the panel members on the first Q & A show to be filmed in regional Australia on Monday, May 2. As well, he was mentioned on ABC Goulburn Murray that day, and interviewed on Prime News Albury with follow-up stories the next day on ABC

Goulburn-Murray. Murray-Darling Reform
Prof Kevin Parton was one of the speakers on Murray-Darling reform mentioned in the Central Western Daily, May 2

Dr Helen Masterman-Smith was interviewed on Prime TV Albury re disputes over academic workloads, May 4

Bush Doctors
Prof Nick Klomp talked about the need to train doctors in the bush in a story in The Weekly Times, May 5 with on-line stories in Health Canal, Top News; radio interviews on , 2UE, 2BS, ABC Riverina and articles in the Daily Liberal, Western Advocate, May 6; and on Prime News Albury, May 9

Rare Fish
A story about the release of a rare fish into the wetlands at Thurgoona by Masters student Luke Pearce was in The Border Mail, The Land, May 5

Mistletoes in Southern Australia
A/Prof David Watson's new book was reviewed in the May issue of popular gardening magazine, Gardening Australia

Health Services Gap
Prof Nick Klomp was quoted in a story in the Weekly Times, May 11 saying that the gap between metropolitan and regional health services was unacceptable with follow-up stories about unnecessary deaths in the country and federal spending cuts on ABC Riverina mornings, and ABC Riverina news, May 12. Prof Klomp was also featured on Prime and Win TV news re the opening of the new dental clinic at Bathurst on May 13, and re bid for new medical school at Bathurst on 2BS, May 26. He also spoke about an agreement with NSW Ambulance for a shortened paramedic course on Win TV News Albury, June 14, 2BS afternoon show, June 15.

Merrimbula endangered plant
Tim Holt of ABC South East interviewed Steve Sass, ILWS PhD student on the endangered Merimbula Star-hair, May 16

Asian Studies
Dr Robert Tierney co-wrote an article on Asian studies which featured in the China Weekly News, May 17.

Benefits of Environmental Flows
Two related articles by Prof Kevin Parton on the benefits of environmental flows in the Murray-Darling Basin appeared in the Central Western Daily, May 18 & 25.

Something Fishy
Institute's adjunct Dr Kevin Warburton's story on fish disputing their three second memory has reappeared. This time on the web service Care2 on May 23 and Greenwala, May 24.

Science Letter
Former ILWS PhD students Dr Janet Cohn and Dr Keller Kopf both had articles related to their respective research (Callitris survival under severe fire conditions, and age estimates in fish) in Science Letter, May 24.


A/Prof David Watson was a member of a panel speaking on ethical production of meat, in aftermath of Four Corners show on cattle exports to Indonesia, on ABC National Breakfast on June 3.

Remnant Vegetation
Mention of A/ Prof Ian Lunt speaking at an event for Holbrook Landcare on ecological importance of remnant vegetation on farms in the Country Mail in the Border Mail, June 5.

International media
Prof Kevin Parton was part of international panel on climate change, carbon emissions and carbon trading on China Radio International, June 8

Changes to Plan
Prof Kevin spoke on the changes to the Murray Darling Basin Plan on Prime News Orange, June 9

Home Schooling
Dr John Rafferty spoke on the pros and cons of home school in a feature story in the Border Mail, June 13.

Research Forum
Institute adjunct and advisory board member Cathy McGowan was featured in a story on a forum on research coming up in the Border Mail's Country Mail section, June 13.

Fox Control
A story on ILWS PhD graduate Dr Andrew Carter and his research on fox control appeared in the Border Mail's Country Mail on June 13.

Early Election
Prof Kevin Parton's views on an early election over the carbon tax were in the Central Western Daily, June 15.

Heritage NSW
A story by Institute adjunct Prof Bruce Pennay on the new information centre in the former Albury railway stationmaster's residence appeared in the Autumn Issue of Heritage NSW.

Early Election
Prof Kevin Parton's views on an early election over the carbon tax were in the Daily Telegraph, June 16. Also on June 16, Kevin spoke on ABC 2CR Orange clarifying public access to dental services at CSU dental clinic in Orange; and there was a story in the Central Western Daily on June 29, July 1 and July 4 on his stepping down as head of Campus at Orange.

There was an interview with Science Dean Professor Nick Klomp on alternatives for power production using smoke from wood burning heaters on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, June 16 and a story in the Border Mail, July 1 on how consumers can change behaviour to save money and energy. Also in Eureka Street, a web based service, a story on most of the money for agricultural science research going to the capital cities on July 3. Also an interview on Prime TV News Albury on Students of Sustainability conference on July 6. On July 11 he was ABC Riverina mornings talking about the science behind climate change.

New Research Project
A team of ILWS researchers led by Dr Skye Wassens and their involvement in a new research project monitoring the environmental health of the Murrumbidgee River after the release of 'environmental water' from upstream dams were featured in reports on ABC Riverina news and mornings, June 20; interviews with Skye on Prime and Win TV News Wagga on June 22; a story in The Rural, June 23; and on ABC Riverina mornings web, June 26.

Doctors 4 the bush campaign
An interview with Science Dean Professor Nick Klomp on the Doctors 4 the bush campaign to get a medical school at CSU was on Prime News Albury, June 20; a radio interview on 2BS and a story in The Land, June 23.

Negative Politicians
A story about politicians being clouded by negativity according to Dr Troy Whitford was on ABC News and Yahoo!7 news web outlets on June 23.

Tree-change incentive
There was an interview with Dr Angela Ragusa regarding the $7 000 incentive for a tree-change on ABC NSW State-wide afternoons on June 29.

Growing your own meat
A/Prof David Watson's comments on Australia's beef industry and growing your own meat were on ABC National Rear Vision radio and web, June 29.


Sweet Solution for Woodlands
The ABCs Catalyst program which aired on July 7 featured A/Prof Ian Lunt's (along with CSIROs Dr Suzanne Prober and PhD student Ian Cole) research project, it's all on the web site at The story focused specifically on the use of sugar as a means of reducing weeds and restoring native grasses.

Carbon Tax
Julia Gillard's announcement of a Carbon Tax on Sunday July 10 has certainly generated even more public debate on the issue. Contributing to the debate is Prof Kevin Parton whose views were expressed in two recent CSU media releases, one a general commentary which also included comment by Institute adjunct Barney Foran, and another Time to put need before greed in Australia. Prof Parton views have been picked up by media across Australia with interviews and stories in a host of media outlets. They include: an interview with Prime TV Orange & Bathurst on July 4 and ABC Goulburn Murray on July 5 on excluding petrol from the carbon tax; and after the announcement on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, ABC Riverina mornings, Prime TV news Orange, 2UE Rural News, 2MCE, and ABC Victoria Drive July 11. Barney Foran and his views were on Prime TV Albury on July 11. There were also two stories in the Central Western Daily on July 9 and 11.

Bonegilla experience
A/Prof Bruce Pennay and a story on the migrant experience at Bonegilla was in WA Today, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and the Brisbane Times, -Traveller (web) on July 9.

Anti-foreign Sentiment
Professor John Hicks has described anti-foreign investment sentiment as "ludicrous" in a story in the Daily Liberal, July 1.

Coal industry demise
Prof Kevin Parton continues to be in the media spotlight. On July 13 he spoke on ABC Rural News (Canberra) and ABC Country Hour, predicting that the coal industry will be gone by 2050. There was also a story on July 14 in the Blayney Chronicle with Kevin saying climate action was needed now. He was also on air on ABC NSW Mornings on July 14 explaining the carbon tax and taking questions on the subject. On July 15 there was a story on ABC News on-line where he explained what the carbon tax will mean for farmers which also appeared on the South Africa Environment web news service, July 17. Kevin's views on how the carbon tax will impact on the Australian economy were reported in the Central Western Daily, July 16.

Economic research
An article written by Prof Mark Morrison and colleagues on economic research which used longitudinal surveys to identify the effect of increased media climate change reporting because of An Inconvenient Truth, the Stern Report and drought appeared in Economics Week, July 15.

Indigenous business research
ABC Dubbo ran a story with Prof Mark Morrison about the Indigenous Business research he is involved in on July 15.

Migrant demonstrations
An article about migrant demonstrations by Institute adjunct Prof Bruce Pennay appeared in the Border Mail July 16 with a story in Eureka Street, on the web, July 17. He was also interviewed on the subject on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, July 22. Bruce also wrote an article which was published in the Australian Policy & History on-line publication. See

Kangaroo harvesting
Ecologist Dr Alison Matthews supported the science of "sustainable" kangaroo harvesting in a story in the Dubbo Daily Liberal, July 16.

Doctors in the Bush
Prof Nick Klomp's call to have training for doctors in regional areas continues to be in the news with a story in The Land, July 17.

Crayfish Size
An article by PhD student Sylvia Zukowski and colleagues on the size of male and female crayfish appeared in Life Science Weekly, July 19.

Murray Darling Basin Plan
Institute researchers continue to be called upon by the media to speak about the proposed MDB Plan. Dr Jonathon Howard spoke on the need to involve communities in the next version of the plan on ABC Goulburn Murray and ABC Riverina Rural Reports on July 21, with Institute adjunct Prof David Mitchell speaking on the need to involve science in the next version on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings, also on July 21. A/Prof Robyn Watts spoke on the need to investigate water management in the next version on ABC Riverina News, July 22. Prof Max Finlayson spoke on ABC Goulburn Murray's Rural Report, ABC Victoria's Country Hour, and on ABC Rural (web) about his concerns that there may be less environmental water in the new proposal than previously proposed on July 28.

Opinion Piece
'Ozone success shows how we must tackle carbon issue': Opinion piece by CSU Dean of Science, Professor Nick Klomp on Australia's and global response to ozone hole and similar consideration for climate change in the Border Mail, July 23.

Disability training
An Interview with Dr Merrilyn Crichton regarding training session at CSU in Bathurst for disability sector workers was on ABC Central West mornings, July 25.

Dead rock stars
Dr Catherine Strong was quoted in a story "Don't turn dead rock stars into mythical figures" in the Daily Liberal, July 30.


Foxy Tale
A highlight of In The News this month would have to be a story on Dr Andrew Carter, former ILWS PhD student and his research into fox behaviour that appeared in The Weekend Age on August 15. Check out the story "Foxes prefer to dine out at a vineyard and then have a snooze" written by Darren Gray.

Water, drought and climate change
Adjunct Professor David Mitchell's upcoming lecture at the Dubbo campus on "Water, Drought and Climate Change" was mentioned in the Warren Advocate and in the Dubbo Daily Liberal, August 3, with an interview on ABC Orange & ABC Dubbo, and in the Barrier Daily Truth (web), August 10.

Fast train
Interview with Prof Nick Klomp on what the very fast train would mean for the environment on WIN News Albury, August 4

Visiting Professor
Visiting German professor Ulrich Nissen who was at the campus to talk on accounting for energy costs was interviewed by WIN TV news Albury and Wagga on August 4.

Indian visitors
The group of Indian visitors to the Institute had coverage on Prime News Albury and ABC Goulburn Murray, August 5 with a story in the Border Mail's Country Mail, titled "Conservation of water brings nations together" August 13.

Exhibition Review
A review of an exhibition by Prof Margaret Woodward appeared in the Daily Advertiser, August 6

Overseas media
A/Prof Dirk Spennemann, who was in Micronesia recently, had his usual excellent media coverage including a story about a guest lecture he was giving on the "War on the Tundra" in the Pacific News Centre (web) in Guam on August 10; stories in Saipan's Marianas Variety newspaper on July 22 about his upcoming visit and lecture on the German Sudsee Expedition and again on August 5; in the Saipan Tribune, August 4, 5 & 12; in the Marianas Variety, August 21. He was also interviewed for the evening news KSPN TV on August 8 & 11 with a radio interview on August 14.

Investing in Ecosystem Services Vital to Improving Food Security
A major global report co-authored by the Institute's Director highlights healthy ecosystems as the basis for sustainable water resources and stable food security for people around the world, including Australia. The report, An Ecosystems Approach to Water and Food Security, was launched by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the International Water Management Institute and 19 collaborating institutions, including ILWS, during World Water Week, August 21 - 27 in Sweden. A CSU media release on the report resulted in Prof Max Finlayson doing an interview for ABC Rural News while in Canberra attending an ILWS organised Ecosystems Workshop on August 24 and was on web news sites, ScienceAlert, Ecos and International Business News, September 6.

Fox Research
Former ILWS PhD student Dr Andrew Carter's research on foxes (a story appeared in The Age, August 15) was also picked up for their web news services by the Merredin Wheatbelt Mercury in WA, Aug 14, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Straight Furrow, Aug 15

Social isolation in rural communities Dr Angela Ragusa was interviewed by Radio National Australia Talks re Social isolation in rural communities, August 16.

Water, drought and climate change
A photo spread of people who attended a lecture by Institute adjunct Prof David Mitchell in Dubbo on "Water, drought and climate change" appeared in the Daily Liberal, August 17 with a story in the Dubbo Photo News, August 18

Light Lines exhibition
A/Prof Dirk Spennemann was interviewed by Prime TV Albury re his "Light Lines – architecture for a modern age" exhibition at the Albury Library Museum, August 19

War history in Micronesia A story about a journalist revisiting a World War 2 structure with A/Prof Dirk Spennemann appeared in the Marianas Variety, August 19

Conservation research
An article "Conservation Research; Research Data from Charles Sturt University Update Understanding of Conservation Research" written by A/Prof Gary Luck and colleagues appeared in Ecology, Environment and Conservation, on August 26. An opinion piece written "Where we live undermines conservation effort" by A/Prof Luck was on Open Forum, September 7

Winton wetlands
A story on a management plan for the Winton Wetlands mentioning the Winton Wetlands Scientific and Technical Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Max Finlayson, appeared in the Benalla Observer, August 31


Carbon tax debate
Dr Troy Whitford was interviewed on the carbon tax debate in federal parliament and implications for the Gillard government by Prime news Wagga, Sept 15 with Prof Kevin Parton interviewed on the same topic and the implications for everyday Australians on ABC Radio national, the same day. An opinion piece quoting their views then appeared in the Border Mail the next day.

Season for snakes
Steve Sass, ILWS PhD student was interviewed by Anne Delaney on the the abundance of snakes this season on ABC Riverina September 20.

Murray Darling Basin Plan
Institute director Prof Max Finlayson and his views about proposed cuts to irrigation allocations in the forthcoming Murray Darling Basin Plan not being enough to save the red gum forests were on ABC Rural, ABC NSW Country Hour News, ABC NSW Country Hour and ABC Victoria Country Hour and on Sept 20.

DVD launch
A story on the launch of a new school curriculum package on grassy box woodlands featured Dr Dave (A/Prof Dave Watson) by Dick Smith at the Henty Field Days appeared in the East Riverina Chronicle Sept 21.

Environmental Water Monitoring
Reference was made to the monitoring by CSU researchers (a Department of SEWPAC project led by Dr Skye Wassens) of an environmental water release into the Murrumbidgee River in June in a story in The Australian, September 21.

Grunge Music
Dr Catherine Strong was interviewed on ABC 2CR about the 20th anniversary of the birth of Grunge music with the release of Nirvana's Nevermind Album in 1991. The interview, on Sept. 23 also mentions her new book "Grunge: Music and Memory" to be released in December. This was followed up with a story that went to more than 61 ABC radio and web outlets including on ABC Triple J News, ABC Perth, ABC Kimberley, ABC Darwin, ABC Hobart, ABC Capricornia, ABC Central Victoria, ABC North West WA, ABC Western Queensland, ABC WA Wheatbelt, ABC Greater Southern Belt, and ABC Central Coast NSW, on Sept 24. The web based news service Asian Correspondent than picked the story up the following day and it was on ABC News, Sept 26.

Methane Use
Prof Ken Parton was interviewed on the use of methane from local council landfill sites to reduce carbon tax and produce electricity on ABC Goulburn Murray mornings and news Sept 28.

Opinion Piece
An Opinion Piece by Dr Troy Whitford on outdated ideology and Peter Costello appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times, The Age and WA Today, Sept 29. As well there was his regular session with ABC Riverina breakfast on Oct 4 talking about democracy.


Dr Maureen Rogers' appointment to the NE Catchment Management Authority was mentioned in the Border Mail, Oct 5.

International Lunch
Prime TV Albury interviewed Dr Joanne Millar and Kuenga Namgay in regards to an international lunch held at the Albury-Wodonga campus on Oct 5.

Climate change impacts on the alpine environment
A/Prof Ian Lunt commented on a NSW government report highlighting loss of snow with climate change and its effect on the alpine environment on Prime TV Albury News on Oct 10.

Social Causes of Climate Change
Dr Helen Masterman-Smith was mentioned in a report on an international conference focussing on the social causes of climate change held in Melbourne Set 30 to Oct 30 in the on-line news service Climate and Capitalism, Oct 10.

Green Growth Strategy
Institute adjunct Barney Foran comments in the September issue of ECOS magazine on the OECD Green Growth Strategy released May 25 to 26 at

Baby Boomers, social isolation The Afternoon Show of Curtin FM interviewed Dr Angela Ragua regarding Baby Boomers, social isolation and community concerns, October 13

Australian Bill of Rights
Dr Troy Whitford's regular segment with ABC Riverina mornings focussed on a discussion on the debate over an Australian Bill of Rights on Oct 17 and on rescinding legislation and changes to politicians language surrounding 'promises' on Oct 31.Dr Whitford was also on ABC commenting on the rise and fall of Country Labor in Regional Victoria on ABC Radio National, on Nov 5. There was also a story on this in the Central Western Daily, Dubbo on Nov 8.

Resilience the Key
Prof Kevin Parton and Dr Robert Tierney's research on drought was featured on NSW ABCs Country Hour, with the researchers talking about "resilience" being the key to surviving drought, Oct 17.

Dam Alternatives
A/ Prof Robyn Watts was interviewed on Prime TV and Win TV Albury re alternatives to a new Buffalo dam in NE Victoria after her presentation to the Coalition's Water Taskforce on Oct 25. She also spoke on how to better manage water from dams on ABC Riverina mornings, Nov 4.

Community Resilience
Dr Jo Millar was interviewed re her upcoming research survey into community resilience after natural disasters 2UE National Rural news, Oct 25, ABC Goulburn Murray mornings & 2AY News, Oct 26; ABC Riverina mornings and WIN TV news, Oct 27; ABC Central Victoria Bendigo mornings and a story in News Weekly, Oct 28; and an article in The Border Mail, October 31. The story was then picked up by 11 ABC web news services across Australia on October 31.The story was then published in The Age (Education-web & print) on Nov 1.


Country Labor in Regional Victoria
Dr Whitford was on ABC commenting on the rise and fall of Country Labor in Regional Victoria on ABC Radio National, on Nov 5. There was also a story on this in the Central Western Daily, Dubbo on Nov 8.

Dam Alternatives
A/ Prof Robyn Watts spoke on how to better manage water from dams on ABC Riverina mornings, Nov 4.

Community Resilience
Dr Jo Millar's upcoming research survey into community resilience after natural disasters was published in The Age (Education-web& print) on Nov 1.

Dr Dave….
A story featuring A/Prof David Watson and a new educational package for primary school age children appeared in the Border Mail, Nov 1.

Carbon Tax
Prof Kevin Parton's views on Australia's carbon reduction laws were published by international newsagency, Reuters News, and on web sites Yahoo.UK!, Reuters, UK, Nov 8. He also spoke on the topic on ABC Sydney drive on Nov 9 and ABC Central Victoria, with a story in the Blayney Chronicle, Nov 10.  On Nov 11 he was on ABC Riverina talking about council landfills and possible levies under the new Carbon Tax; and was answering general questions about the how we measure carbon emissions on ABC Tropical Queensland, ABC North Coast NSW, ABC Central Victoria, ABC Goldfields WA, ABC Esperance, WA, ABC Adelaide, ABC Broken Hill, Nov 11.

Country Labor
A story on political expert Dr Troy Whitford's presentation to a Melbourne conference on the Labor Party in the country appeared in the Western Advocate, Nov 9. His views also made ABC Rural and ABC Bush Telegraph (web) on Nov 10 with a story in the Border Mail, Nov 12 and again on ABC Riverina, Nov 14.

Passion for Photography
A story on A/Prof Dirk Spennemann's passion for photography appeared in the Pulse section of the Border Mail, Nov 12.

Macquarie Marshes Visit
A/Prof Robyn Watts, as a member of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Scientific Advisory Committee, visited the Macquarie Marshes before a meeting of the committee with the story picked up by the Warren Advocate, Nov 17.

New Native Plant Nursery
Dr Geoff Burrows was quoted in a story about a new native plant nursery at CSU, Wagga in the Australian Horticulture magazine, Nov 17.

Agricultural Economics
Economics Week published a story about the research done by Prof Mark Morrison and colleagues which has led to new information about agricultural economics on Nov 18.

Draft Murray Darling Basin Plan
On the day of the plan's release, November 28, Prof Max Finlayson's views on the plan (which are that the water savings are not enough), were aired on ABC Goulburn Murray news, ABC Riverina mornings; PhD candidate Anna Luckasiewicz's comments on the plan and the implications for communities were on Radio National News; Prof Kathleen Bowmer's comments were on 2AY, and Prof Kevin Parton's views  were on Weekly Times now (web), ABC PM, ABC News and some 48 ABC radio  stations, including state capital cities across Australia. Kevin's views also made 7 News. The following day, (Nov 29) Prof Kath Bowmer was heard on ABC Western Plains and ABC Central West breakfast show. Kevin was interviewed on 2UE National Radio News, the Australia Rural Radio Communication Network and ABC Broken Hill with his views published in the web based Eco News, and Australasian Science, in the Daily Advertiser. 2GZ Orange interviewed him on Nov 30 and on Dec 5 there was a story in the Stock and Land. Prof David Mitchell spoke on air on the plan on ABC National, Dec 4.

Change of Speaker
Dr Troy Whitford discussed the change of speaker in the lower house of federal parliament in his regular spot on ABC Riverina breakfast, Nov 28.

Research in the Wimmera
Professor Allan Curtis was interviewed on ABC Western Victoria Rural on his research for the Wimmera CMA to assist it with the development of its next NRM strategy on November 29.

Mistletoe Exhibition
A story on CSU visiting artist Robyn Hulley, who did the illustrations for A/Prof David Watson's book Mistletoes of Southern Australia, and the Mistletoe Menace exhibition at the Albury-Library Museum appeared in the Pulse section of the Border Mail, Dec 3.

Discussion Paper
Institute adjunct Prof David Mitchell, who is also the chair of the Anglican Church's Environmental Working group in Australia, has written a discussion paper saying that human welfare needs to be balanced against the need to maintain rivers for future generations, as reported on the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne's web site, Nov 29.

Chilika Lake Research Project
A story on a three year research program looking at the impact of climate change on Chilika Lake in India which will involve Prof Max Finlayson and Institute adjunct and research assistant Dr Mariagrazia Bellio appeared in the New Indian Express,  November 30 and on the web based news services, IBN Live, Orissa Diary, India, Dec 1.


Environmental Water Use
An Opinion piece titled "Murrumbidgee Environmental Water Use" on ABC Rural Opinion by Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder Ian Robinson on Dec 9 mentions the team of CSU scientists (led by Dr Skye Wassens) who were engaged to monitor the benefits to the mid-Murrumbidgee wetlands and their findings.

Chilika Lake Research Project
Further reports on the three year research program looking at the impact of climate change on Chilika Lake, India appeared  in The Press Trust of India Ltd, and The Hindu, Dec 3.

Alaskan research
A photograph of A/Prof Dirk Spennemann photographing a gun on Kiska Island in the Aleutians, was in the Anchorage Daily News, Dec 24.

Mistletoes in Australia
A/Prof David Watson spoke on mistletoes in Australia on ABC Sydney Breakfast and 3AW Melbourne breakfast  after a story "Mistletoes give woodland birds the kiss of life" appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Launceston Times, WA Today, the  Brisbane Times, The Melbourne Age, Fairfield City  Champion, Parramatta Sun, Wagin Argus, Coastal Leader, Gloucester Advocate, Cootamundra Herald, Barossa Herald, Forbes Advocate, Maroondah Weekly, Great Lakes Advocate, The Islander, Donnybrook Mail, Blue Mountains Gazette, Melton Weekly, Cooma Express, Western Herald, Moree Champion, Goondiwindi Argus, Nambucca Guardian, Bendigo Advertiser, Ballarat Courier, Myall Coast Nota, Queanbeyan Age, Stock and Land, Camden Advertiser , Western Advocate & Blacktown Sun, Dec 22. Also a story on visiting artist Robyn Hulley who has been working with A/Prof David Watson and her exhibition at the Albury/Library Museum appeared in the Midweek Express, Jan 25.

Murray Darling Basin Plan
Prof Kevin Parton's views on the plan continued to be picked up by the media  with stories in the North Queensland Register, Farm Weekly, The Land, Stock Journal, and Queensland Country Life, Dec 5.

Water & Regional Education
A story with Prof Nick Klomp on climate change and the need to return large volumes of water to the Murray Darling Basin appeared in The Advertiser, Dec 6. He was also interviewed on ABC Victoria Drive on regional universities and education in Albury-Wodonga on Dec 15 and on ABC 2CR re rural medical and health workforce shortages, Jan 20.