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Quality of Life in Rural Australia 2000

An edited collection of papers on the quality of life in rural Australia as presented at the Rural Australia: Toward 2000 Conference.

Edited by Sotirios Sarantakos

Published by the Centre for Rural Social Research

March 1998

ISBN: 1 86467 025 8

The papers in this book are centred around three themes: health and health services, education and training and families. The issues raised in each section are seen as indicators and elements of a complex mosaic which makes up the quality of life of rural Australians.



PART A: Health Services

1. Occupationally acquired hearing loss in Australian farmers Linda Evans

2. Rural health and ageing Celia Saw

3. Are rural health practitioners professionally isolated Anthony Thompson

4. Mental health workers in rural and remote areas of NSW Charanjit Singh

5. Outreach rehabilitation: from idea to reality Noelene Hickey

6. Rural mental health: policy, practice and the law Guy Cumes

PART B: Education and Training

7. Outlook of rural secondary students Linda Bourke

8. The National Vocational Education Training System Kate Lawrence

9. A model for farmer education Ann Cliff and Barbara Johnson

10. Educating social welfare practitioners for rural practice Deborah Nilsson

11. Rural women education and training needs Jeanette Roberts

PART C: Family and community life

12. Families in the city and on the farm Sotirios Sarantakos

13. The impact of cancer on rural NSW Lesley Wilkes and Kate White

14. Rural parents' perceptions and values Louise Hard

15. Farm family members and farm business management Tony Lewis

16. Suicide in rural NSW Lex Stewart