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Rural Women Towards 2000

An edited collection of papers on women in rural Australia as presented at the Rural Australia Toward 2000 Conference.

Edited by Margaret Alston

Published by the Centre for Rural Social Research, March 1998

ISBN: 1 86467 019 3

The papers in this book present a challenge to the community to recognise the value of rural women, to acknowledge their trials, their contributions and their silencing. Such widespread condemnation of the devaluing of rural women, as these papers represent, surely demands change. But such change can only be effected if government, industry and community groups agree to revisit the issues raised in this publication. It is no longer good enough to accept the very low representation of women at national level and we can no longer accept incremental rates of progress - on current rates we may achieve equity in 200 years time. As Board argues it does not make market sense to draw on only half of the talent. I would add, economics aside, it represents a lack of attention to social justice, that in most other areas would be widely declaimed.



A Question of Value Marilyn Waring

Women's Health in Rural Australia: Towards 2000 Professor Lois Bryson and Penny Warner Smith

How're you gonna keep 'em down on the that the good lady wants to keep her own career on the boil? Dr Anne Wise

Farm Women and the 'F' Word Fiona Haslam-McKenzie

The 'Othering' of Rural Women Dr Margaret Alston

Rural Women, Policy and the Process of Change in Australian Agriculture Helen Board

Involving Rural Women Makes for Powerful Partners Melanie Fisher and Pat Hutchinson

The Untapped Resource Lucy Broad

Participation in Rural Communities: the need for stronger communities in a changing world Brian Bishop and Sheridan Coakes

Rural Australia Towards 2000 Jan Darlington

Ducks on the Pond: The management challenges of women running farms Anne Campbell