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Rural Australia: Toward 2000 Conference

Keynote Papers

An edited collection of papers as presented at the Rural Australia: Toward 2000 Conference (July 1997)

Edited by Professor Robert Doyle

Published by the Centre for Rural Social Research

March 1998

ISBN: 1 86467 021 5

Rural Australia: Toward 2000 was a landmark forum on rural issues, which brought together a diverse group of people to examine issues of concern to rural and remote Australia. The conference was designed to consider the issues facing rural Australian not in an isolated but in an integrated way, using themes of economic development, natural resources and social development. This is a collection of the keynote papers presented at the conference.



1. Hon. Tim Fisher MP, Deputy Prime Minister

2. Critical issues for river and catchment management in the Murray Darling basin Mr Don Blackmore, CEO, Murray Darling Basin Commission

3. Importance of rural Australia to indigenous Australians Mr Hewitt Wyman, Binaal Billa Regional Council, ATSIC

4. The past, present and future of 'the bush' Prof Rod Jensen, Univeristy of Queensland

5. The possibilities for the rural sector up to and beyond 2000, Dr Wendy Craik, National Farmers Federation

6. Hon. David Brownhill, Parliamentary Secretary for Primary Industries and Energy

7. A question of value Dr Marilyn Waring

8. Women's Health in Rural Australia Prof Lois Bryson and Penny Warner Smith

9. A vision for rural Australia Mr Basil Varghese

10. Putting the jigsaw together Prof Peter Cullen

11. Out of sight out of mind: Issues facing non-English speaking communities in rural Australia Dr Hurriyet Babacan

12. Charting the future: Towards 2000 A/Prof Tony Sorensen

13. Regional Economic Modelling: Its role in rural policy planning and environmental issues
Dr Guy West

14.An integrated policy approach for rural Australia Mr Paul Barratt