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ILWS COVID-19 Publications

Since the onset of the global pandemic, ILWS researchers have been on the front foot when it comes to COVID research. To date, there have been 59 research outputs produced by Institute members, covering an assortment of topics related to the pandemic, at both an international and national level. The scope of this research extends from the social sciences to mathematical modelling and projecting future transmission of the virus, thus providing much-needed insight into the impact of COVID-19. Whether it be regarding the mental health of our front line workers or the future implications for industry and economy, ILWS researchers have once again demonstrated their engagement in high quality, impactful research.

One ILWS member, Associate professor Dirk Spenneman has alone authored 15 papers (13 of which  he is first author) and 2 ILWS reports.

Journal articles
  1. Panday, A., Kabir, A. & Chowdhury, N.K. (Accepted/In press). A Survey of Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting and Diagnosing COVID-19 from Imaging. Quantitative Biology, i-xxiii.
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  37. Pawar, M. (Ed.) (2021). COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on and Implications for community and social development (ed). SAGE Publications, India.
    Book Chapters
  38. Pawar, M. (2021). The Global Impact of and responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Introduction. (pp. 1-14).
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    Other Book Chapter
  41. Lymn, J. & Pasanai, S. (2021). Taking advantage of new opportunities afforded by the COVID19 pandemic: A case study in responsive and dynamic Library and Information Science Work Integrated Learning. In C. Cheong, J. Coldwell-Neilson, K. MacCallum, T. Luo, & A. Scime (Eds.), COVID-19 and Education: Learning and Teaching in a Pandemic-Constrained Environment (pp. 275-290). Informing Science Press.
    ILWS reports
  42. Spennemann, D.H.R. (2021). Collecting COVID-19 Ephemera: a photographic documentation of examples from regional Australia. Institute for Land, Water and Society Report. 143. Albury, NSW: Institute for Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University.
  43. Spennemann, D.H.R. (2021). Patterns of a Pandemic. A documentation of COVID-19 masks sold, lost and discarded in a regional Australian city. Institute for Land, Water and Society Report. 164. Albury, NSW: Institute for Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University.
    Commissioned report
  44. Kleinschafer, J., Burmeister, O., Lawrence, J., Allan, J., Kingsford, J., Fuller, G., Saksena, T., & Lock, M. (2021). Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on health beliefs and compliance with prevention measures in rural, regional, remote and Aboriginal populations of Western NSW.
    Other reports
  45. Roberts, R., Dwivedi, A., Bamberry, L., Neher, A., Jenkins, S., Sutton, C., Frost, M., O'Meara, P., & Wong, A. (2021). The mental health, wellbeing and work impacts of COVID-19 on first responders and frontline workers in Australia. Charles Sturt University.
  46. Neher, A., Jenkins, S., Bamberry, L., Roberts, R., Wong, A., Dwivedi, A., Frost, M., Sutton, C., & O'Meara, P. (2021). The mental health, wellbeing, and work impacts of COVID-19 on the Australian police workforce. Charles Sturt University.
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  48. Villar, O. (2020). A pandemic in an era of U.S.-China rivalry and neoliberalism. Independent Australia.,13873

    Presentation only

  49. Pawar, M. (2020). Child marriage during pandemic and coping skills. Paper presented at Children and Young Adults during COVID-19, Shantiniketan, India.
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