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Current and past research

Completed Project

Advancing Knowledge about Citizen-Agency Trust in Wildland Fire Management: A Collaborative Assessment Framework for the U.S. and Australia Curtis, A. (CSU) Sharp, E. (CSU) Shindler, B. ( Oregon State University), McCaffrey, S. (USA Forest Service), McGee, T, (University of Alberta), McFarlane, B. (Canadian Forest Service) (2010-2013) Joint Fire Science Program (USA) The Trust Planning Guide PDF

PhD Research

How does farming as an occupational identity 'fit' within the overall personal identity of rural landholders and is it possible to classify those landholders using a collective identity construct? (2012-2015) Theresa Groth  Supervisors: Prof Allan Curtis (principal) Dr Emily Mendham & Prof Eric Toman (The Ohio State University, Ohio, United States (PhD Graduate) Project details


Kiska WWII Battlefield Landscape Survey and Report Spennemann, D. H. R. (2009 -2010)U.S. National Park Service


Marin, V.H., Delgado, L.E., Tironi-Silva, A., Finlayson, C.M. (2017) Exploring Social-Ecological Complexities of Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites): the Carlos Anwandter Sanctuary (Valdivia, Chile) as a Case Study. Wetlands Journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists. 37: 1-12

Ricaurte, L.F., Olaya-Rodrígueza, M.H., Cepeda-Valenciaa, J., Lara, D., Johanna Arroyave-Suárez, J., Finlayson, C.M., Palomo, I. (2017) Future impacts of drivers of change on wetland ecosystem services in Colombia. Global Environmental Change 44: 158-169.

Shindler, B., Olsen, C., Mc Caffrey, S., McFarlane, B., Christianson, A., Mc Gee, T., Curtis, A. & Sharp. E. (2014) Trust: A Planning Guide for Wildfire Agencies & Practitioners, USA Joint Fire Science program.

Olsen, C.S., & Sharp, E. (2013) Building community-agency trust in fire affected communities in Australian and the United States.  International Journal of Wildland Fire 22(6) 822-831

Villar, O. & Cottle, D. (2013) One-Hundred Years of Solitude or Solidarity? Colombia's Forgotten Revolution. A Contracorriente: Journal on Social History and Literature in Latin America. Vol. 10, No. 2 (North Carolina) 167-202.

Villar, O. & Cottle, D. (2011) From La Violencia to the War on Terror: A Re-examination of Colombia's FARC-EP Inside Bolivar's 'Gran Colombia'.  International Journal of Socialist Renewal. November, (Sydney) 1-33.

Villar, O. and Cottle, D. (2012) Cocaine, Death Squads, and The War on Terror: U.S. Imperialism and Class Struggle in Colombia. Monthly Review Press, New York.