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Current and past research

Current Projects

Growth in China and its Regions and the impact on Australia and Regional Australia Hicks, J., Basu, P.K. and Sappey, R.B. (2010 – ongoing) CSU Project details PDF

Achieving Balanced Growth in Domestic and External Markets in China  Hicks, J., Sharma, K., Basu, P.K. & Bandara, Y.   (2012-ongoing) Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship grant from AusAID,  $136,606 & CSU $26,930 Project details

Completed Projects

Sustaining Economic Growth in China Sharma, K. Hicks, J & Bandara, Y. (2011) Funded by AusAid's Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships Program. $158,000

Liberalisation, Growth and Economic Change in China Sharma, K. (2010) AusAid

Health and education implications of China 's accession to WTO Sharma, K & Bandara, Y. (2006) ARC-APFRN


Review of Australia China Environment Development Program Activity Design Document Finlayson, C.M (2009) GHD Consulting


An, S., Finlayson, C.M. (2018) Preface: wetland research in China. Marine and Freshwater Research 69: i-iii

Wang, H., Nie, L., Xu, Y, Li, M., Lv, Y.  (2018) Traffic-emitted metal status and uptake by Carex meyeriana Kunth and Thelypteris palustris var. pubescens Fernald growing in roadside turfy swamp in the Changbai Mountain area, China, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-12 DOI: 10.1007/s11356-018-1990-6

Sharma, K. & Wei, W. (2014), Foreign investment and vertical specialization: Emerging trends in Chinese exports, Economic Papers, 33 (3), pp 285-294.

Lei, Y., Finlayson, C.M., Thwaites, R. & Shi, G. (2013) Migration drivers in mountain regions in the context of climate change: A case study in Shangnan County of China,  Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment

Shi, Y., Sharma, K., Murphy, T, Hicks, J. &  Arther, L. (2013)  Trade and Environment in China: An Input-Output Perspective on the Pollution-haven Hypothesis, International Journal of Economics and Business Research, Vol 5 (4), pp. 420-432, 2013.

Jiag, N., Wang, L. &  Sharma, K. (2013) Trends, Patterns and Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in China', Global Business Review, 2013

Yutian,S., Sharma, K., Murphy, T., Hicks, J. & Arthur, L. (2012) Exports and energy consumption in China: an input –output perspective,Interdisciplinary Environmental Review 13(4) pp. 279-293.

Shi, Y., Sharma, K, Murphy, T., Hicks, J., Arthur, L. (2012) Exports, energy and the environment in China: an input-output perspectiveInterdisciplinary Environmental Review 13(4) pp. 279-293 DOI: 10.1504/IER.2012.051438