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ILWS - Charles Sturt University


Annual Report Summaries

  1. Annual Report Summary 2010 (pdf)
  2. Annual Report Summary 2009 (pdf)
  3. Annual Report Summary 2008 (pdf)

Journal Papers

  • Millar J, and Connell, J. 2010, Strategies for scaling out impacts from agricultural systems change: the case of forages and livestock production in Laos. Agriculture and Human Values. 27: 213–225 (pdf)
  • Photakoun, V., Millar, J., & Race, D. 2010, Evaluating capacity building methods to strengthen livestock extension outcomes in Laos. Extension Farming Systems Journal 5 (2) 91-100 (pdf)
  • Millar, J., 2009, Adapting extension approaches to cultural environments in South East Asia: experiences from Laos and Indonesia. Extension Farming Systems Journal 5 (1): 143-148 (pdf)
  • Stelling, A., Millar, J., Phengsavanh, P., & Stur. W., 2009, Establishing learning alliances between extension organisations: Key learnings from Laos. Extension Farming Systems Journal 5 (1): 43-52. (pdf)
  • Alexander, K., Millar, J., & Lipscombe, N., 2009, Sustainable Development in the Uplands of Lao PDR Sustainable Development (pdf)    
  • Millar, J., & Photakoun, V., 2008, Livestock development and poverty alleviation: revolution or evolution for upland livelihoods in Lao PDR?  International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 6(1) 89–102 (pdf)

Hmong farmers in their fieldWoman farmer preparing pig feed Extension staff demonstrating cattle vaccination technique

Conference papers

  • Stür, W., Phengsavanh, P., Stelling, A., Millar, J & Lefroy, 2009, Facilitating a multi-stakeholder learning alliance: a case study describing the activities, outputs and impact of the Pig Systems Development Alliance in Lao PDR, Paper presented at the Innovation Asia Pacific Symposium, 4-7 May 2009, Kathmandu, Nepal.  (pdf)
  • Millar, J., & Photakoun, V., 2006, Pathways to improving livelihoods in the uplands of Laos: Researching and improving extension practice. Paper presented at the APEN International Conference, 3 - 6 March 2006, Beechworth, Victoria (pdf)
  • Millar, J., Photokhoun, V, & Horne, P., 2003, Accelerating the Impacts of Participatory Research and Extension on Shifting Cultivation Farming Systems in Lao PDR. Paper presented to First Australian Farming Systems Conference, 7-10 September 2003. (pdf)

Book Chapters

  • Connell, J., Millar, J., Photakoun, V., and Pathammavong, O. (2005). Strategies for
    enabling scaling up: technology innovation and agroenterprise development. In Bouahom, B., Glendinning, A., Nilsson, S., and Victor, M. (eds). Poverty Reduction and Shifting Cultivation Stabilisation in the Uplands of Lao PDR: Technologies, approaches and methods for improving rural livelihoods. National Agriculture and Forestry Institute. pp. 361-373. (pdf)

Technical Reports

  • Stelling, A and Millar, J, 2010, Multi-Criteria Analysis of Capacity Building Methods for Lao Extension staff, NAFES, Lao PDR (pdf)
  • Stelling, A., Millar J., Sengdala B, Keuthphannavong, H. Theppanid, N and Vannaphoun, S.,2010, Farmer to Farmer Learning & Adoption of Livestock Production. A report on the flow on effects of Farmer Cross Visits in 2007 and 2008, NAFES, Lao PDR. (pdf)
  • Stelling, A., & Millar, J,. 2009, An evaluation of the Legumes for Pigs Project Development Alliance. Report No. 49. Institute of Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University, Albury, NSW. (pdf)
  • Millar, J., Sendara, B., Keuthphannavong, H., & Theppanid, N., 2009, Report on 2007-2008 Farmer Cross Visits and follow up evaluations, NAFES, (pdf)
  • Millar, J., Photakoun, V. & Connell, J. 2005, Scaling out impacts: a study of three methods for introducing forage technologies to villages in Lao PDR, ACIAR Working Paper No. 58. (pdf)


  • Photakoun,Viengxay., 2009, The Role of Capacity Building for Livestock Extension Staff in Lao PDR. (pdf)