ILWS - Charles Sturt University
ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Project Overview

Farmer feeding cut fresh fodder to housed cattleThe EASLP project was an Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) project, commissioned by Charles Sturt University, Australia. Collaborating institutions were the National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Service (NAFES), Lao PDR; the Department of Livestock and Fisheries (DLF), Lao PDR; the National Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI), Lao PDR; the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) Asia, and the University of Sydney

Project Aim:

The EASLP project assisted the Lao government in fostering farmer adoption of improved livestock production by adapting appropriate extension methods and staff development approaches across five northern provinces (Huaphan, Bokeo, Luang Nam Tha, Xieng Khouang and Luang Prabang).

Timeframe: July 2007 – April 2011

Project Objectives:

  1. Adapt livestock extension approaches to targeted poor districts in northern Laos (Huaphan, Xieng Khouang, Luang Prabang).
  2. Evaluate the cost effectiveness and on ground impacts of a range of capacity building techniques being used for livestock extension staff.Farmer with buffalo

Project Activities

The EASLP project took an action-learning approach using social research techniques to plan, implement, evaluate and adapt extension and capacity building approaches. This involved a range of activities from hands-on work with farmers and staff to data gathering interviews, literature reviews, data analysis and disseminating results. Project activities included :

  • Evaluating extension approaches,
  • Training government extension staff,
  • Generating extension resources (extension guidelines, farmer case studies, digital stories),
  • Student support,
  • Organising Farmer Cross Visits (244 farmers).

Research results were presented via the publication of extension guidelines, journal articles and reports, the electronic dissemination of digital stories and live presentations by the project team to conferences, workshops and meetings.