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North Asia

Current and past research

PhD Research 

Development Strategies and Structural Change in Mongolian Economy: An Analysis of Trends, Patterns and Determinants of Trade and Investment.   Davaakhuu, O. (PhD Graduate) (2010-2013) l Supervisor Professor Kishor Sharma 

Landcare in Japan, Maekawa, T., (PhD candidate from Tokyo Insitutue of Technology)  More


Sharma, K. & Davaakhuu, O. (2015) Trade Policymaking in a Resource-rich Landlocked Country: The WTO Review of Mongolia, The World Economy, Vol 36, Iss. 9. pp 1350-1367. 

Davaakhuu, O., Sharma, K. & Bandara, Y. (2014), Export performance during economic transition in Mongolia', Economic Analysis and Policy. 44 (3), pp 442-450.

Davaakhuu, O., Sharma, K. & Bandara, Y (2014), 'Foreign investment in transition economics: Lessons from the experience of Mongolia,Global Business Review, 15 (4), 663-675.