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South East Asia

Current and past research



Sokchea, A.& Culas, R. J. (2015) Impact of Contract Farming with Farmer Organizations on Farmers' Income: A Case Study of Reasmey Stung Sen Agricultural Development Cooperative in Cambodia, Australasian Agribusiness Review, 23(2015) 1-11.


Current and Completed Projects

Goat production systems and marketing in Laos and Vietnam. Millar, J. (2019-2022) Led by University of New England.  ACIAR, $165,824

Assessing fisheries mitigation measures at Xayaburi Dam in Lao PDR. Baumgartner, L., McPherson, J., Ning, N. (2018-2022) ACIAR, $1.4M Project details

Quantifying improved fisheries productivity at fish rehabilitation sites in Lao PDR extension. Baumgartner, L., Marsden, T., Ning, N. & Horta, A.  (2018-2019) ACIAR & USAID, $800,000

Quantifying improved fisheries productivity at fish passage rehabilitation sites in Lao PDR.  (2016-2020) Baumgartner, L., Ning, N., Horta, A., Conallin, J. with Thorncraft, G. (National University of Laos), Phonekhampheng, O. (National University of Laos),  Singhanouvong, D. (Living Aquatic Resources Research Centre), Cooper, B. (UniSA)  Marsden,T., (Australasian Fish Passage Services) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) & USAID, $2.6M (initial funding of $1.8M plus an additional $800,000 in 2018) Project details

In search of the elusive Mekong salmon. Baumgartner, L. & Vu, V.A. (PhD student), (2016-2018), National Geographic Society Research Grant, $30,080 Project details

The role that Deltas play in sustain basin-scale fisheries in the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers. Baumgartner, L., &  Vu, V.A. (PhD student) (2017-2020) IHE Delft. $30,127 Project details

Socio-economic study of fish harvesting by villagers around Pak Pun reservoir in Laos. Part of development of fish passage technology to increase fisheries production on floodplains in the lower Mekong and Murray-Darling River Basins. Millar, J.  ACIAR,  New South Wales Department of Industry and Innovation $66,180 (2012-2015) Project details Project Bulletin

Linking food security and conservation in Lao PDR. Smith, M., Millar, J., Davidson, P. ( 2009 – 2013) Volunteer International for Development Australia (ViDA) Project details

Extension approaches for scaling out livestock production in Lao PDR.  Millar, J. Stelling, A & Photakoun, V. (2007 to 2011)   ACIAR scholarship Project details EASLP Project webpages

Best Practice health and husbandry of cattle and buffalo, Lao PDR.  Millar, J. (2008- 2012) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

Accelerating the impacts of participatory research and extension on shifting cultivation farming systems in Lao PDR.  Millar, J., Photakoun, V., (NAFES), Alexander, K., (PhD candidate). (2003 - 2006) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Service Summary Sheet PDF


Cooper, B., Crase, L. & Baumgartner, L.J. (2019) Estimating benefits and costs: a case of fish passages in Lao PDR and the development of the Lower Mekong Fishway Support Tool. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Baumgartner, L.J., Barlow, C., Mallen-Cooper, M., Boysm C., Marsden, T., Thorncraft, G., Phonekhampheng, O., Singhanouvong, D., Rice, W., Roy, M., Crase, L. & Cooper, B. (2018) Achieving fish passage outcomes at irrigation infrastructure; a case study from the Lower Mekong Basin. Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science. 1-12.

Colotelo, A., Muller, R., Harnish, R., Martinez, J., Phommavong, T., Phommachanh, K., Thorncraft, G., Baumgartner, L.J., Hubbard, J., Rhode, B. & Deng, Z. (2018) Injury and mortality of two Mekong species to turbulent shear forces. Marine and Freshwater Research 1-9.

Grieve, B., Baumgartner, L.J., Robinson, W., Silva, L.G.M., Pomorin, K., Thorncraft, G. & Ning, N. (2018) Evaluating the placement of PIT tags in tropical river fishes: a case study involving two Mekong River species. Fisheries Research 200: 43-48

Grieve, B., Baumgartner, L.J.Robinson, W., Silva, L., Pomorin, K., Thorncraft, G., Ning, N. (2018) Flexible and non-invasive passive integrated transponder (PIT) tagging protocols for tropical freshwater fish species. MethodX. DOI: 10.1016/j.mex.2018.04.001

Millar, J., Robinson, W., Baumgartner, L., Homsombath, K., Chittavong, M., Phommavong, T., Singhanouvong, D., (2018) Local perceptions of changes in the use and management of floodplain fisheries commons: the case of Pak Peung wetland in Lao PDR.  Environment, Development and Sustainability 1-19

Baumgartner, L.J., Boys, C.A., Barlow, C., Roy, M. (2017) Lower Mekong Fish Passage Conference: Applying innovation to secure fisheries productivity. Ecological Management and Restoration. 18: 8-12. DOI: 10.1111/emr.12272

Photakoun, V, Millar, J., Race, D. (2012) Factors influencing capacity building for livestock development in Lao PDR: strategies to improve outcomes for upland rural development. Journal of Mekong Societies.Vol 8 (1) pp 137-159.

Millar, J. and Sengdala, B. & Stelling, A. (2011). The role of livestock in changing upland livelihoods in Lao PDR: Facilitating farmer learning according to ethnicity and gender. Journal of Mekong Societies Vol 7 (1) pp.55-71


Completed Projects

The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Supply Chains in Thailand. Parton, K., Thongrattana, P., (U Wollongong), Jie, F. (RMIT), (2010-2011) CSU Internal Funding. Project details PDF


Thongrattana, P.T., Jie. F. & Parton, K.A. (2011), "The impact of uncertain rice supply in Northeast Thailand on inventories and unfilled customer demand", International Journal of Operational and Quantitative Management 17 (3), 259-270


Current Projects

Community reforestation for biodiversity and livelihood diversification in Timor-Leste. Millar, J. (2017-2021), UK Darwin Initiative Fund, $528,703. Project details

Conference papers and proceedings

Ramos, J. & Millar, J. (2019) Facilitating transition from degraded commons to reforested land and better livelihoods using voluntary carbon schemes: Lessons from Timor-Leste. Paper presented at the XVII International Association for Study of the Commons Conference Lima, Peru, July 2-5.

Sarmento, A., Ramos, J.Millar, J. (2019) Community forest carbon schemes in Timor Leste: 20 years on. Paper presented at the Timor Studies Association Conference, June 27-29.


Completed Projects

Socio economic study of farmer adoption of tilapia fish production in Aceh, Indonesia. Part of Diversification of smallholder coastal aquaculture in Indonesia). Millar. J. with University of Sydney, ACIAR, $64,000 (2012-2015) Project details

Communication in agricultural development in South East Asia: pathways, problems and possibilities Ward, W.  (2010 - 2015) Project details (PhD Thesis submitted 2016)

Overcoming constraints to community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia. Race, D. (2010 to 2014) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, CIFOR, University of Gadjah Mada, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne & Southern Cross Uni.

Diversification of smallholder coastal aquaculture in Indonesia. Millar, J. (2010 to 2013) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)  Collaborator with University of Sydney

Social capital of forest farm groups in Indonesia. Sumirat, B. (Masters graduate) (2010-2015)

The capacity of non-government organisations to be catalysts for community forestry in Indonesia. Murdiningrum, Y. (PhD Graduate) (2009 -2015)

Forest Community Development: Enhancing corporate social responsibility in Indonesia's forestry sector. Wahyudiyati, T. (PhD Graduate) (2010 - 2013 )

Livestock movement and managing disease in Eastern Indonesia and Eastern Australia. Millar. J. (2007-2012). ACIAR, University of Sydney $36,812 Project details PDF

Informing productivity and profitability of small-holder shrimp aquaculture and related agribusiness in Indonesia. Collaborator with University of Sydney. Millar, J. , Callinan, R. (University of Sydney), Herianto,A. (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) and Fachry,M. (Hasanuddin University, South Sulwesi) (2007 to 2011) ACIAR Project details PDF

Optimising the policy and institutional settings for community based forestry in Indonesia. Wibowo, L. (PhD Candidate) Race, D. & Curtis, A. (2008-2011) ACIAR, CSU and the Indonesian government's Forestry Research and Development Agency (FORDA) Project details PDF


Utomo, A. D., Wibowo, A., Suhaimi, R. A., Atminarso, D., & Baumgartner, L.J. (2019) Challenges balancing fisheries resource management and river development in Indonesia. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Mediani, H.S., Duggan, R., Chapman, R., Hutton, A., Shields, L. (2017) An exploration of Indonesian nurses’ perceptions of barriers to paediatric pain management. Journal of Child Health Care  DOI: 10.1177/1367493517715146

Millar, J., Abdurrahman, M., Toribio,J., Ambarawati, I., Yusuf, R.P., Suadnya, W. (2015) Informal inter-island poultry movement in Indonesia: Does it pose a risk to HPAI H5N1 transmission?  Tropical Animal Health and Production. Volume 47, Issue 7, pp 1261-1269

Kurcheid, J., Millar, J., Abdurrahman, M., Ambarawati, I., Suadnya, W., Yusuf, R.P., Toribio, J . (2015) Knowledge and perceptions of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) among poultry traders in live bird markets in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia.  PLOS One. 10(10):e0139917; DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0139917 IF 3.50

Ward, W., Millar, J., Southwell, A. (2013) The role of communication between scientists involved in agricultural development in South East Asia , ILWS Report No 69


Completed Projects

Improved domestic profitability and export competitiveness of selected fruit value chains in the Southern Philippines. Mullen, J. (2008-2012) ACIAR and NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI)

Profitability of ACIAR funded fruit and vegetable projects in the Philippines. Mullen, J. (2009) Industry and Investment NSW (formerly DPI)

Reducing uncertainty in the Philippine rice industry. Parton, K., Mullen, J. Hayman, P. and Crean, J. (2005 -2009) ACIAR Project details PDF


Goat production systems and marketing in Laos and Vietnam. Millar, J. (2019-2022) Led by University of New England.  ACIAR, $165,824