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Current Projects


Adapting to salinity in the Southern Indus Basin. Mitchell, M., Punthakey, J., Allan, C., Khan, M., Bond, J.  (2021-2023) ACIAR, $2,312,000 Project details

Assessing and enhancing Macquarie Perch population in Mannus Creek. Doyle, K. (2021-2022) Murray LLS, $66,000

Cohuna fish Screen Assessment, Baumgartner, L., Bretzel, J. (PhD student) (2021-2022) North Central Catchment Management Authority, $19,999 Project details

Co-operative inquiry: Documenting student’s and supervisor’s experiences of COVID-19 (Phase 2 Funding). Short, M. (2021) University of Sydney, $20,000

Determining the Potential of Certification, Verification and Related Concepts for Rewarding Soil Stewardship.  Morrison, M., Small, F., Nayeem, T., Pawsey, N., Frost, M. (2021-2024) Soil CRC, $403,957 Project details

Eyes on Recovery [The Upper Murray Fire Project]. Nimmo, D. & Linley,G. (PhD student) (2021-2023) World Wildlife Fund International, $20,000

Field validation trials of eDNA survey techniques for the Manning River Turtle in the Nowendoc River Catchment. Humphries, P., Furlan, E., Tout-Lyon, J.   (2021-2022) MidCoast Council, $8728.

Leading for Better Mental Health Program Evaluation. Jenkins, S., Esler, J., Neher, A., Bhanugopan, R., Bamberry, L., Dwivedi, A., Frost, M., Ceric, A. (2021) Emergency Services Foundation, $49,062 Project details

Mitigating the impacts of mining and mining infrastructure on northern quolls. Nimmo, D. (2021 2024) Consolidated Minerals Pty Ltd, $25,000

Monitoring and evaluation of nest boxes for hollow-dependent fauna on the NSW North Coast - Phase 1. Knight, A. (2021-2022) North Coast Regional Landcare Network, $9000

Monitoring northern quoll space in relation to disturbance and restoration. Nimmo, D. (2021 2023) Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, $50,000

River red gum thinning project, vegetation monitoring 2021-2022. Spooner, P. (2021-2022) Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, $221,030

Regional Land Partnerships Program - Assessing the population status of Greater Gliders in Woomargama National Park. Nimmo, D., Linley, G. (PhD student) (2021-2022) Murray LLS, $19,990

Quantifying the threat posed by feral cats to Australian reptiles. Chapple, D., Moseby, K., Nimmo, D., Doherty, T., & Carthey, A. (2021-2023) ARC Discovery project. Total amount $545,000. Project led by Monash University. ILWS sub-contract $109,612 Project details

Species Expert Assessment Plans (SEAPs) project – Frogs. Nimmo, D., Michael, D.  (2021-2022) Project lead Monash University. DAWE Total project $375,000. ILWS sub-contract $111,721

Species Expert Assessment Plans (SEAPs) project – lizards and snakes. Nimmo, D., Michael, D. (2021-2022) project lead Monash University. DAWE. Total project $446,691. ILWS sub-contract $148,413

Society and science: A new Approach to Wildlife Disease Surveillance.  Peters, A., Masterman-Smith, H., Rafferty, J. (2021- 2024) DAWE -Environmental Biosecurity project Fund, $231,772 (PhD scholarship)

The future of farming and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes: the Muttama Creek catchment area. Mitchell, M. (2021) Leuphana University of Lüneburg, $6,488

TLM-Intervention Monitoring, Australasian and little bittern presence and breeding surveys 2021-22. Watson, D., Znidersic, E, Wassens, S. (2021-2022) NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, $28,274

Wild to wild translocation of reptiles in fire prone landscapes. Nimmo, D. (2021 2022) DELWP, $227,272 Project details

Wild to wild translocation of reptiles in fire prone landscapes. Westaway, D. (PhD student)., Nimmo, D. (2021) Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, $1,296 (Scholarship) Project details

Wombat-powered recovery: harnessing an ecosystem engineer to increase bushfire resilience. Nimmo, D. (2021-2022) WWF, $19,600

Seed enhancement technologies to restore severely burned landscapes. Price, J., Nimmo, D. (2021-2023) WWF, $20,000


Acoustics for large scale biodiversity assessment. Schwarzkopf, L., Fuller, R., Roe, P., Watson, D. & McDonald, P. (2020-2023) Project led by James Cook University, ARC Discovery grant,  Total project $560,082

Activating financial markets to reward soil stewardship.  Pawsey, N., Oczkowski, E., Lynch, J., Frost, M., Coghlan, I., Allan, C., Nayeem, T. (2020-2023) CRC for High Performance Soils, $ 355,000 Project details

Basin-scale Evaluation Research Services. Stage 2. Wassens S., Baumgartner, L. (2020-2022) CEWO with University of Canberra lead organisation. UC, $101,750 ,CSIRO, $72,727. Total $174,477 Project details

Computational methods for population-size-dependant branching processes. Hautphenne, S., Nguyen, G. & Massaro, M. (2020-2023) project led by the University of Melbourne. ARC Discovery grant, ILWS sub-contract $55,357. Total project $380,000 Project details

DPIE waterbird monitoring project. Wassens, S. (2020-2021), NSW DPIE.

Estimating wildlife mortality during the 2019-20 bushfire season. Nimmo, D. (2020-2021) DAWE, $67,650. Project details

Evaluation of the Integrated Chronic Care Programs in North West Melbourne funded by NWMPHN. Roberts, R (2020-2021), Neami National, project led by RMIT. Total value $95,000, ILWS sub-contract $26,000

Eavesdropping on wetland birds. Watson, D., Znidersic, L. & Towsey, M.(2020-2022) CSU Foundation Trust- Private philanthropic donation or gift, $200,000 Project details

Fisheries monitoring in the Mekong Basin to assess impacts of mainstream hydropower projects as part of the Mekong River Joint Environment Monitoring (JEM) Programme. Baumgartner, L. (2020-2022) Australian Water Partnership, $640,542 Project details

Golden perch breeding dynamics in floodplain wetlands.  Stage 1. Wassens, S. & Whiterod, N. (Aquasave) (2020) CEWO Project details

Grassland responses to the reintroduction of cultural burns. Price, J., Nimmo, D.  (2020-2023) Hermon Slade Foundation, $83,462 Project details

HealthTalk - Equally Well. Roberts, R., (2020-2022) National Mental Health Commission, $120,000 Project details

Koondrook-Perricoota floodplain carbon sources. Watts, R., Liu, X., McCasker, N., & Doran, G.   (2020-2021) Forestry Corporation of NSW, $79,273 Project details

Research Project 1: Optimised models for improved water management. Wassens, S., Bino, G. (UNSW), Hall, A. (2020-2021) CEWO, Murrumbidgee MERP

River Murray Channel productivity Monitoring 2020-2021. Watts, R., Liu, X. (2020-2021) MDBA. Led by CSIRO, $48,051  Project details

Society and science: a new approach to wildlife disease surveillance. Peters, A., Masterman-Smith, H., Rafferty, J. (2020-2023) NSW Environment Trust, $200,000 Project details

The effects of fire on arid fungal communities. Nimmo, D., Greenwood, L. (2020-2021) Australasian Mycological Society, $3000

The status of populations of Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) in Australia's western rangelands. Watson, D., McLellan, R. (2020-2023) Australian Flora Foundation, $7254

Translating fish passage research outcomes into policy and legislation across South East Asia. Baumgartner, L., Robinson, W., Ning, N., Conallin, J., Bond, J., Pawsey, N.   (2020-2023) ACIAR, $2,867,857 Project details

Vegetation and wetland assets benchmarking project. Wassens, S., Hardwick, L., Hall, A. & Poynter, C. (CSU SPAN) (2019-2021) CEWO, Contingency Funding from the Murrumbidgee MER project.Project details


Advancing fish-protection screening at Australian water diversions. Baumgartner, L. (2019-2022) NSW DPI, $95,000 Project details

Drivers of fisheries recruitment in semi-arid river systems. Baumgartner, L. (2020 – 2022) NSW DPI, $26,500 Project details

Equally Well, Roberts, R. (2019-2021) National Mental Health Commission, $114,854 plus Contract Variation (2020), $115,019. Total value $229,709 Project details

Goat production systems and marketing in Laos and Vietnam. Millar, J. (2019-2022) Led by University of New England.  ACIAR, $165,824 Project details

Indigo Shire Liveability Atlas Pilot Project: Walkability. Horta, A. & Whitsed, R. (2019-2021) North East CMA, $5000 & $5000 (CSU) Project details

Indigo Shire Liveability Atlas Pilot Project: Social Dimensions. Whitsed, R. (2019-2021) Indigo Shire Council, $10,000 Project details

Modernising irrigated agriculture to protect and restore aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem services in SE Asia. Baumgartner, L., Finlayson, M., Conallin, J. (2019-2021) Australian Water Partnership/UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN FAO) $484,107 Project details

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research – Murrumbidgee. Wassens, S., Hall, A. (2019-2022), CEWO  Project Webpages FlowMER webpage

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research – Edward/Kolety- Wakool. Watts, R., Howitt, J., McCasker, N., Liu, X. & Trethewie, J.  (2019-2022) CEWO, $3.15M Project Webpages FlowMER webpage

Seed Biology of grassy ecosystem species. Price, J., Nimmo, D. & Hodges, J. (PhD student) (2019 - 2022) Director of National Parks, $46,363 plus additional $10,000 (2021). $56,363 Project details

Screens for Streams: Boosting native fish stocks through improved water extraction practices. Nayeem, T., Pawsey, N. & Baumgartner, L. (2019-2023) NSW DPIE-NSW Recreational Fishing Trust grant, $211,165. Project details


Assessing fisheries mitigation measures at Xayaburi Dam in Lao PDR. Baumgartner, L., McPherson, J., Ning, N. (2018-2022) ACIAR, $1.4M Project details

CRC for High Performance Soils - Consumer demand, the value chain, and communication strategies for promoting soil stewardship. Morrison, M., Saliba, A., Oczkowski, E., Godfrey,S., Nayeem, T., Small, F., and Hatton MacDonald, D., Grimmer, L., & Tinch, D. (UTAS) (2018-2021) CRC for High Performance Soils, $372,584 (CSU) and $86,200 (UTAS). Project details

How do sandalwoods (Santalum spp.) affect desert communities: integrating above-ground patterns with below-ground processes. Watson, D., Price, J., Frew, A. (2018-2021) Hermon Slade Foundation, $89,522 Project details

Supporting isolated women in New South Wales via an eHealth CBT program. De Haan, K. (Murrumbidgee LHD), Bernoth, M., Hunt, C. (Western NSW LHD), Milgrom, J (Parent Infant Research Institute), Gemmil, A. (Parent Infant Research Institute ), Carlisle, J. & Carey, A.(2018-2022) NSW Ministry of Health Translational Research Grant Scheme $176,790 Project details

What are the effects of the rodent eradication on the threatened Lord Howe currawong and its diet? Massaro, M., Whitsed, R. & Segal, R. (PhD student) (2018-2021) Australia and Pacific Science Foundation, $36,240 Project details


Acoustic Observatory: a network to monitor biodiversity across Australia. Led by Queensland University of Technology with ILWS team members Watson, D., Luck, G. & Nimmo, D. (2017-2024) ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities project ($900,000) ILWS sub-contract $27,000

Delta Flows: The role that Deltas play in sustain basin-scale fisheries in the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers. Baumgartner L., & Vu, V.A. (PhD student) (2017-2021) IHE Delft. $30,127 Project details


Quantifying biophysical and community impacts of improved fish passage in Lao PDR and Myanmar. (2016-2021) Baumgartner, L., Ning, N., Horta, A., Conallin, J. with Thorncraft, G. (National University of Laos), Phonekhampheng, O. (National University of Laos),  Singhanouvong, D. (Living Aquatic Resources Research Centre), Cooper, B. (UniSA)  Marsden,T., (Australasian Fish Passage Services) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) & USAID, $2.6M (initial funding of $1.8M plus an additional $800,000 in 2018) Project details

Research Activities

Demographic Change and Inland Australia: Exploring the motives, experiences and impact of tree-changers. Ragusa, A.T. (2007- ongoing) ILWS Funded. Summary Sheet PDF

Regional Labour Market Analysis. Hicks, J., Basu, P.K. (Vale) & Sherley, C. CSU & ILWS (2010-ongoing) Project details

Mistletoe: saviour of biodiversity in remnant woodlands? Watson, D. (2007 - 2022) Winnifred Violet Scott Trust

Securing adequate safe domestic water for regional Australia. Waterman, P., Finlayson, M., ILWS funded (2016- ongoing) Project details

Strategies to promote community resilience in disaster management: The case of flooding in selected communities in Bangladesh and Australia. Hicks, J., Ingham, V., & Islam, R., Sappey, R., Mannock, I., (2010 - ongoing)   CSU Internal Funding. (In 2013 this project was extended to look specifically at the role of women in flooding in Bangladesh) Project details

Completed Projects


Basal Food Resources. Watts, R., Liu, X.  (2019-2020) NSW Department of Industry, $32,735

Can excluding feral livestock from waterholes recreate refuges for savannah birds? Massaro, M., Nimmo, D., Price, J., Mihailou, H. (PhD student) & Vincent, J. (2017-2020) Hermon Slade Foundation, $72,224. Project details

Can Indigenous fire management restore mammal communities? Nimmo, D. Bird, R.B. (Pennsylvania State University), Bird, D. (Pennsylvania State University), Ritchie, E., (Deakin University) (2016-2020) Hermon Slade Foundation, $85,971 Project details

Can Indigenous land management forestall an extinction crisis? Nimmo, D. (2017-2020) ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, $372,000 Project details

Compact cities or sprawling suburbs? Optimal design of growing cities to conserve biodiversity, Nimmo, D. (2017-2020) Australian Academy of Science-WH Gladstones Population & Environment Fund, $24,000 Project details

Community reforestation for biodiversity and livelihood diversification in Timor-Leste. Millar, J. (2017-2021), UK Darwin Initiative Fund, $528,703 Project details

Data sharing: Illuminating the drivers of rural business failure. Horta, A. (2018-2020) Collaborative project with Latrobe University

Developing a tool to assess wild penguin welfare. Freire, R. & Massaro, M. (2020-2021) Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW), $6125

Diadromous fish of the Mekong: managing long distance fish migrations at mainstream dam sites. Baumgartner, L., Vu ,A. (2020) ACIAR internship, $19,000

Evaluation of survival behaviour of fish to inform re-stocking programs. Freire, R., Humphries, P., Rogers, L. (PhD student), Westaway, C. (NSW Fisheries) & Kopf, K. (Charles Darwin University).  (2020-2021) Department of Primary Industries, Recreational Fishing Trust. $48,880. Project details

Hume Region Workforce Development Plan Refresh. Hicks, J., Morrison, M., and Forbes, P. (2019-2020) The State of Victoria, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, $49,500 plus $49,500 (CSU) Project details

Impact of IFRS Adoption in Australia: Evidence from academic research (2015-2020). Pawsey, N. (2020) Australian Accounting Standards Board, $4960

Improving groundwater management to enhance agriculture and farming livelihoods in Pakistan. Hall. A, Punthakey, J., Allan, C., Mitchell, M., Culas, R. (2016-2021) ACIAR & CSU ($100,000), Total value of the project $2,15M  Project details

Maccas on the Manus: Bushfire Recovery. Doyle, K., Baumgartner, L., McGregor, C., Ning, N., Weatherman, K.  (2020-2021), Murray Local Land Services (DAWE Bushfire Recovery Funding), $130,000 Project details

River red gum floristics and vegetation monitoring 2020-2021, Spooner, P. (2020-2021) NSW DPIE, $225,046 Project details

Riverina Skills Audit, Burmeister, O. (2020) collaborator Regional Development Australia- Riverina NSW. CSU, $25,000 AGRIPARK – Collaborative Research Agreement

Supporting Aged Care in the Community. Bernoth, M., Green, E., & Esler, J. (2021) Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (MPHN), $30,000 Project details

The influence of invasive predators and fire regimes on northern quolls. Nimmo, D. & Moore, H. (PhD student) (2017-2020), WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, $78,000. Project details

Optimised field delineation of contaminated soils, Horta, A. (2015-2019) ARC Linkage Project led by University of Sydney, with partners CSU & Environmental Earth Sciences International Pty Ltd. Project details

Overcoming barriers to intergenerational recruitment in direct-seeded revegetation sites. Price, J. & Guja, L. (Australian National Botanic Gardens) (2019-2020) Australia Flora Foundation, $18,181 Project details

Recovering the Lower Darling. Baumgartner, L. (2020) NSW DPI, $12,327

Shark management stakeholder submissions evaluation report. Lewis, C.  (2021) NSW DPI. Project led by University of Wollongong. Total amount $102,000. ILWS sub-contract, $9772

Surfer attitudes to shark management. Simmons, P., Lewis, C.  (2020-2021) NSW DPI, $66,481

Sustainable Hydropower and Multipurpose Storage to meet the Water, Food and Energy SDGs. Conallin, J. (2018-2020) (Contract extension) IHE Delft 35,000 Euros. Total value 67,500 Euros Project details

The impacts of feral livestock visitation to waterholes and their flow-on effects for native birds and mammals. Massaro, M., Mihailou, H. (PhD student) (2018-2020) Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, $4235


A study of influences on preferences, tolerances and thresholds of acceptability for shark management options in NSW. Simmons, P. & Mehmet, M. (2018-2019) NSW Primary Industries – NSW Shark Management Strategy, $50,000 Project details

Connectivity analyses for Slopes to Summit project, Spooner, P. & McDonald, S. (2016-2020) Holbrook Landcare and NSW Environmental Trust (Bush Connects), $30,000 Project details

Contribution of Koondrook-Perricoota floodplain runoff to the productivity of the Wakool River. Watts, R. & Liu, X.  (2019-2020), Forestry Corporation NSW, $39,610 Project details

CRC for High Performance Soils: I.2.003 Collaborative approaches to Innovation. Pawsey, N., Allan, C., Frost, M., Lynch, J., Wong, A. (2019-2020), Soil CRC Project details

Developing design guidelines for diversion screens that save native fish and enhance agricultural productivity. Baumgartner, L.,  Doyle, K.. (2018-2020) Ian Potter Foundation, $299,331 Project details

Environmental water requirements of freshwater mussels in the northern basin. McCasker, N., Humphries, P. (2020) CEWO, $20,000. Project led by Griffith University. Project details

Fishing for answers: Unlocking spawning and recruitment for Murray-Darling recreational species. Baumgartner, L., Doyle, K., Silva, L., Thiem, J. (2016-2020) Recreational Fishing Trust. $100,000 Project Details

Fish investigations associated with Snowy 2.0 - Snowy Hydro Ltd. (Assignment 1). Baumgartner, L., Silva, L., Ning, N.  (2017-2020) Snowy Hydro Ltd. $61,647 Project details

Long term prediction of PFAS profile in the soil and its possible pathway into groundwater (a case study). Mahinroosta, R., Li, M & Senevirathna, L. (2020) Bathurst Regional Council, $16,500

Monitoring productivity outcomes of the 2019 River Murray Channel multi-site water for the environment event. Watts,R., & Liu, X. (2019-2020) MDBA through CSIRO, ILWS-sub contract, $39,196 Project details

Predicting redfin survival through the Snowy 2.0 scheme. Assignment 2. Baumgartner, L., Silva, L., Ning, N. & McPherson, J. (2018-2020) Snowy Hydro Ltd. $848,803 Project details

River Red Gum floristic and vegetation surveys in Murray Valley National Park. Spooner, P. (2019-2020) Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Contract variation, $196,787. Project details

Shark Sentiment Study.  Simmons, P., Mehmet, M. (2017-2020), NSW Department of Primary Industries, $91,000

Stuffed Murray Cod in Pubs. Humphries, P., McCasker, N., Kopf, R.  & O'Connell, M. (PhD student), (2017-2020) MDBA Scholarship grant, $45,000 Project details

Virtuous Practitioners: Empowering Social Workers. Pawar, M., Hugman, R. (UNSW), Alexandra, A. & Anscombe, A.  (2014-2019) ARC Discovery grant, $220,130 Project details

Workforce Wellbeing in Family and Community Services. Roberts, R., Bamberry, L., Ceric, A., Hodgins, G., Cumming, T. (2018-2019) FACS, $204,394 Project details


Albury Wodonga Regional FoodShare Project. Masterman-Smith, H. (2019) Albury Wodonga Regional Food Share, $7000

Assessing and developing a walkability index targeted to older Australians in regional cities. Whitsed, R., Horta, A. (2018-2019) Family & Community Services – Liveable Communities Grants, $30,000 Project details

Assessing fisheries mitigation measures at Xayaburi Dam in Lao PDR. Baumgartner, L. & Silva, L. (2017-2019) ACIAR, $320,000 (MOU – Xayaburi Power Company Limited)

Basin-scale Evaluation and Research Services. Stage 1. Wassens, S., Baumgartner, L., Watts, R. Keller, K. (2019) Lead organisation CSIRO.  ILWS sub-contract $41,418 Project details

Community attitudes towards SMART drumlines as a shark mitigation tool. Simmons, P., Mehmet, M. (2019) NSW Department of Primary Industries, $58,691

EWKR food web fish community trophic dynamics. Keller, K. (2018-2019) CEWO via MDFRC, $40,000 Project details

Ecological assessment of the status of the Southern Bell Frog and Sloane's froglet in Mywurlie station, One Tree NSW. Wassens, S., Knight, A., Walcott, A. & Heard, G. (2017-2018), Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd, $46,948. Project details

Ecology of the northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus) in the Pilbara. Nimmo, D. & Moore, H. (PhD student) (2017-2018) Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, $5500

Equally well implementation committee. Roberts, R., Hyde, S., Banks, S., Cobb, L., Burmeister, O., Nayeem, T., Mehmet, M. & Maylea, C. (2017-2019) National Mental Health Commission, $154,160 plus Contract variations (2018) $85,000 and (2019) $97,582. Total value $252,582. Project Details

Evaluation of New Access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Burmeister, O., Russell, R. and Steve Stanton (a Gamilaraay man from North West NSW) (2018-2019) Primary Health Network – Central and Eastern Sydney, $66,000 Project details

Environmental drivers of disease risk in relic Bell Frog populations in East Gippsland. Heard, G., Wassens, S. & Turner, A. (PhD student) (2018-2019) Greening Australia, $32,403

Frog community in creek and drought refuge habitats of the Yanco Creek system. Wassens, S., Turner, A. (2019-2020) Yanco Creek and Tributaries Advisory Council, $29,240 Final Report

Grassland biodiversity and solar farms. Price, J. (2019) Darlington Point Solar Farm (Edify Energy), $10,000

Hedonic Pricing of On-farm Soil Management – Phase 1. Morrison, M., Oczkowski, E. (2018) CRC High Performance Soils, $60,000 Project details

In search of the elusive Mekong salmon. Baumgartner, L. & Vu. V.A. (PhD student), (2016-2019), National Geographic Society Research Grant, $30,080 Project details

Landcare Report Card 2. Mitchell, M. & Allan, C. (2019) Landcare NSW, $20,000 Project Details

Living with salinity in the Indus Basin: SRA 2. Mitchell, M., Barrett-Lennard, E., Allan, C. & Punthakey, J. (2019) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), $88,000  Project details

Long Term Intervention Monitoring project - Edward Wakool Selected Area. Stage 2. Watts, R., McCasker, N., Howitt, J., Kopf, R.K. with NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), Monash University (Water Studies Centre), Griffith University, NSW OEH, and Murray LLS. (2014-2019) CEWO, $3.36M   Project Webpage

Long Term Intervention Monitoring project-Murrumbidgee Selected Area. Stage 2.. Wassens, S., Hall, A., Wolfenden, B. with NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), University of NSW, Riverina LLS, and NSW OEH, (2014-2019) CEWO, $3.5M  Project Webpage

Mitta Valley Southern Bell Frog Surveys 2019. Wassens, S., Turner, A. (2019-2020) Landcare Australia, $1498  Final Report

Optimising acoustic monitoring for frogs in the Koondrook-Perricoota. Walcott, A., Hall, A., Wassens, S., Nimmo, D. (2018) Forestry Corporation of NSW $29,623 Project details

Phase 2: Ecological assessment of the status of the Southern bell frog and Sloane’s froglet in Mywurlie Station, One Tree, NSW. Knight, A., Wassens, S., & Heard, G. (2018-2019) Murrumbidgee Irrigation ltd, $45,673 Project details

PIT tag data analysis project.  Huang, X., Baumgartner, L. & Li, J. (2018-2019) Karltek Pty Ltd., $25,000 Project details

Review of the Murray Landcare Collective and Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator project 2014-2018. Allan, C. & Earl, G. (Murray LLS) (2018) Holbrook Land Care Network, $5000

River Red Gum floristics and vegetation monitoring 2018-2019. Spooner, P. (2018-2019) NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (was OEH) $199,700 Project details

Research activities for the Fish theme of the Environmental Water Knowledge Research (EWKR) project. Contract variation. Humphries, P. in collaboration with MDRFC (2017-2019) CEWO via MDRFC, $206,587. Project details

Native and invasive fish dispersal, spawning and trophic dynamics during a managed river-floodplain connection.  Kopf, R., Wassens, S., &  Mc Phan, L. (2018-2019) CEWO, $236,787 Project details

Spark a connection art and dementia program evaluation. Burmeister, O. (2019) NSW Family & Community Services Liveable Communities Grant Program administered by Orange City Council, $8000. Project details

Spatial ecology of the endangered Inland Carpet Python. Heard, G. (2018-2019) Parks Victoria – Research Partners Panel, $10,000

Sustainable Hydropower and Multipurpose Storage to meet the Water, Food and Energy SDGs. Conallin, J. (2108) IHE Delft 32,000 Euros Project details

Sustainable rangeland management to protect red panda and herder livelihoods, Millar, J., Finlayson, M., & Tenzing, K. (2016-2019) Darwin Initiative Fund, $540,000 Project details

The impact of buffel grass invasion on Indigenous food plants and animals in Australia’s Western Desert. Nimmo, D., Greenwood, L. (PhD student)   (2018-2019) Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, $6750. Project details

The impact of feral ungulate visitation to ephemeral savannah waterholes and their flow on effects for native birds. Mihailou, H., Massaro, M., (2017-2019) Birdlife Australia, $3500 Project details

Weir stratification and hypoxic water management. Wassens, S., Michael, D. & Baldwin, D. (2019) CEWO $38,728 Project details

Workshop for the development of a national wetland inventory for the Kingdom of Bhutan. Finlayson, M., McInnes,R., & Davidson,N. (2019) Bhutan Department of Forests and Park Services – Watershed Management Division, $27,756 Project details


2016-2017 Murrumbidgee Bird Breeding Event. Brandis, K. (UNSW), Spencer, J. (NSW OEH); Wassens, S. (2016-2017) CEWO, $142,191 (Contract variation for the LTIM project)

Activating markets to create incentives for improved soil management: Literature scoping study. Morrison, M.  (2017-2018) High Performance Soils CRC, $49,254 Project details Project Fact Sheet

Assessment of the attitudes of beach and ocean end-users to shark mitigation since trials of SMART Drumlines in NSW. Simmons, P., Mehmet, M. (2018) NSW DPI, $55,012 Project details

Billabong-Yanco Creek Wetland Monitoring Project. Wassens, S., Wilson, B., Walcott, A., Hall, A. & Wolfenden, B. (2017-2018) Murray LLS, $80,218 Project details

Bio-Acoustic Observatory: Engaging Birdwatchers to Monitor Biodiversity by Collaboratively Collecting and Analysing Big Audio Data. Roe, P., Brereton, M., & Watson, D, M. (2014-2017) ARC Discovery grant,  $477,000 Project details

Can landscape structure enhance the resilience of biodiversity to climatic extremes? Insights from the  Millennium  Drought.  Nimmo, D.,  Bennett, A. (La Trobe Uni),  Haslem, A. (LaTrobe Uni) & Radford, J. (Bush Heritage Australia). (2015-2018) Hermon Slade Foundation, $86,210 Project details

Community driven economic change in small rural community local economic zones. Morrison, M. (2017-2018) Federation Council, $50,000  Project details Economic Development Study Final Report 2mb   Murray Region Operational Plan 300kb

Conservation management plan for Turks Head building, Albury. Spennemann, D. (2017-2018) Albury City Council, $14,847

Earnings outcomes in metropolitan and regional labour markets: A gender-based analysis for New South Wales and Victoria - 2006 Census year. Basu, P.K. & Hicks, J. (2014 - 2018) CSU & ILWS Research activity Project detail

Ecological assessment of the status of the Southern Bell Frog and Sloane's froglet in Mywurlie station, One Tree NSW. Wassens, S., Knight, A., Walcott, A. & Heard, G. (2017-2018) Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd, $46,948. Project details

Ecology of the northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus) in the Pilbara. Nimmo, D. & Moore, H. (PhD student) (2017-2018) Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, $5500

Equally well implementation committee. Roberts, R., Hyde, S., Banks, S., Cobb, L., Burmeister, O., Nayeem, T., Mehmet, M. & Maylea, C. (2017-2019) National Mental Health Commission, $154,160 Project Details

Environmental Monitoring and Training for Aboriginal Communities. Wassens, S., Allan, C., Whitsed, R. & Bond, J. (2017-2018) NSW OEH, $20,000 Project details

Environmentally sustainable irrigation solutions for the Murray-Darling Basin.  Baumgartner, L.  (2017) Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering-Global Connections Fund – Bridging Grant, $49,966

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Lake Cowal Foundation. Allan, C. (2017) Lake Cowal Foundation Ltd. $25,000

Group Capacity snapshot project. Allan, C. (2017-2018) Murray LLS, $10,000

Headspace NewAccess Program Evaluation. Burmeister, O. M, Fox, R., Nic Giolla Easpaig, B., Roberts, R. (2017-2018) Murrumbidgee Primary Health District, $75,000 Project Details

Humanitarian immigrant entrepreneurs in private and social enterprises. Collins, J. (UTS) Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2015-2018) ARC Discovery grant, $200,124 Project details

Improving salinity and agricultural water management in the Indus Basin of Pakistan. Finlayson, M., Allan, C., Culas, R., Mitchell,M., Punthakey, J. (2017) ACIAR, $50,000 Project details

Macca's in the Mannus, Macquarie Perch Refuge in the Upper Murray. Baumgartner, L., Silva, L., Kopf, S. (2017) NSW Department of Primary Industries/Murray LLS, $120,000 Project details

PIRCCO Evaluation. Burmeister, O. & Roberts, R. (2017-2018) Marathon Health, $50,000 (Program Evaluation Contract research) Project details

Powering Down: an energy efficiency education project. Masterman-Smith, H., Rafferty, J. & Sheahan, M. and Albury City Council. (2017) NSW Environment Trust, $100,000 Project details

Recovery of native fish communities in the Murray-Darling Basin. Baumgartner, L. (2017) Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, $18,948.

Reconnaissance and recommendations on mistletoe management in macadamia orchards. Watson, D. & Watson, J. (2018-2019) Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd, $18,000  Final Report

River red gum floristics and vegetation monitoring 2017. Spooner, P. (2017-2018) DECCW $186,471 Project details

Understanding historic fish populations in the Murray River. Humphries, P. (2015-2018) Murray Darling Basin Authority, $27,273

Vegetation Monitoring in the Colligen Creek System. Watts, R. (2015-2018) Murray Local Land Services, $70,000 Project details


2016-2017 Murrumbidgee Targeted Hypoxic Blackwater Monitoring. Wassens, S., Wolfenden, B., Walcott, A. (2016-2017) CEWO, $8,545 (Contract variation for the LTIM project)

A Community Engagement Series: Regional Facilitator in the Albury LGA, Masterman-Smith, H., Rafferty, J., and Sheahan, M., (2016) NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, $32,000  Project details

ANDS Collection Enhancement Project.  Finlayson, M. (2017) Monash University ($30,000)

Automated call records to evaluate frog responses to environmental watering. Wassens, S., Hall, A., Nimmo, D. & Walcott, A.(2016-2017) Department of Environment & Climate Change, $30,000

Better Parks for People, Whitsed, R., Black, R., & Harvey, R. (2016-2017) FACS NSW Liveable Communities, $62,727 Project details

Blue-green algal monitoring in the Edward-Wakool River System. Watts, R., Howitt, J. & McCasker, N. (2016) CEWO, $106,476 (Contract variation for the LTIM project) Project Details

Development of strategies to optimise release and clean up strategies underpinning possible use of herpes virus 3 (CyHV-3) for carp biocontrol in Australia. Silva, L, & Baumgartner, L. (2017) Fisheries Research & Development Corporation. $39,000. Project Details

Complementary measures for native fish. Baumgartner, L. (2017) CSIRO/Murray-Darling Basin Authority. $33,000

Ecosystem services provided by birds in agricultural landscapes, Luck, G., Saunders, M., & Peisley, R. (2015-2017), Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia, $1000

Evaluation of Women in Future Innovation Program. Black, R. (2017) Mid North Coast Local Health District, $5000

Farm Power and Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Intensification. Blackwell, J. & Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2013-17) ACIAR, via CIMMY (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre), $544,000  Project details

Germination trials of grassy woodland species. Price, J. (2017) Goulburn Broken CMA, $3000.

Koondrook-Perricoota Floodplain Runoff project. Watts, R., Howitt, J. (2016-2017) Forestry Corporation of NSW ($49,501), ILWS and CSU's Faculty of Science Project details

Monitoring ecosystem responses to Return Flows in the Koondrook-Pericoota Forest, Wolfenden, B., Jenkins, K. & McCasker, N. (2016-2017) NSW DPI (Fisheries), $36,908

Murray Small-bodied threatened fish project. Baumgartner, L., Silva, L. & Kopf, S. (2017) NSW Department of Primary Industries/Murray LLS, $52,000 Project details

Our Place-Corowa. Masterman-Smith, H., Sheahan, M. & Rafferty, J. (2015-2017) NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, $29,500 Project details

Predicting the delivery of ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes, Luck, G. (2014-2017) ARC Discovery grant, $360,000 Project details

River Red Gum Ecological thinning trial (Honours project). Spooner, P. (2017) NSW OEH, $8000

Secure Safe Domestic Water (SSDW) in the Central Darling Region: Regional stakeholder engagement action events. Finlayson, M. (2017) MDBA, $4546

Securing adequate safe domestic water for regional Australia. Waterman, P., Finlayson, M., Kitzelmann, M. (2016-2017) (Etheridge Shire Council), Charters, K. (SEGRA) CSU, $50,000 Project details

Shark deterrents and detection: Community perceptions, sentiment and preferences for shark management strategies.  Simmons, P., Mehmet, M.  & Clarke, R. (UOW) (2017) A collaborative project between CSU (ILWS), UOW and NSW DPI with funding from the NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) Competitive Annual Grants Program. Project details

Short-Term Intervention Monitoring-waterbird and prey responses to inundation of the Western Lakes. Jenkins, K., Wolfenden, B. Wassens, S. (2016-2017) CEWO, $52,983

Succession and estate planning in Australia,  Steen, A. & D'Alessandro, S. (2016-2017) Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, $25,700

Water, carbon & economics: resolving complex linkages for river health, Finlayson, C.M. (chief investigator) & Hatton MacDonald, D (CSIRO) (partner investigator) in an  ARC Linkage project led by Southern Cross University. (2013-2017)


Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) for water research. (2016) Watts, R., Baumgartner, L., Wassens, S., Hall, A. CSU RIBG Grant, $49,919

Australian media representation of veganism.  Mastermann-Smith, H., Ragusa, A.T., Laird, S., Crampton, A. (2013-2016)

Billabong Yanco social research, Allan, C., Mitchell, M. & Minato, W. (2016) Murray LLS, $30,000 Project details

Blue-green algal monitoring in the Edward-Wakool River System. Watts, R., Howitt, J. & McCasker, N. (2016) CEWO, $125,705 Project Details

Building Capacity to respond to climate change at a local level.  Olivier, M. (PhD candidate) Howard, J. (2012-2015) DECC. $15,000

B SAFE - Blue Mountains Sustainable Approaches to Fire and Emergencies - A Community Action Model Building Resilience, Improving Preparedness and Enhancing Self Responsibility. Ingham,V. & Redshaw, S. (2015-2016), Community Resilience Innovation Program. Total value of project is $88,867 of which $63,847 is being administered by CSU. Project details

Community groups capacity check. Allan, C. & Mitchell, M. (2015) Murray Local Land Services $29,900 Project details

Communication in agricultural development in South East Asia: pathways, problems and possibilities. Ward, W. (PhD Candidate) (2010 - 2015) Summary Sheet PDF

Conceptualisation of flow-recruitment relationships for riverine fisheries. Foundation activities for the Fish Theme of Environmental Water Knowledge Research (EWKR). Humphries, P., Mc Casker, N., & Kopf, R.K. (2016) MDFRC, $117,732 Project details

Development of State-wide framework for monitoring long-term responses of wetlands to environmental watering, Robinson, W. (2015-2016) DEWLP, $11,500

Ecological Characterisation and Scenario Setting for Lake Cowal. Finlayson, M. Xioying Liu (PhD Candidate) (2012-2015) PhD Scholarship, Lake Cowal Foundation $90,000

Environmental contamination- Assessing the occupational exposure of NSW police to illicit drugs in the workplace.  Doran, G., (Graham Centre) Howitt, J. (2014-2016) NSW Police Force, $94,500 Project details

Evidence-based scientific advice – Lasting environmental benefits of non-flow measures in the Murray Darling Basin. (2016) Baumgartner, L. Department of Agriculture & Water Resources (Fisheries & Forestry) $9090

Expert review of hydraulic models of locks 7,8 and 9 vertical slot fishways, (2016) Li, J. MDBA, $3600

Floristic monitoring for ecological thinning trial in River Red Gum forests, Spooner, P. (2015-2016) project has received a further $30,000 from the Office of Environment & Heritage. Total value of this project is now $133,781. Project details

Frog community responses to environmental change: a case study in the mid Lachlan. Hall, A., & Walcott, A. (PhD student) (2015) Central Tablelands Local Land Services, $7000

Foundational activities for the Fish Theme of Environmental Water Knowledge and Research (EWKR). Baumgartner, L. (2016) MDRFC, $16,800

Germination testing of Stackhousia monogyna, Dianella revoluta and Dianella longifolia, Price, J. & Vening, G. (Honours), (2016), Director of National Parks, $10,811

Identifying climate refuges in the Murray-Darling Basin. Hall, A. & Finlayson, M. (2015-2016) MDBA, $50,670 Project details

Koondrook-Perricoota Forest Condition Monitoring Review, (2016) Robinson, W.  Forestry Corporation of NSW, $5500

Life-history corelates of nest predation in island continental passerines, Massaro,M & Lawrence,C. (2016) Australian Wildlife Society, $1530 Project details

Long Term Monitoring Project-Murrumbidgee Selected Area-Return Flow Variation. Wassens, S., Wolfenden, B. & Jenkins, K. (2015) CEWO, $59,164

Lower Lachlan Frog Assessment,  Wassens, S., Dyer, F.  (Uni of Canberra), Walcott, A. & Hall, A. (2015-2016),  CEWO, $39,728

New immigrants improving productivity in Australian Agriculture. Krivokapic-Skoko, B., Collins. J. (2012-2015) Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. Total value $436,932. Led by UTS, ILWS subcontract $61,634 Project details Executive Summary

Parenting under pressure: does predation risk influence parental activity in Australian and New Zealand songbirds. Massaro,M. & Lawrence,C. (2016) ANZ Trustees Foundation - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, $3000 Project details

Social factors influencing technology adoption in the rice industry, Higgins, V. & Bryant, M. (2014- 2016) In partnership with Swinburne University, RIRDC, $129,000 Project details

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey. Allan, C. & Mitchell,M. (2015) Murray Local Land Services,  $14,900 Project details

Study on using irrigation infrastructure to deliver environmental water to create refuges during hypoxic events. Watts, R., Howitt, J. (2016) CEWO $42,000 (Contract variation for the Edward-Wakool LTIM project) Project details

The Value of River Health to the Residential Community of the Georges and Cook River Catchments, Duncan, R. & Morrison, M. (2013-16) Sydney CMA, Canterbury and Fairfield Councils, and CSIRO $138,0000 Project details

TLM Stand Condition Change Assessment Methodology. (2016) Robinson, W. MDBA, $5750

What's in the wetland- Investigating distribution and ecology of secretive wetland birds (2016) Watson, D. & Znidersic, E. (PhD student). NRM North, $3250

What can we learn about temperate woodland dynamics from dense tree regeneration? Lunt, I. Spooner, P.  & Cross, E. (PhD student) (2015-2016) ANZ Charitable Trust - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, $7000

Who is to blame? Identification of nest predators of Tasmanian songbirds. Massaro, M & Lawrence,C. (PhD candidate), (2014-2015) ANZ Trustees Foundation - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, $6000 Project details

Yanco Creek Environmental flows monitoring: 2015-16 fish and vegetation surveys. Wassens, S. & Wolfenden, B. (2015-2016) NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, $20,000 Project details


A competency tool for organizational leadership in sustainability learning, research and strategic management,  Ragusa, A.T. & Crampton, A. (2015) CSU Sustainability Grant application (large grant), $50,000

Barmah-Millewa midden fish study.  Humphries, P. and the Yorta Yorta Nation (2010-2015) Living Murray Program of the Murray- Darling Basin Authority.  Project details PDF

Community connections, older and vulnerable community members – identifying, exploring and addressing community needs within the Blue Mountains. Ingham, V.  (2014-2015) CSU, Blue Mountains City Council, Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre, and Springwood Neighbourhood Centre Cooperative.  $40,000 Project details Report PDF

Conserving biodiversity, Analysis of Ramsar site information in the Murray-Darling Basin. Bellio, M. & Finlayson, M., (2012-2015) Murray- Darling Basin Futures CRN ($80,000) in kind from CSU Project details

Developing an ecological character based management and regulatory framework for Lake Chilika. Finlayson, M. (2015) International Development Research Centre, $11,655

Ecological responses to environmental flow microscopy. Watts, R., Wassens, S., Jenkins, K., & McCasker, N. (2015) Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG), $30,660

Ecological responses of aquatic vegetation to the environmental water regime developed for Lake Brewster.  Finlayson, M., Nielsen, D., Clements, A. (PhD Candidate)  (2012-2015) Lachlan CMA & State Water. $90,000 Summary

Emerging trends in skill shortages in regional NSW: the case of the Riverina. Sharma, K., Oczkowski, E., Hicks, J., Houston, L.  (RDA-Riverina)  (2015) Regional Development Australia-Riverina, $5000

Examination of the relationships between stream water flow and fish species and invertebrate taxa using hierarchical regression analyses. Robinson, W., (2012-2015) Murray- Darling Basin Futures CRN  CSU ($40,000) & CRN ($30,651)

Evaluating the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary activities of the NERP Landscapes and Policy Hub. Mitchell, M & Finlayson. M. (2015) University of Tasmania. CSU sub-contract. $21,464

Fecundity and egg quality of dusky flathead in East Gippsland,  Kopf, R.K. & Humphries, P. (2014-2105) Victoria. Department of Environment and Primary Industries.  $49,639 Report

Floristic monitoring for ecological thinning trial in River Red Gum forests. Spooner, P. (2015) Office of Environment & Heritage, $133,781 Project details

How do natural regeneration & legacy trees affect soil microbes in post-agricultural, regenerating landscapes? Lunt, I. and Walters-Nevat, J. (PhD candidate) (2014-2015) ANZ Trustees Foundation - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment. $6872

Learning Communities, Rafferty, J., Masterman Smith, H., Laird, S. and Sheahan, M. (2014-2015) Department of Education, $827,083 Project Details

Living Murray Condition Monitoring Refinement Project. Robinson,W. (2014-2015) MDBA, $20,364

Mungabareena Reserve Wiradjuri Reconciliation Project. Yalmambirra (2005 -2015) Natural Heritage Trust  Report

Next generation tools for environmental monitoring in remote and limited access locations. Watson, D.H., Massaro, M., Luck, G., & Finlayson, M. (2015) Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG),  $33,583

Optimising canal and groundwater management to assist water user associations in maximising crop production and managing salinisation in Australia and Pakistan. Blackwell, J., Punthakey, J., Culas, R., & Hafeez, M. (2008- 2015) with partners in Pakistan Punjab Irrigation Department & UAAR-PMAS Arid Agricultural University.  ACIAR, $1,219,708 Project details

Responses of freshwater turtles to altered flow regimes in floodplain wetlands. Wassens, S. (2013-2015) CSIRO scholarship (Singh. K.) $39,000

Signature Biomarkers for Sewage and Refuse Waste Contaminant Exposure in Antarctic Fish.  Mondon, J., King, C., Howitt, J., Corbett, P. Project led by Deakin University and funded by Australian Antarctic Division (2012-2015)

Socio-economic study of fish harvesting and use by villagers around Pak Peung reservoir in Laos. Millar, J., Baumgartner, L. & Robinson, W.   (2012-2015) (Part of ACIAR project on Development of fish passage technology to increase fisheries production on floodplains in the lower Mekong and Murray-Darling River Basins.) ACIAR $66,180 Project details Project Bulletin Project Report - Socio-Economic Research Report

Socio-economic study of farmer adoption of tilapia fish production in Aceh, Indonesia.
Millar. J. & Robinson, W. (2012-2015) Part of ACIAR project on Diversification of smallholder coastal aquaculture in Indonesia, with University of Sydney,  ACIAR, $64,000 Project details

Soil condition monitoring project, Wilson, B. (2014-2015) Murray CMA, $87,500

Strengthening livelihood security and adapting to climate uncertainties in Chilika Lagoon, India. Bellio, M.,  Finlayson, M. (2012-2015) Wetlands International – South Asia (WISA) in partnership with Chilika Development Authority, $62,500

The book of knowledge on water and climate change issues. Finlayson, M. (2015) Danone/Evian, $22,205

The capacity of non-government organisations to be catalysts for community forestry in Indonesia. Murdiningrum, Y. (PhD Candidate) (2009 -2015)

Understanding the Impacts of Institutional Change in State Institutions and Statutory Regional Natural Resource Management Organisations in New South Wales: 1984–2014.  Ritchie, J. (PhD candidate)  Howard, J. (2012-2015) DECC. $15,000

VEFMAP Fish data analysis-Part B: Analysis on existing fish data (2008-2014) Humphries, P., Kopf, R.K. & McCasker, N. (2015) Goulburn Broken CMA, $9,800


Achieving Balanced Growth in Domestic and External Markets in China. Hicks, J., Sharma, K., Basu, P.K. & Bandara, Y.   (2012-2014) Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship grant from AusAID,  $136,606 & CSU $26,930 Project details

Age Care Workforce Reform- Building communities of practice around the prevention of functional decline. Morrison, M. (2013-14) Carewest, $25,000

Capturing change. Raferrty, J., MacDonald, C., MacDonald, A., Laird, S., & Gill, M.  (2013-2014) CSU Green Sustainability Grant. $13,191

Critical review of available information relating to the enjoyment and appreciation of the natural environment associated with Victoria's existing marine protected area. Curtis, A. & Davidson, P. (2013-14) Victorian Environment Assessment Council, $35,000 Report , Supplementary Report

Data Analysis for Loddon River Projects. Curtis, A. (2013-2014) North Central CMA, $3000

Delivery of training course on evaluation of social impacts of agricultural research and development in Bhutan for the Ministry of Agriculture and Council of RNR Research. Millar, J. &  Black, R. (2014) ATSI Crawford Fund 2014. $13,380 Project News

Delivery of training course on pig nutrition and management in Lao PDR with NAFRI Livestock Research Centre. Millar, J.& Phengsavanh, P. (2013- 2014). ATSI Crawford Fund $8,883 (2013) and $8410 (2014)

Developing agribusiness plan for Cambodian farmers to improve farm productivity and food security. Culas, R (Chief Investigator). Sokchea, A.  (Co-investigator, World Vision, Cambodia). (2013-2014). The Crawford Fund $11,517 Project report

Developing capacity for climate change research- field measurement of greenhouse gas emissions. Finlayson, M., Howitt, J., Condon, J., Doran, G. Vote, C. (2014) RIBG, CSU, $51,180

Developing Fish Friendly Design Criteria for Small Hydro Facilities. Finlayson, M. & Robinson, W. (2012-2014) Australian Centre for Renewable Energy through DPI NSW (Fisheries), $144,000

Developing capacity for climate change research- field measurement of greenhouse gas emissions. Finlayson, M., Howitt, J., Condon, J., Doran, G. Vote, C. (2014) RIBG, CSU, $51,180

Developing a learning resource: Sustainability in the professions. Howard, J. (2013-2014)  CSU Green Sustainability Grant. $21,120

Ecosystems services provided by birds in agricultural landscapes. Luck, G., Saunders, M. & Peisley, R. (2014) Wildlife Preservation of Australia Limited Student Research Grant. $1000

Evaluating Major Events in the Region.  Hicks, J., Murphy, T., Basu, P.K., Arthur, L., Keigh, D., & West, G.  ILWS (2011-2014) Project details

Evaluating social and economic outcomes of agricultural research and development. Millar, J & Black, R. (2014) ATSI Crawford Fund, $14,000

Exploring the role of technology in fostering a sense of belonging in students studying by distance. Crampton, A. & Ragusa, A.T. (2014) Office for Learning and Teaching, $50,000

Farm Biosecurity Practices and the Management of Emergency Animal Disease. Hernandez-Jover, M., Higgins & Bryant, M. (20013-2014) Cross-centre project with the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, $67,746 Project details

Forest Community Development: Enhancing corporate social responsibility in Indonesia's forestry sector. Wahyudiyati, T. (PhD Candidate) (2010 - 2014)

Frog communities of the Mid and Lower Lachlan River. Wassens, S. & Luck, G. (2012-13) OEH, $14,000

Identifying, communicating & improving sustainability literacy. Ragusa, A.T. & Crampton, A. (2013-2014) CSU Green Sustainability grant, $10,000

Integrating Community Values into Regional Sustainability Planning: The Lower Hunter Region, NSW.  Raymond, C. & Curtis, A. (2012 -2014) National Environmental Research Program $175,000 Summary Project Report

Let's Talk Fish: Assisting industry to understand and inform conversation about the sustainability of wild catch fishing. Mazur, N., Curtis, A., & Bodsworth, A. (2012-2014) Fisheries Research & Development Corporation. $195,000 [ Summary Sheet PDF] Project Report FRDC Link to Final Report -

Long Term Intervention Monitoring for the Edward Wakool System - Stage 1. Watts., R. McCasker, N., Howitt, J., & Kopf, K. with NSW DPI, Monash University, OEH, Murray CMA. (Dec 2013-April 2014) CEWO, $105,798

Long Term Intervention Monitoring for the Murrumbidgee System - Stage 1. Wassens, S. &  Hall, A.  with  NSW DPI, UNSW, OEH & Murrumbidgee CMA. (Dec 2013-April 2014) CEWO, $168,497

Managing Multi-functional Landscapes at the Interface of Public Forests and Private Land. Curtis, A., & Rogers, M. (2013-14) in collaboration with The Ohio State University, US Joint Fire Science Program, $60,000

Mining and corporate citizenship:Newcrest and the communities in the Central West (NSW). Hicks, J., Krivokapic- Skoko, B., Basu, P.K., & Sherley, C. CSU & ILWS, (2011-2014) Project details

Monitoring the ecological response of Commonwealth environmental water delivered in 2013-14 to the Edward-Wakool river system.  Watts, R., McCasker, N., Kopf, K., & Howitt, J. (2013-2014) Partners Department of Primary Industries – NSW Fisheries, Murray Catchment Management Authority, Monash University, and NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. SEWPAC, $753,656 Project details

Monitoring the ecological response of Commonwealth environmental water delivered in 2013-14 to the Murrumbidgee River.  Wassens, S & Hall, A. (2013-2014) Partners Department of Primary Industries – NSW Fisheries,(Lee Baumgarten) Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority (Erin Lenon), NSW Office of Environment and Heritage(Dr Jennifer Spencer) and University of NSW (Dr Kim Jenkins). SEWPAC, $671,801 Project details

National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training: Program 5: Integrating socio-economics, policy and decision support systems (social research component). Curtis, A., Mitchell, M., Mendham, E. & Sharp, E. (2009-2014). ARC/ National Water Commission. This project initially received $650,000 plus $65,000 from NSW Government plus $100K from NCGRT Project details

Noonamah stock channel Southern Bell Frog assessment. Wassens, S & Amos, C. (2014) NSW OEH, $9,940

North Central Social Benchmarking Study. Curtis, A. & Mendham, E. (2013-2014) North Central CMA, $70,000 Project details

Our Place- Riverina and Murray. Paroissien, K., Rafferty, J.,  Masterman-Smith, H., Mitchell, A.,  Laird, S., Dunphy, J. & Dunlop, O. (2013-14) in collaboration with the RCE-MD,OEH, $90,000 Project details

Overcoming constraints to community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia.  Race, D. (2010 to 2014) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, CIFOR, University of Gadjah Mada, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne & Southern Cross Uni.

Predicting the response of water quality and groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDE) to climate change and land management practises: an integrated modelling approach , Curtis, A. (2012-2014) NCGRT, University of Canberra Collaborative Research Networks and CSU $180,000

S2S (Slopes To Summit) heritage eucalyptus tree inventory, Spooner, P. (2013) Nature Conservation Trust, $10,000 Project Details

Starling management and street tree selection for Macquarie Street, Luck, G, Watson, M.  (2012-14) Dubbo City Council, $88,000.

The development of interim operating guidelines for the operation of Dartmouth Dam.  Watts, R., Zander, A., Allan, C., Ryder, D., (UNE) and Burns, A. (UNE) (2001–2014)  Murray Darling Basin Authority (formerly Commission).Summary Sheet PDF

The Future of Farming in Rural Amenity Landscapes – the role of planning and governance in a changing landscape.  Roots, J., (2008-2014) ILWS PhD scholarship. Summary Sheet PDF

The Impact of CSU Curricula on undergraduate knowledge, understanding & Skills of Environmental Sustainability. Black, R. & Laird, S. (2013-2014)  CSU Green Sustainability Grant. $7,761

The Impact of Education in China, Hicks, J., Basu, P.K. & Sherley, C. CSU. (2011-2014) Project details

The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Supply Chains in Thailand. Parton, K., Thongrattana, P., (U Wollongong), Jie, F., (RMIT),  (2010-2013) CSU Internal Funding. Summary Sheet PDF

Transhuman agropastoralism in Bhutan: does it have a place in the 21st century? Namgay, K. (PhD Candidate) (2010 - 2014)


Finlayson, C.M. (2013-2014) Independent Science Panel Service for Queensland Nickel Pty ltd.


Adaptation pathways for aquatic plants under climate change: facilitating dispersal and management interventions. Finlayson, M. Nielsen, D. (2012-13 ) Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS) $50,000

Advancing Knowledge about Citizen-Agency Trust in Wildland Fire Management: A Collaborative Assessment Framework for the U.S. and Australia. Curtis, A. Shindler, B., (Oregon State University), Sharp, E. (CSU), McCaffrey, S.,  (USA Forest Service), McGee, T., (University of Alberta), McFarlane, B.  (Canadian Forest Service).  (2010-2013) Joint Fire Science Program (USA). Trust Planning Guide

Analyzing Social Drivers of Catchment Management in the Wimmera for the Wimmera Waterway Strategy. Mendham, E. (2013) Wimmera CMA, $5000

Assessment of post-flood recovery of frog populations in the Lachlan catchment. Wassens, S., & Luck, G. (2012-2013) OEH. $13,964

Assessment of the status of frog communities in the Lower Murrumbidgee. Wassens,S. & Hall, A (2012-2013). OEH, $19,960

Carbon Dating of Core Samples from Aboriginal Middens in the Barmah Region of the Murray River. Humphries, P. (2013) MDBA, $27,300.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Management Options. Vose, J.M ,Kepzig, K. & Laird, S.G (2010-2013) US Forest Service, Southern Research Station.

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