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Rural and Regional Communities

This theme provides a platform for a wide range of research projects where the main focus is enhancing the well-being and livelihoods of rural and regional communities. Many past and current projects include a strong social component.  Past, current and emerging topics include safe domestic water, shark sentiment studies, entrepreneurship, rural social services, human non-human coexistence, food security, NRM governance, social justice, rural development, and eco health, biocultural and Indigenous research.

  • Current Projects
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Current Projects

A study of influences on preferences, tolerances and thresholds of acceptability for shark management options in NSW. Simmons, P. & Mehmet, M. (2018-2019) NSW Primary Industries – NSW Shark Management Strategy, $50,000 Project details

Assessing and developing a walkability index targeted to older Australians in regional cities. Whitsed, R., Horta, A. (2018-2019) Family & Community Services – Liveable Communities Grants, $30,000 Project details

Compact cities or sprawling suburbs? Optimal design of growing cities to conserve biodiversity, (2017-2019)Australian Academy of Science-WH Gladstones Population & Environment Fund, $24,000 Project details

Data sharing: Illuminating the drivers of rural business failure. Horta, A. (2018-2020) Collaborative project with Latrobe University.

Equally well implementation committee. Roberts,R., Hyde, s., Banks,S., Cobb,L., Burmeister, O., Nayeem,T., Mehmet, M. & Maylea, C. (2017-2019) National Mental Health Commission, $154,160 Project details

Evaluation of New Access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Burmeister, O., Russell, R. & Steve Stanton (a Gamilaraay man from North West NSW) (2018-2019) Primary Health Network – Central and Eastern Sydney, $66,000 Project Details

Headspace NewAccess Program Evaluation. Burmeister, O. M, Fox, R., Nic Giolla Easpaig, B., Roberts, R. (2017-2018) Murrumbidgee Primary Health District, $75,000 Project details

Humanitarian immigrant entrepreneurs in private and social enterprises. Collins, J. (UTS) Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2015-2018) ARC Discovery grant, $200,124 Project details

PIRCCO Evaluation, Burmeister, O. & Roberts, R. (2017-2018) Marathon Health, $50,000 (Program Evaluation Contract research) Project details

Shark Sentiment Study.  Simmons, P., Mehmet, M. (2017-2020), NSW Department of Primary Industries, $91,000

Supporting isolated women in New South Wales via an eHealth CBT program. De Haan, K. (Murrumbidgee LHD), Bernoth, M., Hunt, C. (Western NSW LHD), Milgrom, J (Parent Infant Research Institute), Gemmil, A. (Parent Infant Research Institute ), Carlisle, J. & Carey, A.(2018-2020) NSW Ministry of Health Translational Research Grant Scheme $176,790

Virtuous Practitioners: Empowering Social Workers. Pawar, M., Hugman, R. (UNSW), Alexandra, A. & Anscombe, A.  (2014-2018) ARC Discovery grant, $220,130 Project details

Workforce Wellbeing in Family and Community Services. Roberts, R., Bamberry, L., Ceric, A., Hodgins, G., Cumming, T. (2018-2019) FACS, $204,394 Project Details

Research Activities

Reviving Regional Railways, Gray, I. ILWS. (2008-on going ) Project details

Securing adequate safe domestic water for regional Australia. Waterman, P., Finlayson, M., ILWS. (2016- ongoing) Project details

Completed Projects

Activating markets to create incentives for improved soil management: Literature scoping study. Morrison, M.  (2017-2018) High Performance Soils CRC, $49,254 Project details Project Fact Sheet

Assessment of the attitudes of beach and ocean end-users to shark mitigation since trials of SMART Drumlines in NSW. Simmons, P., Mehmet, M.  (2018) NSW DPI, $55,012 Project details

Community driven economic change in small rural community local economic zones. Morrison, M. (2017-2018) Federation Council, $50,000 Project details Economic Development Study Final Report 2mb   Murray Region Operational Plan 300kb

Conservation management plan for Turks Head building, Albury. Spennemann, D. (2017-18) Albury City Council, $14,847

Environmental Monitoring and Training for Aboriginal Communities. Wassens, S., Allan, C., Whitsed, R. & Bond, J. (2017-2018) NSW OEH, $20,000

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Lake Cowal Foundation. Allan, C. (2017) Lake Cowal Foundation Ltd. $25,000

Group Capacity snapshot project. Allan, C. (2017-2018) Murray LLS, $10,000

Powering Down: an energy efficiency education project. Masterman-Smith, H., Rafferty, J. & Sheahan, M. and Albury City Council. (2017) NSW Environment Trust, $100,000 Project details

Reconnaissance and recommendations on mistletoe management in macadamia orchards. Watson, D. & Watson, J. (2018-2019)Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd, $18,000

Review of the Murray Landcare Collective and Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator project 2014-2018. Allan, C., and Earl, G. (Murray LLS) (2018) Holbrook Land Care Network, $5000

Secure Safe Domestic Water (SSDW) in the Central Darling Region: Regional stakeholder engagement action events. Finlayson, M. (2017) MDBA, $4546

Securing adequate safe domestic water for regional Australia.  Waterman, P., Finlayson, M., Kitzelmann, M. (2016-2017) (Etheridge Shire Council), Charters, K. (SEGRA) CSU, $50,000 Project details

Shark deterrents and detection: Community perceptions, sentiment and preferences for shark management strategies.  Simmons, P., Mehmet, M.  & Clarke, R. (UOW) (2017) A collaborative project between CSU (ILWS), UOW and NSW DPI with funding from the NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) Competitive Annual Grants Program. Project details

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