ILWS - Charles Sturt University
ILWS - Charles Sturt University

CSIRO Flagship Cluster project "Ecological responses to altered flow regimes" (2010-2013)

ILWS Strategic Research Area

Sustainable Water


CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Research Fund, $420,000

Investigators/ Researchers

Prof Robyn Watts, Prof Max Finlayson, Dr Skye Wassens, and Dr Keller Kopf


This project was part of a $3M multidisciplinary national research collaboration.
Institute researchers were involved in two of the Cluster's four sub-projects:

  • Flow dependent ecology responses, which investigated the development of ecological models and innovative methods for monitoring and assessing ecological responses and impact of environmental water;
  • Assessing aquatic habitat condition and trend, which assessed the current ecological condition of aquatic habitat in the Murray-Darling Basin.


The synthesis report and the reports from the sub-projects is available at


By improving the knowledge and tools that underpin water resource planning for aquatic ecosystems, the Cluster is developing the science that will underpin improved environmental monitoring and modelling tools for the Murray-Darling Basin and beyond.

Professor Robyn Watts
Charles Sturt University – Albury

May 2015