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Predicting redfin survival through the Snowy 2.0 scheme. (Assignment 2) (2018-2020)


Snowy Hydro Ltd., $844,803


Dr Lee Baumgartner, Dr Luiz Silva, Dr Nathan Ning, Dr Katie Doyle, Jarrod McPherson, Cameron McGregor & NSW DPI staff

Research Theme

Biodiversity Conservation


The Snowy 2.0 project, which will be one of the world’s biggest pumped hydro schemes when it is complete, will increase the generation capacity of the Snowy Scheme by up to 2000 megawatts and provide large-scale energy storage of up to 175 hours.

The project will link the two existing reservoirs of Tantangara and Talbingo through underground tunnels and include an underground power station with pumping capabilities.  Of concern is that invasive species may be pumped from Talbingo Reservoir to Tantangara Reservoir and potentially impact on a profitable fishery in Tantangara Reservoir, frog populations and threatened native fish species.  To address this concern, Snowy Hydro has engaged the Institute, in partnership with NSW DPI, to perform a series of simulation experiments to determine the likelihood that invasive fish will survive the journey through the hydro-power scheme.

These experiments, a series of tolerance experiments on various species, will be conducted in a new purpose-built hydropower simulation laboratory at CSU’s Albury-Wodonga campus.

The project, Assignment 2, is a continuation of research on the fish-related impacts of the project, and follows the Fish investigations associated with Snowy 2.0. Assignment 1 project undertaken by Institute researchers in partnership with NSW DPI last year.

The research is breaking new ground and cuts across engineering, ecology and manufacturing.


Silva, L., Boys, C., Ning, N., Doyle, K., McPherson, J., Fowler, A., McGregor, C., Brambilla, E., Thiebaud, I., Du Preez, J., Robinson, W. & Baumgartner, L. (2019) Predicting invasive fish survival through the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro scheme Research commissioned by Snowy Hydro. Full report. ILWS Report 123 prepared for Snowy Hydro Ltd.  Report begins on page 176


This research will inform Snowy Hydro’s development of the Snowy 2.0 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which will be submitted for NSW Government assessment and for public feedback. It will answer the question “Will invasive fish species survive the journey through Snowy 2.0?”


Dr Lee Baumgartner   email

CSU Albury-Wodonga

January 2020