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ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Drivers of fisheries recruitment in semi-arid river systems. (2020 -2022)


NSW DPI, $26,500


Professor Lee Baumgartner

Research theme

Biodiversity Conservation


Semi-arid river systems are among the most highly impacted of the world’s freshwater aquatic environments. Fish are among the most affected biota in these environments with many species in decline or near extinction. Successful natural spawning and recruitment is the key to the long-term conservation of numerous species but in many cases the key drivers of these processes are poorly understood.

This project provides additional industry funding to support an ILWS PhD scholarship recipient Lauren Stoot. The PhD project will work across two semi-arid river systems to identify the drivers and the scales that fish recruitment and productivity operate at. Its focus will be on connectivity and natal origin of key fish species. The project will be undertaken in the Murray-Darling Basin and in South Africa in association with a newly-formed MOU with the University of Mpumalanga.


It is anticipated that the work will lead to a greater understanding on the recruitment dynamics of fish across multiple continents which will in turn lead to improved river management and applicability of this work at a global scale.


Professor Lee Baumgartner
Albury-Wodonga Campus


November 2019