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Hume Region Workforce Development Plan Refresh (2019-2020)


The State of Victoria, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, $49,500 plus $49,500 (CSU)


Professor John Hicks, Professor Mark Morrison, and Dr Paul Forbes

Research Theme

Rural and Regional Communities


This project is in three stages:

Stage One
An in depth review of the Hume Region Workforce Development Plan 2015-2018 to identify the achievements related to the plan including identifying any initiatives/projects/programs that extended the objectives of the previous plan beyond its original expectations and scope. The audit will focus on Health, Aged and Community Services; Transport, Logistics and Warehousing; Manufacturing; Agriculture; Tourism; and the Defence sectors.

Stage Two
Building on Stage 1, the second stage of this project will ask what modifications or additions need to be made to the goals, expected outcomes and proposed actions of the 2015-2018 Plan. It will take into account changes since 2015 in terms of the economic development, Government policy and theoretical and applied labor market development policy, including the concept of smart specialisation. This will require a detailed analysis of the Hume economy from publically available data and of changes in the economy over that period as well as the impact of external changes in external influences on Hume’s economy.

This review will:

  • Enable an assessment to be made of the readiness of the region’s workforce to participate in the suggestions put forward
  • Identify gaps which potentially could be addressed by modifications of existing workforce development strategies or putting new additional strategies in place

Stage Three
This stage will draw together the findings from the first two stages in order to establish a new workforce plan beyond 2018.


The expected outcome of this project is a new Workforce Development Plan for the Hume Region.


Professor John Hicks email


July 2019