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Landcare Report Card 2

Landcare Report Card 2 (2019)


Dr Michael Mitchell & Associate Professor Catherine Allan


Landcare NSW, $20,000

Research Theme(s)

Rural and Regional Communities


Dr Michael Mitchell and Associate Professor Catherine Allan have been assisting Landcare NSW with its recent organisational capacity survey. The survey administered by Landcare NSW used an instrument developed by the two researchers, in collaboration with Murray Local Land Services (LLS) and Holbrook Landcare Network, in 2016.  The survey instrument was designed to encourage and enable Community Based Natural Resource Management groups undertake assessment of their capacity to act, and to consider their relative strengths and weaknesses. With the agreement of all involved,  the original group capacity instrument was made open source to enable its widespread use.

In 2017 Landcare NSW administered the group capacity survey to all NSW organisations that hosted a landcare network co-ordinator, to better understand the strengths and needs of the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative.  It re-administered the survey in 2018, providing an opportunity to increase the overall response rate, and for some organisations to compare results across two consecutive years.

Dr Mitchell and Associate Professor Allan have been commissioned to assist with the analysis and reporting of the results from the two surveys. Following analysis, each participating Landcare organisation received an individual ‘snapshot’ report of their current self-assessed capacities. The snapshot report presents clear visuals and interprets the results, so the reports can act as a primer for conversations within the organisation.  Organisations that completed the survey over two years received information to enable comparison and discussion of change.

A report for Landcare NSW is being prepared that synthesises the material from the individual group snapshot reports, providing them with indications of statewide strengths and weaknesses among Landcare networks.


Participating Landcare organisations have received individual 'snapshot' reports.


The information provided gives Landcare NSW an indication of the statewide strengths and weaknesses among Landcare networks, which in turn can be used to make future decisions on how best to invest in Landcare networks.


Associate Professor Catherine Allan


Dr Michael Mitchell


July 2019