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ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Seed biology of grassy ecosystem species (2019-2022)


Director of National Parks, $46,363


Dr Jodi Price, Associate Professor Dale Nimmo and Joshua Hodges (PhD student)

Research Theme

Biodiversity Conservation


Many grasslands and grassy woodlands in south-eastern Australia are endangered. Recruitment via seeds is important in the field for population persistence, and for ex situ conservation and restoration. Fire plays an important role in maintaining diversity in grasslands and grassy woodlands but the mechanisms are poorly understood.

This project, which supports the work of ILWS PhD student Joshua Hodges and an honours project (Michael Cleland), will examine the role of fire in seedling recruitment of grassy ecosystem species. The research aims to test direct factors contributing to recruitment and investigate the seed biology of common yet unstudied grassy ecosystem species.


This study will improve ecological and biological understanding of recruitment drivers with applied outcomes for restoration, conservation and management of threatened grassy ecosystems.


Dr Jodi Price email

Albury-Wodonga campus

July 2019