ILWS - Charles Sturt University
ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Computational methods for population-size-dependant branching processes (2020- 2023)


ARC Discovery grant. Total project $380,000, ILWS sub-contract $55,357


Dr Sophie Hautphenne and Dr Giaing Nguyen (University of Melbourne)., Nguyen, G. and Dr Melanie Massaro (Charles Sturt University)

Research Theme

Biodiversity Conservation


Branching processes are the primary mathematical tool used to model populations that evolve randomly in time. Most key results in the theory are derived under the simplifying assumption that individuals reproduce and die independently of each other.

However, this assumption fails in most real-life situations, in particular when the environment has limited resources or when the habitat has a restricted capacity. This project aims to develop novel and effective algorithmic techniques and statistical methods for a class of branching processes with dependences.

The researchers will use these results to study significant problems in the conservation of endangered island bird populations in Oceania, and to help inform their conservation management.


The expected outcome of this study is knowledge that will inform the conservation management of endangered island bird populations in Oceania.


Dr Melanie Massaro

Albury-Wodonga campus


August 2020