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ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Determining the Potential of Certification, Verification and Related Concepts for Rewarding Soil Stewardship 2021 -2024


Soil CRC, $403,957


Professor Mark Morrison, Dr Felicity Small,  Dr Tamid Nayeem, Dr Nick Pawsey, Dr Mark Frost

Research theme

Rural and Regional Communities


Partners in this new project include Southern Cross University, University of Southern Queensland, University of Tasmania and the Birchip Cropping Group. The project will investigate the potential for using certification, verification or related schemes to help develop markets for rewarding good soil stewardship. It will involve a review of literature and existing certification schemes, interviews with stakeholders about desired design features, and use a participatory approach involving a range of stakeholders in a series of design thinking workshops to develop a potential certification or verification solution.

Consumer and farmer focus groups and surveys will be used to further refine the proposed solution before its promotion through extension activities and other communications.

This project builds on the high levels of interest generated from earlier and current projects led by the Institute or involving ILWS researchers in the activation of markets to better financially reward farmers for use of soil stewardship practices, including from stakeholders in farmer groups, agri-finance organisations, and the consumer food value chain.

More details: Soil CRC  Project 1.1.003


The expected outcome is the development of a potential certification or verification scheme which could assist in activating several markets to provide financial benefits to farmers who use good soil stewardship practices.


Professor Mark Morrison

Bathurst Campus


November 2021