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REDD+ and ecosystem services trade-offs and synergies in community forests of central Himalaya, Nepal (2012-2015)

ILWS Strategic Research Area:
Improving Rural Livelihoods and Environments in Developing Countries

Investigators/ Researchers
Eak Rana, (PhD student) Supervisors: Dr Rik Thwaites (principal) and Prof Gary Luck


Management of multiple ecosystem services in forest ecosystems has become a concern, particularly in developing countries where people and ecosystems closely interact with each other. This study is examining "how local management of community forestry systems (CFs) can maximize benefits from the multiple ecosystem services" in Nepal by exploring :

  • the current status of carbon stock, plant diversity, and forest products in CFs
  • how carbon storage, plant diversity, and forest goods interact in CFs
  • how local factors determine the delivery of ecosystem goods and services in CFs
  •  how local communities design forest management activities to maintain biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services delivery in CFs.

 Case study research will be undertaken in community forests of Charnawati watersheds of Dolakha district in Nepal. It will use a multidisciplinary mixed method approach for data generation and analysis of relationships between ecosystem services and socio-economic influences to the delivery of ecosystem services.


The researcher presented at the 6th annual international ecosystem service partnership (ESP) conference held from 26-30 August 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.


Theoretical outcomes of the study will include an evaluation of existing interrelationships between ecosystem services in relation to the socio-economic situation of forest users under the realm of community forestry system in Nepal.
The findings of the study will also address the contested issues of the role of local factors to sustain, manage and maintain the ongoing co-existence of multiple ecosystem services in the context of the addition of an externally imposed ecosystem service that of carbon sequestration related to implementation of a NORAD REDD+ pilot.
Practical outcomes will entail the development of empirical evidences of the contribution of community forests in ecosystem services delivery and justify integrating community forestry system in international environmental debates.

(Thesis Submitted 2016)

Eak Rana
Charles Sturt University – Albury

March 2016Funding

CSU scholarship