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Exploring how shrubby regrowth is viewed and managed in a rural landscape in Victoria, Australia (2010-2013)

Strategic Research Area

Woody Regrowth in Rural Landscapes



Investigators/ Researchers

Fleur Stelling (PhD candidate) Supervisors: Dr Catherine Allan (Principal) & Dr Rik Thwaites


Agricultural landscapes throughout the world are transforming. In many areas this transformation involves a shift from agricultural production to more diverse, amenity land uses. One consequence of this is the socio-ecological phenomenon of woody regrowth on private land.

While this is a significant phenomenon in some regions, little is known about how it is perceived by those living and working in these areas in Australia. This research aims to address this knowledge gap by exploring how shrubby regrowth is viewed and managed by a range of stakeholders in the context of regrowth country in an amenity rural landscape in Central Victoria.

A review of the literature focusing on how landscapes in Australia are socially constructed, and how the relationship between humans and nature is construed provides the context for this study. An ethnographic approach has been taken, using depth interviews as the key research method. Document review of official and unofficial documents and field observations have also been carried out to provide further insight.


Two presentations have been made at the Faculty of Science Research Higher Degree Symposium (December 2011 & July 2012).
A project proposal seminar was held in December 2011.

Conference presentations:

A paper was presented at a conference titled Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society in the Netherlands in April 2012.


This research will illuminate how shrubby regrowth on private land is being viewed and managed. As such it will provide understandings from a social science perspective that can be used to inform culturally appropriate interventions for better biodiversity outcomes.

Fleur Stelling
Charles Sturt University – Albury

October 2013