ILWS - Charles Sturt University
ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Learning Communities, (2014-2015)


Department of Education, $827,083


Dr Helen Masterman-Smith, Dr John Rafferty,  Dr Marie Sheahan and Ms Nikki Scott


This program combines successful elements of existing Higher Education Partnership Programs (HEPPP)to create an innovative community partnership model aimed at practically demonstrating the value of higher education to prospective students and their immediate learning communities, local support networks and families.

Prospective students will interact with higher education outreach and on-campus programs, including access to specialist resources and academics, to conduct a locally-contextualised hands-on investigation around the theme of 'creating sustainable communities.' As part of these investigations, Partnership Advisory Groups will be established at each site.

The program will target 10 schools (including Primary and Secondary) in southern Riverina and North-East Victoria and their associated communities. A key resource for this program is a Mobile Learning Centre (MLC) that facilitates a range of hands-on educational experiences concerning water and energy conservation. The Learning Communities program will extend the capacity and range of sustainability and digital literacy teaching resources in the MLC.

As a way of documenting and demonstrating the program's success in achieving its objectives, as well as providing a base for ongoing program delivery and use of resources beyond the program, quantitative and qualitative date and feedback will be gathered and collated.


Expected outcomes are:

  • A greater awareness and valuing of higher education and promotion of pathways and participation among prospective students and their support networks
  • A model of engagement with partners that effectively promotes HEPPP values and objectives in community contexts
  • A suite of enduring physical and electronic resources that promote the values of the program  within and beyond the life of the program


Dr  Helen Masterman-Smith,
CSU Albury-Wodonga

July 2015