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Sustaining Economic Growth in China (2010-2013)

Strategic Research Areas

Sustainable Business Development in Regional Australia

Improving Rural Livelihoods and Environments in Developing Countries


AusAid fellowship grant, $158,000

Investigators/ Researchers

Prof Kishor Sharma, (project leader), Prof John Hicks,  & Dr Yapa Bandara


This research utilized Chinese Input-Output tables for 2005(or 2007) with data of energy consumption and employment to discuss the sustainability of China's export-led economic growth pattern. The I-O table helped analyze if the over use of energy and resources caused by fast increasing exports could  be justified by the job-creating role of exports.

The research aimed to answer the question: Is the fast development of China's export sustainable and even rational, and if not, what can be the compensates for China to maintain a reasonable growth rate?

The project demonstrated that the Australian Government's [the coalition] assertion that the imposition of a carbon tax would not reduce world pollution as polluting industries in Australia would simply move to China was incorrect. Although the migration of such industries is indeed a possible outcome, the total impact has to take into account: the fact that the people of China will demand environmental improvements as their incomes grow; that in moving to China, the industries will adopt the most modern (less polluting) practices; and that the new (to China) industries will compete resources away from even higher polluting Chinese industries.


Three journal articles including:

Shi, Y., Sharma, K., Hicks, J & Arthur, L., (2012) Exports and energy consumption in China: an input –output perspective' Interdisciplinary Environmental Review 13(4) pp. 279-293.

Shi, Y., Sharma, K., Hicks, J. Murphy, T. & Arthur, L., (2013)  Trade and Environment in China: An Input-Output Perspective on the Pollution-haven Hypothesis, International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 5(4), pp. 420-432.


Teaching programs in Chinese universities were informed through Professor Shi's teaching of progress toward environmental reform and the need for further effort in this area.

Prof Kishor Sharma
Charles Sturt University – Wagga

February 2015