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ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Vulnerability Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Sydney Olympic Park Wetlands (2011)

Strategic Research Area

Sustainable Water


Sydney Olympic Park Authority, $10,000

Investigators/ Researchers

Prof Max Finlayson, ILWS, Abbie Spiers, ILWS and Dr Swapan Paul, Sydney Olympic Park Authority/CSU


The Sydney Olympic Park Authority collaborated with the Institute for Land, Water and society at CSU to undertake a vulnerability assessment of climate change and sea level rise impacts on Sydney Olympic Park wetlands and i) provide practical guidance on methods and information needs for assessing ecological change, and ii) identify management and adaptation responses to maintain the ecological character of the wetlands.

The research was carried out in collaboration with Dr Swapan Paul, also a CSU Adjunct Researcher.
It primarily involved undertaking a rapid assessment of the wetlands at the Park, conducting a desktop exercise for collection and analysis of existing data in relation to CC & SLR, identifying specific vulnerability to CC & SLR, and providing recommendations.


In response to the terms of reference for considering the vulnerability of SOP to climate change, as outlined above, a report was written, which contains:

  • an introduction to the project
  • and outline of risk/vulnerability assessment;
  • an overview of the ecological character of SOP;
  • climate change scenario for SOP;
  • vulnerability assessment of SOP; and
  • conclusions and recommendations for further assessment.


While this report was undertaken for the specific purposes outlined above, it also contributes to the wider assessment of wetlands in Australia through national obligations under the Ramsar Convention, especially those required for maintaining the ecological character of all wetlands through their wise use.  It will specifically benefit the Park for future management of its wetlands, especially in relation to CC & SLR.

Prof Max Finlayson
Charles Sturt University – Albury

September 2013