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ILWS - Charles Sturt University

Zooplankton in the Murrumbidgee: the effects of native and exotic fish species, density and behaviour on zooplankton community structure

ILWS Strategic Research Area

Sustainable Water



Investigators/ Researchers

Kendal Krause (PhD candidate). Supervisors Dr Skye Wassens (Principal), Dr Benjamin Wolfenden and Dr Kim Jenkins


Zooplankton are an essential food source for fish larvae. However, few studies have investigated the relative importance of fish predation in shaping zooplankton communities. This project is examining how fish with different feeding behaviours, preferences and strategies influence zooplankton community structure and density.

Several experiments will be carried out under laboratory conditions. Sediment samples from a wetland will be inundated to provide insight into the zooplankton community structure and abundances for that wetland. Once the zooplankton have been given sufficient time to establish a community, fish will be introduced to explore their relationships with this community.


This project will contribute to the understanding of wetland food webs and their capacity to support viable fish populations.


Kendal Krause
CSU - Albury

February 2015