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Sustainable Development (International)

This theme is the platform for the research projects, most of which have a strong social component, that are being undertaken in countries such as Laos, Bhutan, Pakistan and Timor Leste. These are big projects ($500,000 plus) that will run over a number of years. Project topics include and have included community forestry, ecotourism, groundwater management, agriculture and fisheries, sustainable development and ecotourism.

Institute Director Professor Max Finlayson has some handy hints for working on large complex projects.

  • Current Projects
  • Completed Projects

Current Projects

Assessing fisheries mitigation measures at Xayaburi Dam in Lao PDR. Baumgartner, L. & Silva, L. (2017-2019) ACIAR, $320,000 (MOU – Xayaburi Power Company Limited)

Community reforestation for biodiversity and livelihood diversification in Timor-Leste. Millar, J. (2017-2021), UK Darwin Initiative Fund, $528,703. Project details

Improving groundwater management to enhance agriculture and farming livelihoods in Pakistan. Finlayson, M., Punthakey, J., Allan, C., Mitchell, M. (2016-2020) ACIAR & CSU ($100,000), Total value of the project $2.15M  Project details

In search of the elusive Mekong salmon. Baumgartner, L. & Vu. V.A. (PhD student), (2016-2018), National Geographic Society Research Grant, $30,080 Project details

Quantifying improved fisheries productivity at fish rehabilitation sites in Lao PDR extension. Baumgartner, L., Marsden, T., Ning, N. & Horta, A.  (2018-2019) ACIAR & USAID, $800,000

Quantifying improved fisheries productivity at fish passage rehabilitation sites in Lao PDR.  (2016-2020) Baumgartner, L., Ning, N., Horta, A., Conallin, J. with Thorncraft, G. (National University of Laos), Phonekhampheng, O. (National University of Laos),  Singhanouvong, D. (Living Aquatic Resources Research Centre), Cooper, B. (UniSA)  Marsden,T., (Australasian Fish Passage Services) Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) & USAID, $2.6M (initial funding of $1.8M plus an additional $800,000 in 2018) Project details

Sustainable rangeland management to protect red panda and herder livelihoods, Millar, J., Finlayson, M., & Tenzing, K. (2016-2019) Darwin Initiative Fund, $540,000 Project details

Sustainable Hydropower and Multipurpose Storage to meet the Water, Food and Energy SDGs. Conallin, J. (2108) IHE Delft 32,000 Euros Project details

The role that Deltas play in sustain basin-scale fisheries in the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers. Baumgartner, L., &  Vu, V.A. (PhD student) (2017-2020) IHE Delft. $30,127 Project details

Completed Projects

Improving salinity and agricultural water management in the Indus Basin of Pakistan. Finlayson, M., Allan, C., Culas, R., Mitchell, M., Punthakey, J. (2017) ACIAR, $50,000

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