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ILWS - Charles Sturt University

External Boards


Our members contribute their expertise by being members of various committees, panels and boards for community, professional and scientific organisations as well as by taking on editorial roles with academic journals.


External Appointments &

Editorial roles on journals

A/Prof Catherine Allan

Albury Conservation Company Ltd (Board member); Winton Wetlands Committee Environmental Strategic Advisory Panel; North East Catchment Management Authority Science Panel (land management specialist)


Prof Lee Baumgartner

Australian Society for Fish Biology (NSW Representative);  Fish Passage Task Force (member); Murray Cod Fishery Management Group (member); International Energy Agency Fish and Hydropower Annexe (member); IUCN Freshwater Fish Specialists Group (member); North East Catchment Management Authority (board member); NSW Environmental Trust Aquatic Sub-Committee (member); MDBA's Native Fish Movement and Recovery Technical Advisory Group (2019) (member);Science & Technology Australia’s STEM Ambassador (2021)

Marine & Freshwater Research (Associate Editor)

A/Prof Maree Bernoth

Chair of the Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network Aged Care Consortium; NSW Nurses Association Aged Care Reference Group; CSU representative on the Standards Australia Committee for Ageing Societies (MB-027)


Dr Philip Birch


Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research (Editorial Board Member)

Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Research (JCRPP) (Editor-in-chief)

Salus (Co-Editor-in-chief)

Abuse (Editor-in-chief)

Adjunct A/Prof Rosemary Black

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service North Coast Regional Advisory Committee (Ministerial appointment); Global Sustainable Tourism Council (member of Board of Directors); Interpretation Australia and Oceania World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (representative); NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service State  (2019-2023) (Ministerial appointment)

Journal of Ecotourism (Editorial Board Member); Journal of Interpretation Research
(Editorial Board member)

Prof Oliver Burmeister

International Federation of Information Processing, Technical Committee 9 'ICT and Society' (TC9) (Australian (ACS) representative and secretary); Western Regional Advisory Council on Multiculturalism (Community Member)

Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society (Editorial Advisory Board)

Australasian Journal of Information Systems (Section Editor)

Australian Journal of Rural Health (Associate Editor)

Dr Belinda Cash

Australian Association of Gerontology Student and Early Career Group (National President); Social Work Interest Group Albury-Wodonga (co-ordinator)


Dr Emma Colvin


Salus (Co Editor-in-chief)

Dr Andrea Crampton


Rural Society (Associate Editor)

Dr Richard Culas

Qatar National Research Fund (expert reviewer)

BUITEMS Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (Editorial board member)

International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts & Responses (Associate Editor)

Professor Rylee Dionigi

Sport & Society Research Network Advisory Board;  Active Ageing Community Center (Steering Committee member) (International)

Annals of Leisure Research (Deputy Editor)

Journal of Aging and Physical Activity (Associate Editor)

Leisure/Loisir (Associate Editor)

Adjunct Prof Max Finlayson

Chair for the Wise Use of Wetlands, IHE-Delft;  International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC) Scientific Committee (member 2019-2022); Lake Cowal Foundation's Board of Directors (independent scientific member); IUCN Commission for Ecosystem Management (member); International Crane Foundation (member of Board of Advisors); Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Wetland Education and Training (WET) (panel member); Winton Wetlands Management Committee’s Environmental Strategy Advisory Panel (chair); Visiting Research Professor, Institute for Wetland Research, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, China; Independent Scientist, Cowal Gold Operation, Community Environmental Monitoring & Consultative Committee

Marine & Freshwater Research (Editor-in-Chief)

Associate Professor Raf FreireAnimal Welfare Advisory Council of NSW (appointment 2020-2023)

Applied Animal Behaviour Science (Associate Editor); Frontiers in Animal Science (Associate Editor)

Professor John Hicks


Agenda (Associate Editor); International Journal of Sport and Society (Associate Editor); Energy Journal (Associate Editor); Economic Papers (Associate Editor)

Dr Travis HollandBoard of Regional Arts NSW (a director) 

Dr Ana Horta

Pedometrics Commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences (member); Medal Committee of the International Spatial Accuracy Research Association (member)

Geoderma (Editorial Board member)

A/Prof Xiaodi Huang

South China Normal University (Distinguished Professor)

CAAI Transactions on Intelligence (Editorial Board member); PLOS one (Editor); IET Image Processing ( Associate editor)

A/Prof Paul Humphries


River Research and Applications (Editorial Board member)

Biodiversity and Conservation (Editorial Board member)

Dr Val Ingham

Generic Emergency & Disaster Management Standards (GEDMS) (steering committee member)

Salus Journal (Associate Editor)

Dr Stacey Jenkins

Domestic Violence Project Wagga Wagga, NSW (Steering Committee member)

Dr Chelsea Litchfield The International Journal of the History of Sport (Editorial board) 

Dr Jessie Lymn

Australian Society of Archivists (Council Member)

Adjunct Dr Richard LoynNorth East Victoria Swamps, Rivers and Ranges (President) 
Professor Frank Marino 

South African Journal of Sports Medicine (Editorial board member)

Journal of Thermal Biology (Editorial board member)

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (Associate Editor)

Associate Professor Melanie Massaro

Australasian Seabird Group (part of Birdlife Australia) (Executive committee member and Treasurer)

Austral Ecology (Associate Editor)

Dr Dianne McGrath

CPA Australia (Fellow);  Accounting & Finance Association Australia and New Zealand (Member and Treasurer of Education Special Interest group)

Accounting Education (Associate Editor)

Dr Joanne Millar


International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability (Editorial Board member); Mountain Research and Development (International Editorial Board member); Extension Farming Systems Journal (Editorial Board member)

A/Prof Dale Nimmo

Federal Government's Expert Panel on wildlife and threatened species bushfire recovery (2020);  National Indigenous Australians Agency’s Independent Reference Group (member) (2021-28)

People and Nature (Associate Editor)

Ecological Society of Australia's Hot Topics (Chair of Editorial Board)

Prof Kevin Parton


Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing (Reviewer); British Food Journal (Reviewer); International Journal of Logistics (Reviewer); International Journal of Logistics Management (Reviewer)

Prof Manohar Pawar

International Consortium for Social Development (President)

International Journal of Community and Social Development (Editor-in-Chief); International Social Work (Editorial Board member);

Dr Nicholas PawseyWodonga Chamber of Commerce Leadership Team (Member)  Accounting Education: an International Journal (reviewer); Economic Papers (reviewer); Water Resources Research (reviewer); and Asian Review of Accounting (reviewer)
A/Prof Andrew Peters Wildlife Health Australia (Management Committee Member) 

Dr Jodi Price

Ecology Society of Australia (Board member, Vice President - New Generation)

Plant Ecology (Associate Editor); Journal of Vegetation Science (Chief Editor); Applied Vegetation Science (Chief Editor)

Dr John Rafferty

Australian Association for Environmental Education (Vice President)

Higher Education Studies (Reviewer);

Australian Journal of Environmental Education (Reviewer)

Dr Angela Ragusa


Rural Society (Editor-in-Chief); Sustainability (Editorial Reviewer Board member); Information Resource Management Journal (Editorial Review Board member);Open Communication Journal (Editorial Advisory Board member)

A/Prof Azizur Rahman 

International Journal of Microsimulation (Associate editor)

World Review of Business Research (Editorial Board Member)

Adjunct Dr Dave PritchardUK Government's Darwin Expert Committee (member) 
Dr Saeed ShaeriAustralian Coastal Society (ACS) (Secretary and Executive Board member) 

A/Prof Dirk Spennemann

Historic Preservation, Republic of the Marshall Islands (Special Advisor to the Advisory Council ); The Historic Preservation Office, Republic of Palau (Technical Advisory Board Member)

Campus-wide Information Systems (Associate Editor); Disaster Advances (Editorial Board member)

A/Prof Peter Spooner

Infra Eco Network of Europe) (Member); Murray LLS Travelling Stock Reserve Steering Committee (Member); NSW Local Government Council Roadsides Reserves Advisory Committee (Member)


Adjunct Dr Rik Thwaites

Indigo Shire Environmental Advisory Committee (Member);

Cape Otway Conservation Ecology Centre (Board member)


Dr Oliver Villar


Rural Society (Reviewer); Journal of Labor and Society (LANDS), (Reviewer); Social Sciences (Reviewer)

Dr Willhemina WahlinSociety of Experiential Design's (SEGD) Academic Task Force (2020-2021);Port Macquarie-Hastings Council's Cultural Steering Group member. 

A/Prof Skye Wassens

River Red Gum Adaptive Management Science Advisory Committee (Member) (cross border NSW and Victoria), Environment, Energy and Science, NSW; Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) BHP Billiton’s Litoria aurea Compensatory Habitat Program (CHP) as part of the Hunter River Remediation project (Member) BHP Billiton and Ventia Utility Services


Prof David Watson

Technical Advisory Group (Member) for the Great Western Woodlands Project (jointly managed by Birdlife Australia and the Nature Conservancy); Slopes to Summit Partnership (regional hub of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative)( Founding member and senior ecologist); Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre (Member of the management committee)

Austral Ecology (Associate Editor)

Dr Maggie Watson

Board of Petaurus Education Group Inc. (Public officer); Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre (Member of the management committee)

Book Review editor for Ecological Society Australia's journals Austral Ecology and Ecological Management and Restoration

Prof Robyn Watts

Edward/Kolety-Wakool Environmental Water Group (Member); Murray and District Dissolved Oxygen Group (Member); Edward/Kolety -Wakool Operations Advisory Group (Member)

Dr  Elizabeth ZnidersicCocos Buff-banded Rail Advisory team 

Prof Robyn Watts

Edward/Kolety-Wakool Environmental Water Group (Member); Murray and District Dissolved Oxygen Group (Member); Edward/Kolety -Wakool Operations Advisory Group (Member)

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