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Dylan Westaway

ILWS scholarship recipient.

Dylan Westaway


Assessing habitat fragments for their utility in reptile conservation in fire-prone landscapes.


Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Dale Nimmo

Co-Supervisors: Professor Dave Watson, Dr Tim Jessop (Deakin). Professor Euan Ritchie (Deakin)


Dylan commenced his PhD in February, 2021. His research, which is essentially phase one of the Wild to wild translocation project, seeks to compare reptile diversity and abundance between isolated fragments of habitat, for instance, patches of habitat within a cleared agricultural matrix, and areas of continuous habitat, such as environmental reserves.  To do this, Dylan will employ a combination of surveying techniques widely used in herpetological studies (including pitfall and funnel trapping, use of artificial refuges, active searches and camera trapping) to obtain a sample of the reptile species assemblage present across 40 sites, that is as complete as possible.

The expected outcome of this project is a conceptual framework and methodology to undertake ecologically sound wild-to-wild translocation of reptiles in fire-prone landscapes.

Prior to commencing his PhD, Dylan worked in various consulting roles. He completed his Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) at Deakin University, then undertook his honours project investigating the distribution and habitat selection of large forest owls.


Wild to wild translocation of reptiles in fire prone landscapes. Westaway, D. (PhD student)., Nimmo, D. (2021) Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, $1,296 (Scholarship) Project details


Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) (Hons), Deakin University

Research Theme

Biodiversity Conservation


September 2021