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Kakoli Bhowmik

ILWS Scholarship recipient

Kakoli BhowmikTentative Topic Modelling the early development of Australian children using the AEDC [Australian Early Development Census] data from 2009 - 2021


Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Azizur Rahman

Co-Supervisors: Dr Ryan IP,  School of Computing, Mathematics and Engineering, and Professor Jade Forwood, School of Dentistry and Medical Sciences.


Kakoli, originally from Bangladesh, has a Bachleor (Honours) (2009) and a Masters in Statistics (2011) from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh on “Factors affecting early childhood mortality in Bangladesh.” She then completed a second Masters in Statistics specialising in Bio-statistics, at Hasselt University, Belgium in 2018. Her thesis title was “Assessing impact of violations against normality assumption in linear mixed models for the evaluation of Genetically Modified Organisms.”  Prior to taking up her PhD study, Kakoli worked as a statistician/researcher at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) in The Netherlands.


Bachelor (Honours) Shahjalal UniversityScience and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh 2009

Masters in Statistics Shahjalal UniversityScience and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh. 2011

Masters in Statistics with specialisation in Bio-statistics, Hasselt University Belgium. 2018

Research Theme

Rural and Regional Communities


October 2021