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Kendal Krause

ILWS PhD Candidate


Zooplankton in the Murrumbidgee: the effects of native and exotic fish species, density and behaviour on zooplankton community structure


Kendal KrauseKendal commenced her PhD in March 2014 with principal supervisor Dr Skye Wassens and co-supervisors Dr Kim Jenkins (UNSW) and ILWS post-doc Dr Ben Wolfenden.

Kendal did her Bachelor of Animal Science at CSU (Wagga) with her honours, supervised by Dr Wassens on the Barking Marsh frog and its distribution in the Murrumbidgee catchment. While the Barking March frog is a common species, there is little information know about it. Kendal's research found out that it liked vegetation; its presence correlated significantly with conductivity (salinity levels in water); and that it like warmer water (which could be linked to its breeding season, spring and summer).

Kendal's PhD research is expected to give us a better understanding of the interaction between native and introduced fish larvae and micro-invertebrates.  Her research links in with a major long-term project led by Dr Wassens in partnership with universities and government agencies focussed on evaluating the ecological responses of Commonwealth environmental water delivered to the Murrumbidgee River.


Bachelor of Animal Science (Honours) CSU, 2013

Strategic Research Area

Sustainable Water

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