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Postgraduate Students

Much of the important research carried out by the Institute is undertaken by postgraduate students under the supervision of Institute researchers. In some cases, their co-supervisors may be from other universities, natural resource management agencies, industry, Government and non-government organisations, or other research institutions.

The Institute has 9 PhD students who are the recipients of ILWS scholarships.

PhD Graduates 2021 and earlier

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Jose Abalo (DSW) email
Principal Supervisor Professor Manohar Pawar

Topic: Transitions Issues Experienced By Early School Leavers: Implications For Social Work Policy And Practice

Inam Ahmed email
ILWS Scholarship 
Principal Supervisor Professor Robyn Watts

Topic: Modelling in-stream hydraulics: Investigating the impact of scale

Dwi Atminarso email
Supervisors Dr Lee Baumgartner, Professor Robyn Watts, Dr Jen Bond and Dr Meaghan Duncan (NSW DPI Fisheries)

Topic: The Impact of Perjaya Dam on biodiversity and livelihoods in the Komering River, Indonesia.

Kakoli Bhowmik email
ILWS Scholarship
Supervisors Associate Associate Professor Azizur  Rahman, Dr Ryan Ip and Professor Jade Forwood.

Tentative Topic: Modelling the early development of Australian children using the AEDC data from 2009 - 2021.

Joachim Bretzel email
Supervisors Professor Lee Baumgartner, Adjunct Dr Craig Boys (NSW DPI)

Topic: Advancing fish-protection screening at water diversions to support freshwater fish conservation in the Murray-Darling Basin

Kane Callaghan email
Supervisors Associate Professor Peter Simmons, Dr Michael Mehmet (Uni Wollongong)

Topic: Social media citizensourcing for policy-making: The case of sharks in NSW

(Thesis submitted 2021)

Ryan Cole email
Supervisors Associate Professor Larissa Bamberry, Dr Alain Neher

Topic: Exploring the application of a Quality Management Framework to Urban Planning practice in a NSW Local Government organisational environment

Mitchell Cowan email
Supervisors Associate Professor Dale Nimmo (Primary Supervisor), Dr Judy Dunlop (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, WA)

Topic: Restoring habitat for a marsupial predator following mining: the northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus) in the Pilbara, Western Australia


Gael Evans-Barr email
Supervisors Associate Professor Maree Bernoth, Dr Pamela Lockhart

Topic: The post volunteering impact among retirees; Organisational and individual predictors


Leanne Greenwood email
Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Dale Nimmo

Topic: The interactions between Indigenous burning, plant communities and fungal communities in Australia's western deserts

Liam Grimmett email
ILWS Scholarship
Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Rachel Whitsed
Co-Supervisor Dr Ana Horta

Topic: Simulating ecological processes in virtual communities to test the transferability​ of species distribution models to novel environments

Phenden Gyamtsho email
Supervisors Dr Jennifer Bond, Dr Cliff Lewis and A/Prof Rosy Black

Topic: An exploration of social networks in homestays: A case study of Bhutan

Masters (Thesis submitted August 2021)

Ghulam Zakir Hassan (Zakir) email
Supervisors: Associate Professor Catherine Allan,
Professor Lee Baumgartner, Professor Jay Punthakey

Topic: Improving sustainable groundwater management: A case study of artificial recharge in Punjab, Pakistan.

Joshua Hodges email
ILWS Scholarship
Principal Supervisor Dr Jodi Price

Topic: Post-fire seedling recruitment in grasslands of south-eastern Australia


Thiloka Kariyawasam email
Supervisors Dr Greg Doran and Vale Dr Julia Howitt

Topic: Bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminated soils

Juana Katzer email
Principal Supervisor Professor Manohar Pawar

Topic: Social Workers Decision Making with Children with Problem Sexualised Behaviours.

Grant Linley email
Supervisors  Associate Professor Dale Nimmo and Dr Damian Michael

Topic: The influence of landscape-scale fire refuges and pyrodiversity on mammal communities following an unprecedented megafire.


Sean Mack email
Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Maree Bernoth

Topic: The role of leadership in building, facilitating and sustaining a person-centred approach to working with residents, in the residential aged care environment

Richard McLellan email
ILWS Scholarship
Principal Supervisor Professor David Watson
Co-Supervisors Professor Kingsley Dixon (Curtin Uni), Dr Jodi Price, Dr Michelle Hall, senior ecologist, Bush Heritage Australia and Dr Leonie Valentine (UWA)

Topic: The ecology of Santalaceae species (Sandalwood, Quandong, Leafless Ballart) in the semi-arid rangelands of mid-west Australia

Scott McManus email
Supervisors Dr Ana Horta and Dr Azizur Rahman

Topic: Assessment of uncertainty in the creation of spatial domains from portable X-ray fluorescence multi-element data using a Bayesian method

Helenna Mihailou email
Principal Supervisor Dr Melanie Massaro

Topic: The impacts of feral ungulate visitation to ephemeral savanna waterholes and their flow-on effects for native birds

Thomas Munro email
Supervisors Dr Jodi Price and Associate Professor Dale Nimmo

Topic: Seed enhancement technologies to overcome barriers to mining restoration.


Dena Paris email
Principal Supervisor Dr Melanie Massaro

Topic: Foraging behaviour, habitat use and density related reproductive performance and dispersal in the endangered Chatham Island black robin

Thanasak Poomchaivej email
Supervisors Professor Lee Baumgartner, Dr Xiaodi Huang and Adjunct Professor Martin Mallen-Cooper.

Topic: Patterns of fish migration at Xayaburi Dam on the Mekong River using the PIT (passive integrated transponder) monitoring system

George Rafael (DSW) email
Principal Supervisor Professor Manohar Pawar

Topic: A social work approach to enabling young people at their work

Jorge Ramos  email
Supervisors: Dr Jennifer Bond and Dr Remy Dehaan (CSU)

Topic: Forest mosaic rehabilitation in Timor-Leste: Does it benefit or disadvantage ecosystem services and livelihoods?

Leia Rogers email
ILWS Scholarship
Supervisors Dr Raf Friere and Dr Keller Kopf (ILWS Adjunct)

Topic: Fish behaviour and ecology in native freshwater fish.


Emmalie Sanders email
Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Skye Wassens
Co-Supervisors Dr Jamie Turner, Associate Professor Dale Nimmo and Dr Damian Michael

Topic:  Resource utilisation of the rakali (Hydromys chrysogaster) in the Murrumbidgee catchment area.

Dr Richard Segal email
ILWS Scholarship 
Principal Supervisor Dr Melanie Massaro
Co-Supervisor Associate Professor Rachel Whitsed

Topic: Investigating the effects of rodent eradication on the threatened Lord Howe currawong

Carla Simos (DSW) email
Principal Supervisor Professor Manohar Pawar

Topic: Stepmothers' Life Stories and Self-Identity

Lauren Stoot email
ILWS Scholarship
Supervisors Professor Lee Baumgartner, Adjunct Dr Jason Thiem (NSW DPI).

Topic : Predicting the impacts of river development on fish movement and population connectivity: A case study on the Clarence River system

Anna Turner email
Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Skye Wassens

Topic: Chytrid fungus on southern bell frogs in the Lowbidgee and Gippsland Lakes


Vu Vi An (An) email 
Principal Supervisor Professor Lee Baumgartner

Topic: Diadromous fishes in the Lower Mekong Basin

(Thesis submitted 2021)

Melissa Wales email
Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Catherine Allan

Topic: Social norms and soil conservation practices

Sangay Wangchuk email
Supervisors Dr Jennifer Bond (Principal Supervisor), Adjunct Professor Max Finlayson, Dr Richard Thwaites

Topic: Why are villages in the eastern part of Bhutan dying, and what are some of the social and ecological implications of this trend?

Qudus Wazirzada email
Principal Supervisor Professor John Hicks

Topic: Sustainable Mobility for Road Users Using Intelligent Transport Systems: The Australian Paradigm

Dylan Westaway email
ILWS Scholarship
Supervisors A/Prof Dale Nimmo, Prof Dave Watson, Dr Tim Jessop, Prof Euan Ritchie (Deakin), and Dr Damian Michael.

Topic: Assessing habitat fragments for their utility in reptile conservation in fire-prone landscapes

Linda Wirf email
Supervisors Associate Professor Catherine Allan, Dr Sarina Killam, Dr Hanabeth Luke (SCU)

Topic: Beyond adoption: gendered knowledge in agriculture innovation in Australia