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Jorge Ramos

ILWS scholarship recipient.

Jorge Ramos


Forest mosaic rehabilitation in Timor-Leste: Does it benefit or disadvantage ecosystem services and livelihoods?


Principal Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Bond

Co-Supervisor: Dr Remy Dehaan


Initially an adjunct of ILWS, Jorge has been working alongside his supervisors on the community forest project; Community reforestation for biodiversity and livelihood diversification in Timor-Leste (2017-2021) (see related publications below).

While working on the project in in Timor-Leste, one of Jorge’s roles was to complete a carbon certification process for Timorese farmers who were reforesting small areas of their farms; typically, unproductive lands. During this work he identified several knowledge gaps that exist between land rehabilitation activities conducted by smallholders and the effect of these interventions at the landscape scale. Therefore, Jorge’s PhD aims to demonstrate whether mosaic rehabilitation by smallholders has an effect on the livelihoods and ecosystem services that are part of the landscapes where the interventions are located or within the area of influence of these interventions. While Jorge is still refining his research questions, gaining knowledge of the spatial and temporal complexities of scale and the competing aspirations of stakeholders within landscapes, is the crux of his study. Jorge commenced his PhD in May with supervisor’s Dr Jennifer Bond and Dr Remy Dehaan (CSU)


  • Bachelor of Animal Science (Hons) - Charles Sturt University, School of Animal and Veterinary Science.

Research Theme

Sustainable Development (International)


Bond, J., Millar, J. &  Ramos, J. (2020). Livelihood benefits and challenges of community reforestation in Timor Leste: implications for smallholder carbon forestry schemes. Forests, Trees and Livelihoods. 29, 187- 204. 10.1080/14728028.2020.179881


August 2021