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Barney Foran

 Barney Foran

Barney Foran covers the big picture sustainability issues of energy, greenhouse, human population, lifestyle, water, biodiversity and land use. Currently he focuses on future designs for Australia's economy that will ensure moderate rates of economic productivity and energy security combined with the rapid transition to a low carbon economy. The Powerful Choices study testing some of these options has been recently been released. Barney has degrees in agriculture and ecology which led to professional eras spanning rangeland ecology, agricultural systems, environmental science and long term analysis of Australia's physical economy. He led research teams in CSIRO's Resource Futures group which produced long term analyses of Australia's physical economy focusing on human population (Future Dilemmas), marine fisheries (Fish Futures), land and water (Decision Points) and a TBL analysis of the Australian economy (Balancing Act).

Bachelor of Agricultural Science, University of Queensland, 1968
Master of Science (Agriculture), University of Natal, South Africa, 1976

Technical Reports

G20 ResourceForan, B.,Lenzen, M., Moran, D., Alsamawi, A., Geschke, A., Kanemoto, K.,  (2014) Balancing the G20's Global Impact Resources Twenty Reports

Peer Reviewed Papers

Floyd, J., Alexander, S., Lenzen, M., Moriarty, P., Palmer, G., Chandra-Shekeran, S., Foran, B., & Keyßer, L. (2020) Energy descent as a post-carbon transition scenario: How ‘knowledge humility’ reshapes energy futures for post-normal times, Futures 122.

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Foran, B., (2020) Quarterly Essay Issue 78 Correspondence ‘Cry Me a River The Tragedy of the Murray-Darling Basin. Margaret Simmons’