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Dr Justin Watson

Dr Justin Watson

Dr Watson's research interests and consulting technical advice includes, environmental management and conservation, terrestrial ecology, coastal management, ornithology, restoration ecology and mine rehabilitation/closure. Previous research and long term monitoring has included ecosystem functioning and landscape dynamics, mine and sand dune rehabilitation, coastal management and ecological function, coastal bird breeding biology, hunting impacts on game-bird populations, threatened species translocation/management and conservation, seed dispersal, commercial saltpan bio-indicators and sustainable development of ecological areas for tourism.

His current research interests and pursuits include Island Biodiversity (Torres Strait, Solomon Islands, North Queensland), Community Engagement, Indigenous Protected Areas and Land Management planning.

Bachelor of Science (Zoology/Botany) University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Honours (Birds & Seed Dispersal) University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Master of Science (Dune breeding birds and off road vehicles)  University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

PhD (Ecosystem functioning and restoration of Bontveld landscape) University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Membership of Advisory Boards or Editorial Panels

  • Committee (Queensland Environmental Law Association)
  • Certified Environmental Practitioner (Environment Institute Australia and New Zealand

Peer Reviewed Papers

Watson, J.J. (2016) Environmental and Cultural Planning – Indigenous Protected Areas in the Torres Strait. Queensland Environmental Practice Reporter vol 21 issue 91. Pp 58-68.

Watson, J.J. & Hitchcock, G. (2015) Avifauna of Deliverance Island (Warul Kawa) and Kerr Islet (Awaiyal Kawa), north-western Torres Strait. Sunbird 45:65-77. 

Watson, J.J. and Hitchcock, G. (2015) The terrestrial vertebrate fauna of Mabuyag (Mabuiag Island) and adjacent islands, far north Queensland, Australia. Memoirs of the QLD Museum 8 (1): 35-54

Watson, J. (2014) Biodiversity & Cultural Conservation in the Torres Strait. The Local Bulletin August 2014: 35.

Watson, J. (2014) Planning for development, biodiversity and cultural conservation in regional Queensland. Council Leader. Local Government Association of QLD. Aug/Sep 2014:35.

Watson, J., Hitchcock, G. and Lavery, T. (2013) Conservation of shorebirds in the Torres Strait. Tattler 27: 12-13.

Watson, J. (2013) Special Report- Update on QLD Legislation: Sustainable Planning and Other legislation Amendment Bill 2012 – Development applications and impacts for submitter appeals. Theca News 15 (1):8-9.

Lavery, T., Watson, J. and Leung, L. (2012) Terrestrial vertebrate richness of the inhabited Torres Strait Islands, Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology 60: 80-91.