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Professor Kathleen Bowmer

Professor Kathleen Bowmer

Professor Kathleen Bowmer is a Professor of Water Policy with practical and regional experience in water planning. Kathleen has extensive experience in research leadership and management. Previous appointments include program leader and Deputy Chief /Business Director with CSIRO; Deputy Vice Chancellor of Charles Sturt University; and chair of the Australian Research Council earth sciences panel. Kathleen has published over 100 peer reviewed publications in natural resources management, catchment governance, aquatic ecology, irrigation, ecotoxicology, water quality (eutrophication, algal blooms, and trace pesticide analysis), water sharing and river management. In 1995 she was awarded the Pol Eureka Prize for Environmental Science. Kathleen has demonstrated experience in project management; is able to bridge disciplines; link academic, government and business domains; and provide an independent analysis of water policy and planning issues.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Agricultural and Soil Sciences, University of Nottingham, 1966
PhD, University of Nottingham, 1969

Strategic Research Areas

Sustainable Water

Membership of Advisory Boards

Prof Kathleen Bowmer has been appointed to the Commonwealth Environmental Water Advisory Council (the Council) to provide advice on * river operations and water delivery * portfolio management * financial management and governance * communications and stakeholder involvement for 2012-2014. She is also an international peer reviewer for the Qatar National research Fund, is a non-executive board member of the State Water Corporation (NSW) and is an Honorary Research Fellow CSIRO Land and Water.

In her past roles she has been a member of the expert panel which reviewed the National Water Knowledge and Science Strategy (Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts) and participated in a strategic planning workshop for the National Water Commission. She also provided advice to the NSW Natural Resources Commission for the River Redgums and Woodland Forest Review (on the management of the Murrumbidgee River).

Peer Reviewed Papers

Bowmer, K.H. (2014) Water Resources in Australia: Deliberation on Options for Protection and Management. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management. Vol 21, No 3, pp 228-240 DOI:10.1080/14486563.2014.913269

Tan, P-L., Bowmer, K.H., Mackenzie, J., (2012) Deliberative tools for meeting the challenges of water planning in Australia, Journal of Hydrology , doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2012.02.032

Tan, P.L., Bowmer, K.H., Baldwin, C., (2012) Continued Challenges in the Policy and Legal Framework for Collaborative Water Planning, Journal of Hydrology, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2012.02.021

Bowmer, K.H. (2012) Water Resource Protection in Australia: Water Quality and Quantity as a Feature of Agricultural Land Management Systems."  E.H. Graham Centre Monograph 2, CSU PDF

Book Chapters

Bowmer, K.H.  & Meyer, W.S.  (2014) Irrigation Agriculture: Sustainability through Holistic Approaches to Water Use and Innovation in Giannino, M. (Ed) Drinking Water and Water Management: New Research, Nova Science Publishers New York 20124 Chapter 7, pp 181-221