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Dr Mariagrazia Bellio

Dr Mariagrazia Bellio

Dr Mariagrazia Bellio's PhD research undertook an assessment of the sustainable use of environmental resources in agro-ecosystems by using waterbirds as bio indicators of ecosystems health. The project assessed the effects and potential impacts of hydrological changes on waterbirds and their habitat at a RAMSAR site ( Bundala National Park) in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. These changes have occurred as a result of agricultural expansion. The research investigated the waterbird responses to cycles of flooding and drying in wetlands, in order to determine what happens to the waterbird community when these cycles are modified or disrupted by irrigated agriculture.

Her current research on wetland ecology encompasses conservation, restoration and management of wetlands and dependent biota, climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment in wetlands, data analysis and interpretation.

Bachelor of Science (Hons), University of Trieste, Italy, 1985
Graduate Certificate in Ornitology, Charles Sturt University 2003
Doctor of Philosophy, University NSW, 2011

Recent Publications

Bellio, M., Minton, C., & Veltheim, I. (2016). Challenges faced by shorebird species using the inland wetlands of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway: the little curlew example. Marine and Freshwater Research

Bellio M.G.,, Kingsford R.T (2013) Alteration of wetland hydrology in coastal lagoons: Implications for shorebird conservation and wetland restoration at a Ramsar site in Sri Lanka Biological Conservation 167(13) 57–68

Bellio M.G.,, Kingsford R.T., Kotagama S.W. (2009). Natural versus artificial wetlands and their waterbirds in Sri Lanka. Biological Conservation 142(12):3076-3085

Current Projects

Murray Darling Basin Futures; conserving biodiversity Finlayson, M (chief investigator CSU), Humphries, P., & Bellio, M. (2012-2015) This $391,969 project is an an ARC collaborative project headed by University of Canberra, with CSU, University Adelaide,SA Museum, University of Oregon.

Completed Projects

Strengthening livelihood security and adapting to climate uncertainties in Chilika Lagoon, India. Finlayson, M & Bellio, M. (2012- 2015) This $49,000 project has been funded by Wetlands International – South Asia (WISA) in partnership with Chilika Development Authority.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow