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Dr Swapan Paul

Dr Swapan Paul

Dr Paul's is a practicing ecologist, with research interest in areas of wide-ranging fields, including:

  • Urban wetlands
  • Mangrove and saltmarsh ecology
  • Catchment character and wetland health
  • Wetland response to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
  • Management of wetlands in the context of ever decreasing resources
  • Wetlands and human society

His current research interests and pursuits include

  • Wetland response to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise and adaptive management options
  • Sustainable management of urban wetlands
  • Wetlands, public amenity and human health

BSc (Hons), Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

MSc, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

MSc EnvTech, University of NSW, Australia

PhD, Punjab Agricultural University, India

Membership of Advisory Boards or Editorial Panels

  • Advisor, Parramatta River Estuary Management Committee – since 2007

Peer Reviewed Papers

Paul, S. and Hsu, T. (2013) Horned Pondweed at Sydney Olympic Park. Aust Plant Conserv., 21(3): 31-33.

Paul, S. (2013) (Ed) eBook on Workbook for Managing Urban Wetlands in Australia, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Sydney.

Paul, S. (2008) Challenges in Managing the Urban Wetlands Within Sydney Olympic Park In: Constructed Wetlands. J Kandaswamy & S Vigneswaram (eds). Nova Publications, NY [Published on the 10th COP of Ramsar Convention 2008, Korea)].

Paul. S., Young, R. and MacKay, A. (2007) Experimental Control of Juncus II. Wetlands (Australia), 24(2): 90-104.

Paul, S., and Young, R. (2006) Experimental Control of Juncus I. Wetlands (Australia), 23(2): 1-13.